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Microsoft dubs Windows Phone 7 'ad serving machine'

Microsoft is positioning its upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphone OS, planned for release this October, as an "ad-serving machine."
Rik Myslewski, 27 Jun 2010

Android gaining on iPhone among developers

The iPhone 4 may be on sale now, but the Android community is doing a good job of keeping quite a lot of the spotlight on itself - mainly thanks to Verizon Wireless' aggressive promotion of its flagship phones, Droid Incredible from HTC and the new Droid X from Motorola. Such efforts are beginning to show results in terms of Android's market share and developer commitments, and could even create some enterprise momentum soon, say analysts.
Wireless Watch, 27 Jun 2010

England beat Germany - what are the odds?

World Cup StatsSunday afternoon England and Germany resume a rivalry that has spanned generations as they meet for the sixth time in major finals since 1970.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Jun 2010

It's boffins versus bookies on the World Cup Rankings

World Cup StatsAfter all the fun and upsets of the World Cup 2010 Group stage Holland are still favourites to win according to the Reg stats expert Dr Ian McHale of Salford University.
Robert Blincoe, 27 Jun 2010

'It's as though I've got Jonathan Ive's personal tool in my...'

The delicious tumult that surrounds each new release of Jobsian product is enough to make many adults, otherwise a bit weepy and mopesome, positively gush and wobble - and I should know.
Stephen Pie, 27 Jun 2010

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