17th May 2010 Archive

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  • Site auto-trawls embarrassing Facebook posts

    'Delete Facebook account' surges into Google top 10

    Media 17 02:53

  • Emulex and QLogic both claim to be best

    Fight fight fight

    Storage 17 07:02

  • Big Blue's big iron: The Biggening. Screening 2010

    'This enormous mainframe will devour us all'

    Servers 17 08:02

  • Met Police new HR technology broken, bloated, absent

    Fell down the stairs, presumably

    Law 17 09:02

  • Grow-lamps roast Yorkshire dope farmer in his sleep

    Cops swoon on entering deadly hothouse

    Bootnotes 17 09:15

  • Simpana getting object storage, added de-dupening

    Onward, up the storage stack

    Storage 17 09:31

  • Five in slammer over iTunes/eBay card-laundry caper

    Rochdale quintet nabbed in laptop grab bust

    Security 17 09:50

  • Cops back in on BT/Phorm case

    Plods backtrack on tracking of track-pact

    Law 17 10:02

  • Samsung offers $2.7m of grease for wrestling Bada devs

    Paltry £2k tucked in Android champ's thong

    Applications 17 10:20

  • Flash! Enterprise SSD looming at HP

    Dance of the spinning platters to cease. Partly

    Storage 17 10:32

  • Atlantis 'nauts suit & boot up for bolt release spacewalk

    'Righty tighty, lefty loosey', remember

    Science 17 10:43

  • Gov beats BOFHs to snatch worst-for-service crown

    Civil servants: Even less use than tech guys

    Government 17 10:51

  • Ten Essential... Android Games

    Get gaming on your Google phone

    Top Ten 17 11:02

  • Vulture 1, Eyjafjallajökull nil (half time)

    BA, beaks, unions invade pitch in second half

    Bootnotes 17 11:11

  • BI for real people: Information delivery today

    A Reg live broadcast

    Platform Evolution 17 11:22

  • Microsoft TechNet blogs go into stasis for revamp

    Redmond: One-week freeze to add web-2.0 cool factor

    Operating Systems 17 11:23

  • Vodafone shocks data users with roaming price rise

    25MB of data could cost 400 per cent more

    Mobile 17 11:34

  • Software liability ruling: 'Supplier beware', says IT brief

    Ts & Cs offer chocolate-fireguard grade protection

    Software 17 11:43

  • UK border security ring-o-steel flagged 48,000 travellers

    Intrusive backroom probes for EVERYONE!

    Policy 17 11:53

  • Logitech Squeezebox Touch Wi-Fi music streamer

    Sound offering with pictureframe pretensions

    Hardware 17 12:02

  • Seagate brewing bizarre Flash/Platter chimera

    Interweb mutterings of unholy experiments

    Storage 17 12:13

  • Budding Bonds offered disguised spycam

    The lighter touch...

    Hardware 17 12:42

  • Mobile Office 2010: Free, and worth every penny

    Download relief for the WinMo 6.5 ghetto denizen

    Applications 17 12:43

  • The IT security blame game

    Who carries the can and who should?

    Security that Fits 17 12:46

  • Lost Planet 2

    So-so shooter

    Games 17 12:49

  • Costa Rican elbows out South African as UN climate boss

    SA not small and powerless enough, insist delegates

    Science 17 13:39

  • Siphon Wars: Pressurist weighs into Gravitite boffin

    'The professor sucks' insists angry reader

    Bootnotes 17 13:56

  • US military chokes on stream from robots' fat pipes

    'Swimming in sensors and drowning in data'

    Broadband 17 14:05

  • Steelie Neelie batters at China's Great Firewall

    Censorship screen also illicit trade barrier, claims EC

    Security 17 14:19

  • Samsung tellies get Lovefilm on-demand movies

    Joins Sony

    Media 17 14:22

  • The Remote Access arsenal

    BOFH "killer feature"

    Servers 17 14:31

  • Where to use Remote Access

    Remotely accessing the GUI

    Servers 17 14:32

  • Daleks poised to invade tour UK

    Doctor Who Live promises hot arena action

    Hardware 17 14:36

  • European PC racket's rocket rebound

    Soon we'll all be knee deep in computers

    Hardware 17 14:48

  • HTC unwraps Wildfire Android 2.1 smartphone

    Not on fire and certainly not wild

    Phones 17 15:02

  • Shock! Facebook cycle-slut smutvid is adware front

    You'll get your screen all splattered ... with popups

    Security 17 15:14

  • Symantec fires off false alarm on WoW update

    Here be dra... oh, ignore me

    Security 17 15:42

  • Microsoft, martyrs, and the sizzle of Natal

    Curb your enthusiasm for Windows Phone 7

    Microbite 17 17:01

  • Getting your head around mainstream mind mapping

    Niche technology now ready for prime time?

    Evolving Apps 17 17:29

  • Security guard admits he hacked hospital PCs

    Ghost Exodus undone by YouTube vids

    Security 17 18:41

  • Atlantis 'nauts wrap boltastic first spacewalk

    Antenna installed, battery bolts loosened

    Science 17 19:27

  • CA rechristens self CA Technologies

    The cloud maker formerly known as Computer Associates

    Servers 17 20:13

  • Most browsers leave fingerprint that can ID users

    Your signature tested here

    Security 17 21:07

  • Hadoop takes Big Data beyond Java

    Stuffed elephant mates with Python

    Software 17 21:12

  • Juniper rolls out multi-product attack on Cisco

    'We're the future. They're the past'

    Data Networking 17 23:52

  • Vision Solutions does a Double-Take

    IBM Power player snaps up x64 outfit

    Financial News 17 23:58