2nd June 2010 Archive

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  • Software SNAFU took out 10,000 military geo locators

    Receiver upgrade gone bad

    Security 02 03:57

  • Novell touts server management on Windows, Linux

    Virtual plate spinning

    Servers 02 04:14

  • Steve Jobs talks Flash, 'lying S.O.B' devs, sex, and Gizmodocrime

    iPad conceived before the iPhone

    Mobile 02 04:50

  • NetApp plays out ASIS dedupe lead

    Cracks the whip

    Storage 02 06:02

  • Ballmer, black turtlenecks, and Microsoft's next big idea

    The battle to re-top Apple's market cap

    Financial News 02 06:53

  • Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth stereo headphones

    Talk and tunes for the all-weather jogger

    Hardware 02 07:02

  • The emerging cloud alternative

    If you only read one piece on Cloud, read this one

    Platform Evolution 02 08:02

  • Mystic Met is serial Strategy Boutique john

    Police, councils rebrand for total community solutions

    Bootnotes 02 08:02

  • Finnish police raids target virtual thieves

    Seek stolen furniture

    Security 02 08:21

  • NetApp backs StorageGRID system

    Keeping the name

    The Channel 02 09:18

  • Brocade flicks out trio of denser blades

    Bigger blades, bigger networks

    Storage 02 09:25

  • Ofcom smites silent callers

    No more than one pointless call a day, alright?

    Broadband 02 09:36

  • The software licensing minefield

    Have you got a license for that?

    Platform Evolution 02 09:45

  • Office and Sharepoint 2010: The future of productivity?

    One way to find out

    Site News 02 10:02

  • Prince Charles, Stephen Fry and IBM to save the planet

    Big Green and Big Blue circle one another warily

    Servers 02 10:17

  • PARIS goes to 60,000 feet, without leaving the ground

    Hypobaric tests are go

    SPB 02 10:22

  • Want to stiffen your rack?

    Vibration researcher weighs up GPC and rubber bands

    Storage 02 10:43

  • Patching is a pain...

    ...but misconfiguration is worse

    Servers 02 11:14

  • Microsoft picks over Google's Windows exit strategy

    Irony? We've heard of it

    Operating Systems 02 11:25

  • Mobiles back in the frame as bee killers

    Actual research this time, just not much of it

    Mobile 02 11:26

  • Hesitant Mozilla nurses Firefox 3.6.4 baby for a bit longer

    Release Candidate shoved out the door

    Applications 02 11:51

  • No-good scareware varmints exploit Wild West game

    Hang 'em high

    Security 02 11:55

  • Synology DiskStation DS210j Nas box

    The ultimate budget home server?

    Hardware 02 12:02

  • Play BP Offshore Oil Strike

    70s board game family fun

    Hardware 02 12:05

  • BT to retain more control over fibre networks

    'Virtual unbundling' must be temporary, warns EU

    Broadband 02 12:07

  • V-22 Osprey downblast scatters spectators like skittles

    72-year-old, baby bowled over by descending tiltrotor

    Science 02 12:11

  • Freeview HD sacrifices surround sound for World Cup scramble

    Same old show on my stereo

    Hardware 02 12:18

  • Gov ICT contracts to go online in July

    Plus tenders for contracts of £10,000+

    The Channel 02 12:26

  • Smokescreen brings Flash to the iPhone

    Slow is better than nothing

    Mobile 02 12:38

  • Living with Unified Comms

    Life after implementation

    Unified Comms 02 13:03

  • Minor bugs bite patch security checking tool

    Ants in your pants

    Security 02 13:08

  • Vulture 1 GPS test live at 2pm

    PARIS takes to the air - follow us here

    SPB 02 13:11

  • Newzbin comes back to life

    Zombie usenet rears up

    Broadband 02 13:12

  • Sonic waves $323m in DivX marriage proposal

    Deal promises 'over the top' technology

    Applications 02 14:00

  • Wikileaks denies Tor hacker eavesdropping gave site its start

    Perish the thought

    Security 02 14:08

  • Qualcomm spits out 3rd gen Snapdragon

    Poking the iPad rivals with a stick

    Hardware 02 14:28

  • About The Register HPC Community

    HPC 02 14:29

  • Novell swings into MeeGo throng

    Me too MeeGo

    Mobile 02 14:57

  • James Bond Aston Martin on the block for $4m (or more)

    License to spend lots of money

    Science 02 15:01

  • ID cards poster girl laments her £30

    'It is simply tantamount to theft'

    Government 02 15:02

  • US Navy develops toss-proof robot crane

    Allows matelots to unload safely out at sea

    Science 02 15:46

  • Atmos virtualises non-EMC storage

    3PAR? NetApp? HDS? Oh yes

    Storage 02 15:52

  • Steve Jobs fears Nation of Bloggers

    I'll save you, media!

    Media 02 15:58

  • Yahoo! APIs share fantasy with devs

    Daydream sports stats exposed

    Developer 02 18:08

  • Force10 adds rack-topping Gigabit switch

    Fat buffers for virt servers

    Data Networking 02 19:17

  • EMEA shops set x64 server share record

    But spending still slowed by the Great Recession

    Servers 02 20:14

  • AT&T to ax unlimited data plans on iPhone Monday

    But you can have tethering. For another $20

    Mobile 02 23:16

  • AMD demos first Fusion 'APU'

    Party like it's 2009

    Hardware 02 23:23

  • HPC might rises in the Far East

    Like the space race. But with petaflops

    HPC 02 23:37

  • Watchdog backs Google antitrust complaint with (more) data

    YouTube on Google = IE on Windows?

    Media 02 23:37