28th April 2010 Archive

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  • Intel's Wind River quintuples telecom throughput

    Linux rescues overstuffed data nets

    Networks 28 03:03

  • Apple, the iPhone 4G, the cops and the click-tart

    Is going to jail part of the Gawker media plan?

    Phones 28 06:02

  • Doro ProSound HS1910 Dect

    Headset that's a Dect cordless in disguise

    Hardware 28 07:02

  • Software makers fall in behind Lucid Lynx

    Eye on '10 million' users

    Software 28 07:02

  • Red Hat goes commercial on Amazon's cloud

    RHEL 5.5 leaps from server to sky

    Operating Systems 28 08:02

  • Palin email witness decries 'dog and pony' prosecution

    When throwing the book backfires

    Security 28 08:02

  • Microsoft's FUD goes mobile

    HTC pays MS for Google phone

    Phones 28 08:27

  • Hulu scraps UK plans

    We don't need no aggregation

    Media 28 08:43

  • Jesus descends to Google Earth

    Hungarian field hosts Our Lord's likeness

    Bootnotes 28 08:50

  • EU pours €9.5m into cutting operator ‘leccy bills

    Wants to halve 4G energy consumption by June 2012

    Mobile 28 09:14

  • Hackers crack Ubisoft always-online DRM controls

    Game on

    Games 28 09:15

  • No penis pumping for Papuan plod

    Enlarged members a 'hindrance during training'

    Bootnotes 28 09:23

  • Google exec privacy convictions 'based on legal error'

    Italian blunder likely to fall on appeal

    Law 28 09:31

  • Vodafone preps own-brand Android 'andset

    Creamy Éclair offering

    Mobile 28 09:34

  • LaCie readies rugged USB 3.0 HDD

    Portable storage goes SuperSpeed

    Hardware 28 09:48

  • WD buys Hoya sputtering operation

    Begins to build its own glass house

    Storage 28 10:06

  • LGA and Socitm call for open election data

    Easing analysis

    Government 28 10:07

  • EMC's Mozy saunters into the UK

    Cloud backup for home and office

    Small Biz 28 10:18

  • Lord of the Rings man made a Knight

    Does that make him King of the Hobbits?

    Bootnotes 28 10:26

  • Pirate Bay suitor returns with strange bid to buy website

    Pandeya channels bikinis and Ricky Lake

    Media 28 10:44

  • Virgin Media boasts more subscribers and more losses

    Revenues up but so is interest

    Broadband 28 10:56

  • Panasonic hits the road to preach 3D TV gospel

    Come and see the light. Stereoscopically

    Media 28 11:09

  • Yahoo! scores Premier League highlights package deal


    Broadband 28 11:29

  • JooJoo tablet offered to Brits

    12in iPad alternative, anyone?

    Tablets 28 11:35

  • NHS accused of politicising health records

    Take the money and run

    Government 28 11:36

  • Infosec surfs in on self-propagating scaremongering

    Enter the insufferable hype machine

    Security 28 12:01

  • Samsung R580 15.6in notebook

    Entertainment centre

    Laptops 28 12:02

  • SAP profit rises on SME sales boost

    Sticks to outlook for year

    Applications 28 12:08

  • Web politics: The honeymoon is over

    Spam and astroturf are souring the dream

    Government 28 12:38

  • Organisational change and IT

    More than a bar-room conversation?

    Platform Evolution 28 12:43

  • ITC investigates claims against Apple

    Touchscreen patent row

    Tablets 28 12:51

  • San Francisco's rogue BOFH is guilty

    But could avoid more jail

    Security 28 12:57

  • Codeweavers CrossOver Mac

    Run Windows apps - minus Windows

    Software 28 13:49

  • California's 'Zero Energy House' is actually massive fossil hog

    'Zenergy' eco-home gets award from local senator anyway

    Science 28 13:50

  • 3PAR adds offices serving five Apac countries

    Nice, but how much does it help?

    Storage 28 14:15

  • NPfIT ignored NHS culture, says Halligan

    Leadership and teamwork needed

    Government 28 14:55

  • Lexar releases 600x CompactFlash cards

    Life in the old CF dog yet

    Hardware 28 15:04

  • Packard Bell rings up Facebook-friendly laptop

    Social Networks button on board

    Laptops 28 15:48

  • ICQ chatted up by Russian billionaires

    AOL offloads IM service

    Media 28 16:16

  • Mozilla spits out 'pre-alpha' Fennec for Android

    Fox on the robot

    Mobile 28 17:25

  • Man's MySpace page torpedoes personal injury suit

    Judge: 'Hell on earth' claims undermined

    Media 28 18:13

  • 'World's largest' IT catalog open to view

    iPad in the, um, datacenter

    Software 28 18:42

  • Red Hat bags NTT as cloud partner

    KVM virt for Japanese SMBs

    HPC 28 19:14

  • AMD ships low-cost six-core Phenom IIs

    Now with Turbo Boost CORE

    Hardware 28 19:53

  • NASA's Nebula cloud descends on Washington

    Ubuntu's Koala food goes to Goddard

    HPC 28 20:10

  • HP agrees to buy Palm for $1.2bn

    Pre sale

    Financial News 28 20:43

  • Online anonymity fueled 'Web War' on Estonia

    Hactivist assault as 'tulip frenzy'

    Security 28 21:34

  • Texas man cops to botnet-for-hire charges

    DDoS demo backfires

    Security 28 22:56

  • HP eyes webOS iPad rival

    Borgs Palm for tablets too

    Tablets 28 23:34