8th June 2010 Archive

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  • Researchers release point-and-click website exploitation tool

    'Tons' of vulnerable sites

    Security 08 00:34

  • Apple debuts Safari 5 for Mac and Windows

    JavaScript boost, extensions, 'article' reader

    Software 08 00:51

  • Asigra extends into the cloud

    White box online backup for laptops

    Storage 08 05:02

  • Steve Irwin surveillance-crocodiles travel across oceans

    Croc-botherer devised 'innovative capture techniques'

    Science 08 06:02

  • Jobs: iPhone sales spank Android

    'You will read this survey. And only this survey'

    Phones 08 06:02

  • TomTom Start2 satnav

    Start trek, the next generation

    Science 08 07:02

  • VM6 Software punts Hyper-V wrangler

    How to tame your hypervisor

    Virtualization 08 07:02

  • Nominet announces Baroness as new chair

    Rennie Fritchie to head Board of dot-uk registry

    Networks 08 07:02

  • Defra spent £82m with IBM last year

    More than next two suppliers combined

    The Channel 08 07:40

  • Military sat supplier buys UK crypto disc firm

    Belt and braces

    Government 08 07:46

  • Emulex buys ServerEngines

    Big money for small storage company

    Storage 08 08:10

  • PC sales boast record quarter

    Compared to awful start to '09 admittedly

    The Channel 08 08:20

  • Public backs pirate punishment - poll

    Freetards find little sympathy, much indifference

    Media 08 08:54

  • iPhone 4 splashes down on both sides of the pond

    Pre-orders open June 15, but no carrier exclusive

    Mobile 08 08:59

  • Resurrecting old jargon

    BI versus decision support?

    Platform Evolution 08 09:13

  • EDS' dodgy Sky contract costs HP £318m

    That's a lot of HD boxes

    The Channel 08 09:19

  • Orange, O2 to offer iPhone 4 on 24 June

    Vodafone too

    Mobile 08 09:31

  • New cycle helmets emit stench if they need replacement

    Skid-lid bonk-stink crack tech cracked in Germany

    Hardware 08 09:42

  • The challenges of on-demand IT

    Virtualized, outsourced and stuck in a cloud

    Platform Evolution 08 09:55

  • Sony readies family friendly touchscreen PC


    Hardware 08 09:57

  • Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake

    DAB Profundis

    Media 08 10:02

  • Orange Power Wellies: march and charge your mobe

    Boot 'em up

    Hardware 08 10:14

  • Council staff helping selves to data

    Security breaches up sixfold

    Security 08 10:21

  • ID card scheme barely broke 13,000 mark, minister confirms

    Wishful counting by previous incumbents?

    Government 08 10:23

  • How to organise that World Cup pub crawl

    Handy app for catching matches

    Phones 08 10:25

  • Hackers plant malware on Jerusalem Post website

    Scattergun opportunists

    Security 08 10:26

  • Tesco IT director gets top job

    Sir Terry hands down the golden Clubcard

    Management 08 10:43

  • Microsoft starts Office Web Apps roll out

    Hopes SkyDrive service won't nosedive

    Software 08 10:57

  • Yahoo! signs up Becks as footie pundit

    World! Cup! Marketing! Yay! etc

    Software 08 10:59

  • British Library sinks beneath Strategy Boutique spam

    Can it tell the difference?

    Security 08 11:02

  • Smartphones to outsell PCs by 2012

    Online advertising worth $50bn a year in US

    The Channel 08 11:30

  • BT betters pay offer under strike threat

    Dangles 3% rise over workers

    Broadband 08 11:31

  • SA vultures under threat from brain-smoking gamblers

    World Cup moron antics may lead to extinction

    Bootnotes 08 11:32

  • China sidesteps Great Firewall with web roadmap

    They fluffing love it

    Government 08 11:52

  • Sony BDV-E370 Blu-ray home cinema kit

    See no evil, hear no evil

    Hardware 08 12:02

  • Painting for Emos

    'I cut my wrist in a school bathroom'

    Software 08 12:09

  • The World's best World Cup Calendar (maybe)

    Flashy match tracker

    Software 08 12:10

  • Microsoft pushes WP7 plans for enterprise

    Struggles to shout about iPhone racket

    Mobile 08 12:18

  • Operators' EU roaming challenge sent home

    Caps on roaming are legal and proportionate. Sorry

    Mobile 08 12:21

  • New laser raygun tech: Our sharks kick the tyres

    'Molten wax' energy backblast preventer checked out

    Science 08 12:35

  • Ten Essential World Cup Apps

    Android 5, iOS 5

    Top Ten 08 13:02

  • Apple adds 'make the web go away' button to Safari 5

    Ads, branding, icky typefaces disappeared by Reader

    Applications 08 13:07

  • DHS deploys HD 'video quilting' chandeliers in Boston

    'You can zoom in close... AND CLOSER'

    Science 08 13:54

  • Symbian integrates Chinese search

    And a font, but not for showing results

    Applications 08 14:59

  • Murdoch taps Telegraph for new tech boss

    Another brickie for the paywall

    Management 08 15:23

  • Strathclyde Police website pulled offline, possible hack probed

    A bad case of robint-hitus?

    Security 08 16:00

  • China net addicts' great escape foiled by taxi drivers

    Jail breakers silenced commandant with duvet

    Broadband 08 16:01

  • Adobe lines up emergency Flash fix

    Reader and Acrobat fixes to follow

    Security 08 16:05

  • Art and engineering: do they mix? Yes they do!

    Scientific award for outstanding artwork

    Science 08 16:06

  • Unix in the UK: Mission critical!

    Report shows cost worries among IT managers

    Servers 08 16:15

  • Pro Gamers: Brains the size of a planet and lungs the size of a pea

    Young men resemble 60 yr-old chain smokers

    Games 08 16:23

  • Apple lifted 'make web go away' button from open source

    And that's news to the open sourcers

    Developer 08 17:52

  • Conviction and confusion in Microsoft's cloud strategy

    With progress comes ambiguity

    Servers 08 17:54

  • Safari purged of decade-old browser history leak

    Free at last

    Security 08 18:27

  • Turkey bans Google Books, Google Docs, Google Translate...

    Collateral damage from YouTube snuff?

    Media 08 19:38

  • Novell wants a piece of Sun Oracle

    Get in line, behind everyone else

    Servers 08 19:48

  • Safari 5 off to Apple's traditional rough start

    Third-party devs take the blame

    Applications 08 19:49

  • BP grabs 'oil spill' keywords on Google

    Ads serve lovely Gulf of Mexico pics

    Media 08 21:00

  • Apple releases moving pictures of Steve Jobs keynote

    You too can witness reality distortion

    Mobile 08 21:12

  • Virtualizing the hard stuff

    Databases and mission critical workloads

    Virtualization 08 21:21

  • Major League Baseball hunts for trolls posting porn

    Seeks subpoena naming anonymous genitalia uploaders

    Security 08 21:33

  • England win World Cup, says dried vulture brain

    It's a kind of footie muti magic

    Bootnotes 08 22:52

  • Storage shop ParaScale shrinks itself

    Reconfigured after failed B-round

    Storage 08 23:50

  • Bank of America insider admits he stole sensitive customer data

    Account balances under $100,000 need not apply

    Security 08 23:57