1st June 2010 Archive

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  • Intel puts x64 in a parallel universe

    Taking the MIC out of Larrabee

    HPC 01 05:24

  • Fraudsters limber up for World Cup themed scams

    Can I click it? Yes you can (but probably shouldn't)

    Security 01 07:01

  • Bangladesh cuts off Facebook

    You draw Mohammed and we'll rub you out

    Government 01 07:38

  • Capita pays £60m for medico screening firm

    Claims interest no accident

    Government 01 07:53

  • Hitachi touts skinny drives for skinny devices

    Who needs flash?

    Storage 01 08:31

  • Net shakeup looms as IPv4 resources start running low

    There's a bit of unused space, just behind the sofa

    Broadband 01 08:49

  • Sadsack EU regulator relegated to Latvia

    BEREC office now 900 miles down the corridor

    Broadband 01 09:53

  • Hitachi launches Blu-Ray-SSD hybrid drive

    HyDrive is go

    Storage 01 10:04

  • Should we be encrypting backups?

    It’s about the restore, stupid

    Security that Fits 01 10:13

  • Action day targets callous conmen

    Gunning for the grifters

    Security 01 10:16

  • Firefox takes walk down 64-bit Windows street

    Strictly developer-only playground for now

    Applications 01 10:19

  • Confessions of a sysadmin

    I found a virus on my network today…

    Servers 01 10:26

  • Skype to start charging for iPhone VoIP

    Over 3G, on the iPhone

    Mobile 01 11:02

  • Apple sells 2m iPads to hungry fanbois

    Early adopters 'experience the magic'

    Tablets 01 11:05

  • Senior IT officials among top paid civil servants

    Lend us a fiver then

    Management 01 11:07

  • SanDisk soups up SSD storage to 256GB

    Double trouble

    Storage 01 11:12

  • Met lab claims 'biggest breakthrough since Watergate'

    Power lines act as police informers

    Law 01 11:16

  • Rave reviews at robotic robot-roaster raygun rollout

    US Navy in hot, wet droid-on-droid blaster action

    Science 01 12:01

  • MSI Wind U160

    Nifty netbook

    Laptops 01 12:02

  • Quit Facebook Day flops

    Breaking the habit ain't easy

    Software 01 12:06

  • Woman sues Google after highway knockdown

    Did it say play with the traffic?

    Broadband 01 12:07

  • Google tells staff to snub Windows after China hack snafu

    Will boarding up windows make Chrome shine?

    Operating Systems 01 12:10

  • HP TouchSmart PC Competition- The winner

    Who had the winning Touch?

    Hardware 01 12:13

  • Apple opens doors to vanity publishers

    Fancy getting published on the iPad?

    Mobile 01 12:13

  • JBL flogs monster speakers at monster prices

    Speakers that roar, refined for the home?

    Hardware 01 12:31

  • Windows Mobile Trojan frags gamers

    Premium-rate calls on the sly

    Security 01 12:47

  • Tesco to flog secondhand games

    Behemoth spies fresh meat

    Games 01 13:33

  • NHS is top sector for data losses

    300 breaches in 3 years

    Management 01 13:36

  • Audi dreams up App Store for user-designed cars

    'Create your own world in your car'

    Science 01 14:14

  • US space dirty-tricks spysat spying sat is go for July

    Crafty Antipodean orbit shifts now harder to manage

    Science 01 14:20

  • HP to fire 9,000 due to 'productivity gains, automation'

    Not automatic for the people, then

    Servers 01 14:22

  • Acer revs up Ferrari smartphone

    Vroom vroom

    Phones 01 16:04

  • Win free tickets to Hadoop Summit

    Open source Big Data confab wants you

    Site News 01 16:14

  • Panasonic hybrid compact is so bright!


    Hardware 01 17:17

  • Bing on iPhone rumor returns to boil

    Apple and MS 'still talking'

    Mobile 01 17:32

  • Mac spyware infiltrates popular download sites

    'Very serious security threat'

    Security 01 17:34

  • Microsoft and Novell tag team on HPC

    Windows on the supercomputing world

    HPC 01 17:42

  • ATIC pumps another $2.8bn into GlobalFoundries

    Transmuting oil into chips

    Financial News 01 19:02

  • Adobe unveils emag maker for Apple iPad

    Flashless rag tech graces sacred App Store

    Tablets 01 19:32

  • Microsoft: IE6 lives 'cause it busts Facebook

    'But our duty is to kill it'

    Applications 01 19:55

  • 'Clickjacking' worm hits hundreds of thousands on Facebook

    'This girl gets OWNED.' And you can too

    Security 01 20:07

  • Intel unveils ultrathinnest ultrathin

    The 14mm netbook

    Laptops 01 20:51

  • Next-gen iPhone pegged with 320ppi display

    Czech it out

    Phones 01 22:44

  • Steve Jobs beheads iPad apps for acting like desktops

    'Off with their widgets!'

    Developer 01 23:12

  • Cray super lands at Swedish tech institute

    Lots o' Scandinavian flops

    HPC 01 23:38