7th May 2010 Archive

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  • FCC chair floats 'Third Way' to regulate net

    'Narrow and tailored'

    Networks 07 00:23

  • Google Latitude not dead despite Buzz

    More ways to tell people where you are

    Phones 07 00:24

  • UK polling stations turn away 'hundreds' of voters

    Doors close on queues

    Government 07 03:41

  • Cheeky voters oust Lembit Opik

    Small explosion in mid-Wales, asteroid not to blame

    Government 07 06:28

  • Voting chaos in not-fit-for-purpose electoral system

    Ballot bollox and proportional misrepresentation

    Government 07 06:43

  • Mili HI-P60 Power Pico Projector

    Turn your iPhone into a cinema

    Hardware 07 07:02

  • Iomega iConnect Wireless Data Station

    Build your own Wi-Fi network storage

    Broadband 07 07:02

  • 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa


    Games 07 07:48

  • Servers: Refurbish, repurpose or recycle?

    Life in the old dog yet?

    Server Management 07 08:02

  • Copyright law must be relaxed, says new group

    'Exceptions are key to legitimate reuses'

    Law 07 08:25

  • Indo-Mancunian Windows support scammer phones Reg hack

    Cold caller from tropical climes

    Security 07 08:26

  • Jacqui Smith and Charles Clarke shown the door

    Being Home Secretary proves unpopular

    Government 07 08:48

  • Can't find a smartbook to buy? Blame Adobe

    Vendors waiting for Flash, suggests ARM exec

    Phones 07 08:54

  • Brighton goes Green

    Radical new voice in parliament

    Science 07 09:14

  • Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges

    Download beyond your limit and you'll have to cough up

    Mobile 07 09:32

  • Perv scanner todger quips provoke Miami airport assault

    Exposed security screener clubs co-worker

    Law 07 09:41

  • EU to evict broadcasters from upper end of spectrum

    Ofcom calls it right

    Mobile 07 09:48

  • Pirate Party UK sinks on maiden voyage

    Bad night for anti-copyright parrot boys

    Government 07 10:08

  • The internet, as imagined in 1965

    Bloggers, mind control and the death of newspapers

    Broadband 07 10:28

  • Wii will, Wii will Rock You

    UK music games ring up £100m in '09

    Games 07 10:53

  • Boffins snare swollen 'excited giant' in forcefield prison

    Ponderomotive prison cells could make quantum computers

    Science 07 10:54

  • T-Mobile Pulse Mini

    Google goodness for under a ton

    Phones 07 11:02

  • Fewer titsup firms, more titsup people

    Insolvency service reports

    Small Biz 07 11:21

  • iPad users are young, rich geeks

    And wear polo necks?

    Tablets 07 11:28

  • PARIS hits the road with live GPS tracker test

    Join us at 2pm

    SPB 07 11:30

  • Samsung's Bada gets a developer kit

    When I'm Bada I'm better?

    Mobile 07 11:48

  • A new wave in data center cooling?

    Chilling with Phil Tuma

    HPC 07 11:49

  • China Mobile sees time-sliced evolution

    Speedy 4G at Shanghai Expo

    Mobile 07 12:24

  • EU Parliament calls for internet rights charter

    And individual control of data

    Government 07 12:27

  • Green Berets to get Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

    No need to shout out ammo type, though

    Science 07 12:56

  • Motorola upgrades Milestone to Android 2.1

    Gentlemen, start your downloads

    Phones 07 13:15

  • Gary McKinnon's mum not prime minister

    Another shock result

    Government 07 13:51

  • Cameron aims to bring LibDems into government

    Electoral reform dilemma for Kingmaker Clegg

    Government 07 14:07

  • Apple prices up iPad for UK

    Rip-off Britain?

    Tablets 07 14:08

  • Virtual Instruments nabs Symantec ex-CEO

    Mark Urdahl sticks around to advise

    Financial News 07 15:02

  • US economy adds 290,000 jobs in April

    Telcos down, computers up

    Financial News 07 15:04

  • Election losers? Our clapped-out parties

    Worst past the post

    Government 07 15:16

  • Nokia takes Apple to court, again

    This time it's Wisconsin

    Tablets 07 15:58

  • Orange offers 'pay per meg' iPad 3G data plan

    Cellco readies micro Sim supply

    Mobile 07 15:59

  • Google Apps to embrace all Chocolate Factory services

    Blogger, Reader, AdWords, Picasa...

    Applications 07 16:19

  • New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection

    Bait, switch, exploit!

    Security 07 18:17

  • F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user

    13-year-old hack rattles Friend of Cupertino

    Bootnotes 07 18:41

  • RHEL 6 - your sensible but lovable friend

    Ubuntu it isn't

    Operating Systems 07 18:42

  • Apple in shock talks with Reg reader

    'Dear Steve: iTunes for Windows is crap...'

    Software 07 18:49

  • Feds seize $143m worth of bogus networking gear

    From China, with bugs

    Data Networking 07 20:24

  • Nokia tops iPhone and BlackBerry (again)

    Apple as Nick Clegg

    Phones 07 22:27

  • DNSSEC: the internet's International Criminal Court?

    Trust and confidence in the domain name system

    Networks 07 23:03