13th May 2010 Archive

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  • HTC slaps back at Apple patent slap

    'I'll see your tit and raise you a tat'

    Phones 13 00:21

  • Drifting zombiesat could disrupt TV programming

    Containing Galaxy 15

    Science 13 00:22

  • WhipTail whips VDI's ass

    Cheaper than disk

    Storage 13 06:02

  • Ten free apps to install on every new Mac

    Freeware to fill in the gaps

    Top Ten 13 07:02

  • SAP lays down $5.8bn for Sybase

    Will integrate mobile platform with all products

    Servers 13 08:19

  • But is that really cloud computing?

    Conclusions from recent reader poll

    Servers 13 08:27

  • Obama to promote RIAA's favourite lawyer

    'He's in danger of losing the Internet!'

    Media 13 08:49

  • LimeWire induces infringement, Judge rules

    Shown to profit from illegal file sharing

    Broadband 13 09:02

  • Neil Armstrong renews attack on Obama space vision

    Prez 'poorly advised', insists Moon vet

    Science 13 09:09

  • Norks 'have answer to humanity's greatest problem'

    Insane dictator's amazing claim

    Science 13 09:25

  • BT expands fibre rollout

    Cuts bring profits

    Broadband 13 09:34

  • BT preps games-on-demand online service

    Strikes deal with OnLive

    Games 13 09:52

  • Woman loses Bebo privacy case against lad mag

    'Questionable tastefulness'

    Law 13 10:05

  • Toshiba mulls hybrid flash and spinning drive

    SSD + HDD = SSHD

    Storage 13 10:08

  • UK iPad ship date slips

    First UK units now all allocated?

    Tablets 13 10:10

  • Sony to stream World Cup footage to internet tellies

    On-demand archive material

    Hardware 13 10:35

  • McKinnon campaign urges coalition to block extradition

    New ministers prodded to honour promises in opposition

    Law 13 10:36

  • Bill Gates backs ball-busting ultrasound

    Grant to probe male contraceptive method

    Science 13 10:41

  • Toshiba mulls merged hard and Flash drives

    SSD + HDD = SSHD?

    Hardware 13 10:44

  • IWF: Good on child abuse...

    ...obscenity, racism, not so much

    Law 13 10:56

  • Mighty hard-sums special function toolset goes online

    Keys to the universe offered free by US gov

    Science 13 11:07

  • Google sets sights on the dashboard

    General Motors in Android pitch

    Applications 13 11:19

  • Samsung shows surround sound 3D home theatre set


    Hardware 13 11:30

  • Facebook convenes privacy 'crisis' meeting

    What are they planning?

    Security 13 11:37

  • Debenhams wows shoppers with free delivery offer

    Redefining the online shopping paradigm

    Hardware 13 11:39

  • Avatar discs in 'hugely popular' shock

    Navi-tards, rejoice

    Hardware 13 11:52

  • Google search piles on pounds of facts to score fat dollar

    Hopes to keep users on Chocolate Factory web pages for longer

    Applications 13 11:58

  • Robot cars can now do a Rockford into a parking space

    Blagger/spec-ops J-turn tactic automated

    Science 13 12:25

  • Competitors vie to provide earthquake-proof radios

    Can you hear me now?

    Broadband 13 12:53

  • ConLibs to outlaw kiddyprinting without permission

    Dabs grab confab blab

    Law 13 12:56

  • Cideko Air Keyboard motion controller

    Wii 'mote, meet keypad

    Hardware 13 13:02

  • Whitehall's new IT minister, who's it gonna be?

    Francis Maude gets top Cabinet Office job

    Government 13 14:26

  • Mystery fungus smacks Afghan opium poppies

    Yields down, prices up

    Science 13 14:30

  • German Wi-Fi networks liable for 3rd party piracy

    Leave connection open, risk fine

    Broadband 13 14:46

  • Net Neutrality panic based on student MBA project

    The new Red Scare

    Broadband 13 14:55

  • E3 outing for second-gen PSP?

    Games 13 15:44

  • Twitter-controlled botnets come to the unwashed masses

    'Script kiddies everywhere are salivating'

    Security 13 18:11

  • Novell preps service pack for SUSE Linux 11

    Keeping up with the Red Hatters

    Operating Systems 13 18:33

  • Symantec says get HEP to the cloud

    Throw your security servers onto the fire

    Security 13 18:39

  • Adobe declares 'LOVE' for Apple

    Love means never having to say you're 100% proprietary

    Developer 13 18:54

  • Ellison slams former Sun CEO for blogginess

    No way to run a business

    Servers 13 19:06

  • Rumor mill repromises CDMA iPhone

    El Reg foresees Chinese touchdown

    Mobile 13 19:32

  • Ubuntu open to greater touch

    Canonical gets physical

    Software 13 20:25

  • Single group did 66% of world's phishing

    Avalanche of attacks

    Security 13 22:02

  • Google heats up native code for Chrome OS

    Salt, Pepper, and a whole lotta plug-in

    Developer 13 23:54