3rd June 2010 Archive

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  • Intel answers Microsoft's Linux 'noise' with MeeGo show

    Wintel partners vie to be next Apple

    Operating Systems 03 Jun 04:53

  • Boffins use Solaris to store the real Sun

    Satellite image bank

    Storage 03 Jun 06:02

  • Ten Essential... BlackBerry Apps

    For business and pleasure

    Top Ten 03 Jun 07:02

  • Council lost unencrypted children's health info

    Data policy checks 'inadequate' - ICO

    Government 03 Jun 07:43

  • Guardian says dating site rivals violated database rights

    Issues writ against content scrapers

    CIO 03 Jun 07:59

  • Britain's bank slashes tech jobs

    Keeping taxpayers' money safe by sacking taxpayers

    CIO 03 Jun 08:06

  • FTC slaps down commercial keylogger firm

    No more sneaky stuff, mister

    Security 03 Jun 08:48

  • Reader offer: Crucial Solid State Drives

    Discount code

    Hardware 03 Jun 08:50

  • Drinking coffee offers no real benefit, say eggheads

    Refuse to acknowledge superiority of Homo caffeinus

    Science 03 Jun 09:06

  • Google readies 'late fall' Chrome OS release

    Just how late is late?

    Operating Systems 03 Jun 09:29

  • Samsung warns over malwarey Wave smartphones in Germany

    Pre-packaged Bada badness

    Mobile 03 Jun 09:43

  • HP's Palm buy was all about WebOS

    Not a mobile phone play

    Mobile 03 Jun 10:07

  • Zuckerberg sweats privacy criticism

    I'm perspiring, bitch

    Software 03 Jun 10:47

  • Microsoft presses refresh on Windows Live again

    No new OS this year means finding spare change under web sofa

    Applications 03 Jun 11:01

  • iPad apps may need to be disabled-accessible

    Possible legal duty, says BSI

    Mobile 03 Jun 11:10

  • Artificial 'black hole' generator fashioned out of circuit boards

    Radar-invisible stealth shed on horizon?

    Science 03 Jun 11:18

  • Google sniffs along app store shelves

    Android Marketplace and iTunes to start with

    Mobile 03 Jun 11:27

  • Judges back Holland against Ladbrokes on online gaming

    Dutch say schtop

    Law 03 Jun 11:30

  • Vulture 1 GPS test: It did work, honest

    Broadband glitch kills live map

    SPB 03 Jun 11:35

  • PARIS pops down to QinetiQ

    Vital hypobaric chamber test proves... interesting

    SPB 03 Jun 12:17

  • New Facebook developer regs not rogue-proof

    Verify this

    Developer 03 Jun 12:29

  • Pacific islands growing not shrinking, says old study

    This time, somebody's noticed

    Science 03 Jun 12:56

  • Gartner expects big jump in chip sales

    2010 looking rosy

    Hardware 03 Jun 13:03

  • Skype through your TV

    Ready set, phone

    Hardware 03 Jun 13:35

  • Nintendo UK cuts DSi price

    Down with the old, in with the new

    Games 03 Jun 13:46

  • Intel delays USB 3.0 chipset until 2012

    Put up with slowness for a while longer

    Hardware 03 Jun 13:59

  • Nokia rides you hard for power

    The faster you go the longer you talk

    Mobile 03 Jun 14:15

  • EU Parliament plans Google-powered paedo detector

    Mixed messages on data retention

    Law 03 Jun 14:44

  • Nokia peddles pedal-powered charger

    Bike power

    Hardware 03 Jun 15:00

  • Skype founders unveil Spotify clone

    Streaming music. iPhone app. Recommendations. Zzzz

    Software 03 Jun 15:02

  • HP whips out winsome threesome

    Atom-powered NAS ahoy

    Storage 03 Jun 15:28

  • Could Red Hat be Novell's spouse?

    Jim Whitehurst says his firm will 'look at anything'

    Operating Systems 03 Jun 16:24

  • Project Mojo – the server rack that packs petaflops

    SGI promises the impossible by year's end

    HPC 03 Jun 17:03

  • Sky TV gets even more demanding

    Swimming with the streams

    Hardware 03 Jun 18:08

  • Verizon leads race for (the real) iPhone 4G

    Big Phone set for the boot?

    Phones 03 Jun 18:08

  • Salacious smut soaks 12% of web

    'The internet is for porn'

    Media 03 Jun 19:51

  • Ballmer says Windows will shame iPad

    Big Steve pats Jobs for 'doing best'

    Media 03 Jun 20:47

  • ARM chippies cooperate on Linux

    Big Blue backs Linaro

    Operating Systems 03 Jun 21:29

  • Google tries to patent tech that snoops Wi-Fi networks

    Wardriving patent app tells all

    Security 03 Jun 21:41

  • Steve Jobs – Apple's not business, it's personal

    When mood swings write terms of service

    Developer 03 Jun 21:49

  • Yahoo! cloud man rises to CTO

    Yes! this! is! a! tech! company!

    Business 03 Jun 23:00

  • IBM freshens cut-rate blade server

    Single socket for savings

    Servers 03 Jun 23:05

  • Rash of Facebook 'likejacks' still flaring

    On Facebook, no one knows you're a bot

    Security 03 Jun 23:11