15th June 2010 Archive

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  • Ancient typewriters reborn as USB keyboards

    Your vintage Underwood can upgrade your iPad

    Hardware 15 00:15

  • New York Times bans 'tweet'

    'Outside of ornithological contexts,' that is

    Bootnotes 15 00:36

  • Internet 1 - England goalkeeper 0

    Online amusement at Robert Green howler

    Broadband 15 04:31

  • Nominet election campaign starts rolling

    'Vote for me, I wrote for El Reg!

    Government 15 05:02

  • Synology DiskStation DS410 Nas box

    Box clever

    Hardware 15 07:02

  • ACTA restricts developing economies, India tells WTO

    Secret IP treaty not a sweetie

    Law 15 07:02

  • Wireless mics get national frequency early

    Stargazers evicted ahead of schedule

    Mobile 15 08:02

  • God particles breeding like bosons

    Family of Higgs actually five, US research suggests

    Science 15 08:30

  • Apple revamps Mac Mini as skinny HDMI box

    Apple TV death knell sounded?

    Hardware 15 08:48

  • Sarko to walk tall in factory visit

    French prez weeds out vertical rivals - again

    Bootnotes 15 08:51

  • Apple to sell unlocked iPhone 4

    Pre-order pricing announced

    Phones 15 08:59

  • Twitter topples over

    No one can hear you scream

    Applications 15 09:01

  • You think mobile voice is expensive?

    Try data roaming

    Mobile Workshop 15 09:02

  • Deutsche Telekom duo not facing nosey charges

    Insufficient evidence of peeking at board members, journos

    Law 15 09:25

  • Samsung shows upcoming Bada, Android smartphones

    Wave 2, Galaxy 3

    Phones 15 09:26

  • Can the cloud hold off data deluge?

    There really is a lot of it about... and it all has to go somewhere

    HPC 15 09:27

  • Bullfighter cuffed for lack of cojones

    Flees ring to face breach of contract rap

    Bootnotes 15 10:01

  • Apple store flakes after iPhone 4 price reveal

    Broken links or error pages? The choice is yours

    Phones 15 10:16

  • Anobit breaks MLC flash barrier

    SLC performance at MLC prices

    Storage 15 10:35

  • Murdoch hedges bets with e-reader purchase

    One can never have too many platforms

    Mobile 15 10:36

  • Gov hits brakes on vetting scheme

    Buh-bye barring

    Government 15 10:56

  • GCHQ imposes Whitehall iPhone ban

    BlackBerry secures monopoly

    Security 15 10:58

  • Physical vs virtual: What's your poison?

    Power management and VDI

    Servers 15 11:02

  • Hardcore mobile survey for hardcore users

    The serious end of the mobile services discussion

    Mobile Workshop 15 11:13

  • Murdoch moves for full control of Sky

    What? He didn't already control it?

    Broadband 15 11:25

  • Microsoft and Oracle lose among open sourcers

    Don't mention the cloud

    Developer 15 11:28

  • picoChip gulps another $20m

    Big money for little cells

    Broadband 15 11:56

  • Toshiba readies full-keyboard netbook

    Award winner reborn

    Laptops 15 11:59

  • Sony Vaio P netbook

    Highly portable and highly priced

    Laptops 15 12:00

  • FSA warns firms about social media promotions

    Formal ad rules still apply

    Management 15 12:03

  • GCHQ: The uncensored story of Britain's most secret intelligence agency

    Eavesdroppers uncovered

    Government 15 12:05

  • Sony NEX-5 tips up in UK

    Not cheap

    Hardware 15 12:24

  • Microsoft throws Office 2010 at shoppers

    Free online, charged on desktop

    Software 15 12:27

  • Police confirm cybercrime budget cut

    Hello, hello, goodbye

    Security 15 12:33

  • How to follow the World Cup from your desk

    Internet awash with footy froth, oceans of cash

    Media 15 13:02

  • An alternative take on collaborative project management

    It's all in the mind

    Reg Technology Panel 15 13:02

  • Public sector IT: Our own pig in lipstick?

    Time to roast it. But slowly

    Management 15 13:33

  • US Senator wants Internet seizure rights

    Welcome to headline grabbing Groundhog Day

    Networks 15 14:02

  • RIM readies next BlackBerry, AT&T airs Aria

    iPhone-bothering HTC Android phone out of traps

    Mobile 15 14:17

  • Is that a Wi-Fi media server in your pocket?

    Personal music streaming is getting closer

    Media 15 14:18

  • UK.gov outlines £95m IT savings plan

    Closed shop, open standards?

    Government 15 14:59

  • Sun slips nips onto iPad

    Topless babes offering up-front news analysis? There's an app for that...

    Media 15 15:00

  • Lone workers will like being tracked, says Orange

    It makes me feel safe when you watch me sleep, Edward

    Small Biz 15 15:11

  • iPhone 4 no longer available to UK buyers?

    Who says? Apple

    Phones 15 15:34

  • Neon updates zPrime mainframe accelerator

    IBM's lawyers combing source code

    Servers 15 15:54

  • NEC lops off HYDRAstor heads

    Just the one, dear

    Storage 15 15:55

  • Apple's US online store buckles under iPhone 4 preorders

    Fervent fanboi overload

    Phones 15 17:11

  • Firefox 4 sneak peek flaunts Google open video codec

    Be like Opera

    Developer 15 17:15

  • Newsweek: 'Zombies rise from grave, invade US'

    Konami cheat code infests ageing news organ

    Bootnotes 15 18:28

  • Java father Gosling backs managed runtime gallop

    OpenJDK and Linux mods released

    Developer 15 18:55

  • Apple Store iPhone app promises buyer's remorse

    Jobsian kit impulse buy? There's an app for that

    Phones 15 19:49

  • Researchers probe net's most blighted darknet

    150 Mbps of sustained garbage

    Security 15 21:00

  • Dell lands custom gaming server deal

    OnLive: 'We don't need no stinking consoles'

    Servers 15 21:19

  • Critical and unpatched, Windows XP bug is under attack

    Red meat for full disclosure critics

    Security 15 22:02

  • Mac OS X cranked to 10.6.4

    Security updates, bug fixes, better Braille

    Hardware 15 22:40

  • Google code hints at Chrome OS Dellbook

    Mountain View's unofficial pal

    Hardware 15 22:41

  • iPhone 4 preorder system exposes private user data

    How to log into someone's account without really trying

    Security 15 23:46

  • Clamshell dinner – Jobs and iPad munch netbook sales

    Two months, two million iPads sold

    Business 15 23:51