30th April 2010 Archive

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  • Jobsian Vendetta - Flash stabbed by Mac the Knife

    'Developers are mine'

    Developer 30 00:14

  • Lost iPhone 4G vendor loaner outed

    A month later, Wired gets back to him...

    Phones 30 00:16

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

    Command-line interfaces are for nerds

    Software 30 00:34

  • Microsoft's Courier tablet dies before it lives

    But the melody lingers on

    Tablets 30 00:38

  • Data Locker 1TB AES-encrypted external hard drive

    Lock up your datas...

    Hardware 30 07:02

  • Gene Hunt tops 'TV stars for PM' poll

    Or would your prefer The Stig?

    Media 30 08:02

  • Samsung ships phase-change memory for mobes

    Throws NOR out for PRAM

    Storage 30 08:13

  • Mobile users and personal devices

    Who's responsible for ensuring security?

    Security that Fits 30 08:52

  • Labour candidate tweets postal votes

    Twitter gaffe breaks electoral law

    Government 30 09:06

  • Cheshire lass, 8, wins Playmobil vid challenge

    Brit answer to Burton's Alice in Wonderland

    Hardware 30 09:34

  • Managing the distributed workforce

    Practicalities, tips and techniques

    Desktop Management 30 09:42

  • Currys pitches World Cup cash back pact

    A tenner for (almost) every England goal

    Media 30 09:51

  • Google victorious in US trademark & German copyright cases

    Supreme Court backs Chocolate Factory

    Law 30 09:58

  • 'Snowmageddon' on Saturn snapped by amateur stargazers

    Gigantic ammonia blizzard storms of the ringed giant

    Science 30 10:13

  • Mozilla lights up Jetpack 0.3 release with API goodness

    Putting 'self' in 'context'

    Developer 30 10:14

  • US boffin builds ultra-dense nanodot memory

    With frikkin' lasers

    Storage 30 10:22

  • NFC/Bluetooth sticker goes into production

    Point of this is a sticky issue

    Mobile 30 10:32

  • Blokes spend 11 months in shed

    Gimme shelter (from the wife and kids)

    Bootnotes 30 10:57

  • BOFH: On the couch

    Sometimes a chili bhaji is just a chili bhaji. But this time...

    BOFH 30 11:02

  • Opera targets mobile with email acquisition

    Fastmail.fm takes the money

    Applications 30 11:15

  • New drug spray 'makes men as soppy as girls'

    German test subjects blub at pics of kids cuddling cats

    Science 30 11:58

  • Fujifilm Finepix S200EXR bridge camera

    Taking a long shot

    Hardware 30 12:02

  • World smartphone sales: Apple closes on RIM...

    ...and becomes US' leading phone maker

    Phones 30 12:02

  • Pirate Bay co-founder hopes it will die

    BrokeP on neo-Nazi links, Hans Pandeya and the 'big, bad' record industry

    Law 30 12:49

  • O2 muscles in with Iron Man-themed phone

    Full Monte

    Mobile 30 13:23

  • Compellent plans to invest its way out of tailspin

    Competition buckles storage high-flier

    The Channel 30 13:25

  • Yarr! Election pits pirate vs pirate

    Freetards in the rigging

    Bootnotes 30 13:34

  • What does HP want with Palm?

    Web-based OS, or a nice stack of patents?

    Hardware 30 14:08

  • Dotcom socialite says: Vote Tory

    Business leaders, and Julie Meyer, issue warning

    Bootnotes 30 14:11

  • Apple rejects crazy canuck's seal bludgeon game

    Seal of disapproval

    Mobile 30 14:30

  • US airmen hornswoggled by Transformers email trick

    Foxy Fox foolishness foxes foolish fools

    Security 30 14:36

  • Dead to Rights: Retribution

    Dog's dinner?

    Games 30 15:35

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops out on November 9


    Games 30 16:21

  • Lights out at Lala - Apple shutters music service

    Is iTunes' future cloudy?

    Broadband 30 18:12

  • IT consultant gets 5 years for plundering $2m

    ... from banks he administered

    Security 30 18:33

  • Steve Jobs: mystery patent pool to attack Ogg Theora

    Email roasts 'open source' codecs

    Software 30 20:11

  • India Parliament adjourns after mobile phone tapping claims

    Spy on the wire

    Mobile 30 20:15

  • Researchers spy on BitTorrent users in real-time

    User uploads and downloads revealed

    Security 30 20:50

  • Student found guilty of obstruction in Sarah Palin email trial

    Faces 20 years

    Security 30 22:32

  • Google promises what Jobs hates in next Android

    Flash in your frozen yogurt

    Mobile 30 22:46

  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 shuns open video

    Empire strikes back with H.264

    Applications 30 23:37