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Reg Hardware Reviews Digest

In the past seven days, Reg Hardware reviewed stacks of products from the worlds of consumer electronics, photography, gaming, mobile communications and information technology.
Register Hardware, 12 Jun 2010
Panasonic SC-BT735

Panasonic SC-BT735 Blu-ray home cinema kit

ReviewWell-heeled home cinema devotees like to put together a trustworthy disc player, an amp built like a battleship and classy, carefully chosen speakers. Meanwhile, the budget and mid-range market is catered for by simple one-box packages, which flourished in the DVD era, so it’s no surprise to find an increasing number based on Blu-ray.
Ian Calcutt, 12 Jun 2010

Finland mulls legalizing use of unsecured Wi-Fi

When it comes to the unauthorized use of open Wi-Fi networks, the Finnish government may say: If you can't beat them, join them.
Dan Goodin, 12 Jun 2010

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