27th April 2010 Archive

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  • AMD plumps up ATI FirePro line

    Multi-card shot at Nvidia

    Hardware 27 00:28

  • Chocolate Factory eats crow on Googlephone

    Nexus One bows to carrier might

    Phones 27 05:49

  • HP dons blades to scale Superdome 2

    Mountain out of Tukwila molehills

    HPC 27 06:01

  • Acer Easystore H340 2TB Nas box

    For the heavyweight home user

    Hardware 27 07:02

  • US Army portaloo-full-of-missiles project for the chop

    Who wants to be colonel of a load of boxes?

    Science 27 08:02

  • Chinese gadget maker sues HP and Toshiba

    In a flap over over USB patents

    Hardware 27 08:13

  • The IT management dashboard

    Is this the end goal?

    Platform Evolution 27 08:31

  • Compellent adds file-level access to SAN

    Unified storage here we come

    Storage 27 08:36

  • Samsung cosies up to Yahoo!

    Anyone but Google

    Mobile 27 09:03

  • HP challenges Data Domain in deduplication

    Microsoft Exchange and SQL appliances as well

    Storage 27 09:12

  • Brazilians ordered to have more sex

    High blood pressure? Get on the job

    Bootnotes 27 09:15

  • HP prepares 3-layer storage cake

    All in-house

    Storage 27 09:28

  • Hugo Chávez goes a-twittering

    Online counter-terrorism initiative

    Bootnotes 27 09:53

  • Don't try to sleep with your iPad, doctor warns

    Apple products won’t send you to sleep

    Tablets 27 09:58

  • Spotify adds Web2.0rhea

    Now a 'total music management platform' solution

    Media 27 10:02

  • Spotify goes social, digs into your PC

    Facebook love, iTunes challenge

    Software 27 10:33

  • Global warming dirt-carbon peril models are wrong, say boffins

    Greenhouse experiments show reduced greenhouse effect

    Science 27 10:34

  • Nokia unveils digicam-beating cameraphone

    12Mp N8 announced

    Phones 27 11:00

  • Clive Sinclair weds ex-lap-dancer fiancee

    What first attracted you to the bald millionaire pensioner?

    Bootnotes 27 11:12

  • Vintage Computer Festival recruits OMD for synthpop loveliness

    Retro pop fit for retro-thon

    Vintage 27 11:13

  • TomTom to brings apps, always-on connectivity to satnavs

    Next-gen GPS gadget incorporates Apple tech

    Science 27 11:21

  • HTC HD mini

    The smartphone for small pockets?

    Phones 27 12:02

  • SAS Survival Guide for the iPhone

    The battery's gone... we're doomed! Doomed!

    Phones 27 12:06

  • Salesforce and VMware fluff Java cloud posse

    Spring into action

    Developer 27 12:11

  • EVA to become P6000 in HP's Converged Infrastructure

    Hoping to keep existing customers

    Storage 27 12:22

  • Google Maps absorbs Earth view

    Bringing Google Earth to a browser near you

    Software 27 12:23

  • Google buys LabPixies

    Mobile apps picked up

    Applications 27 12:24

  • Swiss police thwart 'eco-anarcho terror' attack on IBM

    Balmer tightlipped on 'nano bomb plot'

    Law 27 12:28

  • RIM ties in corporate drones with VoIP over Wi-Fi

    No escape from Mobile Voice System 5

    Mobile 27 13:07

  • Radical hypersonic glider vanishes above Pacific

    Envelope pushed a bit too hard, perhaps

    Science 27 13:16

  • Microsoft slings out Windows Home Server beta

    Unveils Vail

    Operating Systems 27 13:44

  • Missing Soviet nuclear electrocar FOUND ON MOON

    Probe-sat locates vanished pinnacle of 1970s USSR tech

    Science 27 13:55

  • EU plans IP address snatch to battle cybercrime

    Proposes new anti-cybercrime body

    Law 27 13:59

  • ICO targets lost laptop breaches under tougher fine regime

    Watchdog bares teeth at encryption refuseniks

    Management 27 14:07

  • Nokia's lost weekend ends with N8?

    Profits could crawl back up

    Mobile 27 14:09

  • Mac fanbois finally get Carakan of love with Opera 10.52

    Shoots golden arrow at Apple

    Applications 27 14:18

  • Netherlands raises €2.7m on 2.6GHz

    Dutch auction not a Dutch auction

    Mobile 27 14:47

  • Sims 3 embraces consoles (and handhelds too)

    Never leave the game

    Games 27 14:57

  • Unisys services sales down in Q1

    ClearPath mainframes rise again

    The Channel 27 15:14

  • Should you own your own data?

    Net privacy bill causes panic

    Law 27 15:16

  • Nokia asks ever so nicely for return of missing prototype

    'We are not the Secret Police'

    Phones 27 16:21

  • Google blesses Hadoop with MapReduce patent license

    Safety for stuffed elephants

    Software 27 18:04

  • Infamous Storm botnet rises from the grave

    Undead penis pill spam

    Security 27 19:35

  • Google backpedals on IP 'anonymization' claim

    Less obscure obscurity

    Security 27 19:58

  • Microsoft's Office Web Apps - Google killing not included

    Sharepoint power, cloud cracks

    Software 27 20:10

  • Apple admits to eating 'iPad chip designer'

    Downs Intrinsity after PA Semi comes back up

    Tablets 27 22:53

  • IBM gooses dividend, share buybacks

    Looking to split?

    Financial News 27 22:54

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

    Returns? We're over that

    Operating Systems 27 23:27