18th June 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft unveils – wait for it – another mobile OS

    'We'll call this one Windows, um, Embedded Handheld'

    Mobile 18 03:45

  • Mozilla's next Thunderbird gives Gmailers hope

    Sync-challenged. But faster and more searchable

    Applications 18 03:50

  • Mio Navman 470 satnav

    Economy drive

    Science 18 07:02

  • ConDems shelve Equality Act timetable

    Likely to enact favourite bits

    Small Biz 18 07:49

  • Chancellor's cuts should spare small biz

    Pretty please with a cherry on top

    Small Biz 18 08:01

  • EMC sells Retrospect to Sonic

    So long Dantz

    Virtualization 18 08:45

  • Info Chief to get more power

    Cabinet Office releases reform plan

    Government 18 08:47

  • Native Oz ducks being raped to extinction

    Got any mallard in you? Would you like some?

    Science 18 09:03

  • Oz Attorney-General wants ISPs to hold data for 2 years

    Leaked minutes show cavalier attitude to privacy

    Government 18 09:04

  • Expedition 24 crew board ISS

    Warm welcome at orbiting outpost

    Science 18 09:05

  • Humongous star ejects jumbo jellyfish

    WISE snaps giant's 'stellar innards'

    Science 18 09:48

  • BT workers get strike ballots

    Stand-off sees throw-down

    Broadband 18 09:50

  • Vatican orders Catholics to watch the Blues Brothers

    They really were on a mission from God

    Media 18 10:11

  • MySpace loses co-president

    Won't be replaced

    Media 18 10:15

  • Vodafone blocks World Cup, except for iPhone owners

    Balls up

    Mobile 18 10:18

  • Rainbow plane warps in from gay dimension

    Further satellite evidence of Obama's lovely, lovely America

    Bootnotes 18 10:24

  • High-living hacker swaps Porsche for porridge

    Youthful swine jailed for fraud

    Security 18 10:34

  • ISPs agree to cheaper contract buyouts

    Firing your provider to cost less

    Broadband 18 10:37

  • Laser-toting robots take over UK hospital

    They control your drugs now

    Government 18 10:54

  • BOFH: Risky business

    Contingency plan? Shine a light

    BOFH 18 11:02

  • Watch bandit IDed by own mobe snap

    Hi-res photo leads to palm match

    Mobile 18 11:04

  • Apple gives MobileMe a makeover

    But still $99 a year

    Software 18 11:16

  • Primate-phobic Brit attacked by crab-eating Macaques

    Plan to confront fears goes seriously titsup

    Bootnotes 18 11:21

  • Utah Attorney General tweets execution go-ahead

    What's happening? A firing squad, that's what's happening

    Government 18 11:37

  • Google's gatekeeper to collect toll for dying news orgs

    NewsPass allows a peek over the firewall

    Media 18 11:40

  • Tech resource woes won't be solved with Afghan minerals

    Taleban not sitting on an enormous laptop battery

    Government 18 12:02

  • Windows Phone 7 compass mandatory but broken

    No standard API at launch

    Mobile 18 12:13

  • Facebook's critics 'unrealistic', says US privacy law expert

    Demands 'commercially impossible' to enact

    Law 18 12:29

  • IT chiefs in cloaks and sashes gets Queen's mark of approval

    Surrounded by men with pikes and muskets

    Management 18 12:49

  • Leica M9 rangefinder camera

    The money shot

    Hardware 18 12:59

  • Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget

    Annoying motorists is a luxury In These Troubled Times

    Government 18 13:13

  • Dr Who clocks up monster game download stats

    You be Who

    Games 18 13:43

  • Renew your firearms licence via your iPhone

    There's an app for everything

    Phones 18 13:47

  • New leader, same old job for Martha Lane Fox

    David Cameron appoints Digital Champion as Digital Champion

    Government 18 14:11

  • Sex offender downloads child pr0n to get back into prison

    A purely practical measure

    Law 18 14:12

  • Microsoft and eBay build fraudster blacklist

    Info sharing to the max

    Security 18 14:42

  • Apple Mac Mini 2010

    Makes other SFF PCs look like towers

    Hardware 18 14:46

  • Oracle spikes HP's Solaris OEM contract

    Others to follow?

    Operating Systems 18 14:47

  • DoS attack stuffs Turkey's internet censors

    Hackers protest net interference

    Government 18 15:12

  • IBM tries to break into mobile operators' back rooms

    Unseen, but profitable

    Mobile 18 15:56

  • Hands on with Sony's NEX DSLR-quality compact camera

    Ongoing optical options offensive

    Hardware 18 16:42

  • Firefox add-on does 'HTTPS Everywhere'

    Well, everywhere possible

    Applications 18 17:40

  • Apple asks US gov to hide iPhone details

    No photos until, um, 28 days after launch

    Phones 18 18:35

  • Google hugs Adobe harder with Chrome-PDF merge

    'Long live the plug-in!'

    Developer 18 19:29

  • Ubuntu v iTunes: the music playoff for Applephobes

    Rhythmbox, Banshee, Daemon unleashed

    Media 18 20:08

  • FCC takes baby step towards net neutrality

    Critics foresee webageddon

    Networks 18 21:15

  • Google's Wi-Fi snoop nabbed passwords and emails

    French inspection

    Security 18 22:42