26th April 2010 Archive

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  • Leonard Nimoy in 'no more Spock' shock

    He's boldly gone on long enough

    Hardware 26 02:31

  • EMEA server racket no longer crashing

    Fixing a hole where the virt gets in

    Servers 26 03:27

  • Porky Visual Studio way over the hill

    Code Bubbles, not bloat, for .NET and Java

    Developer 26 04:19

  • HP: last Itanium man standing

    Nehalem lives the dream

    Servers 26 04:30

  • Pillar juices Axiom software

    Better protection and higher efficiency

    Storage 26 05:02

  • Ten Essential... Netbook Accessories

    Mobility to the max

    Top Ten 26 07:02

  • High availability systems design

    Architecturally speaking

    Platform Evolution 26 07:11

  • Nimbus intros diskless storage array

    All-flash, no knickers disks

    Storage 26 08:05

  • Morse merger is go

    Directors and shareholders give thumbs up

    The Channel 26 08:11

  • Paddy Power takes bets on Streetfighter IV slugfest

    What are the odds on that?

    Games 26 09:12

  • Workload selection on mixed server estates

    Can you juggle services between platforms?

    Server Management 26 09:26

  • Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News

    Come on you Indians, let's not wave at the galleons!

    Science 26 09:29

  • Gizmodo faces visit from cops over 'found' iPhone

    I fought the law...

    Phones 26 10:04

  • Usain Bolt endorses I-bling

    Gold-plated iPod touch

    Hardware 26 10:08

  • Carphone Warehouse fills up in Q4

    All going swimmingly

    Mobile 26 10:17

  • 'Code theft trader' denied bail

    Back to chokey

    Applications 26 11:09

  • Virgin Media fires up movie streaming service

    Rent, watch films over the web

    Media 26 11:13

  • Tech disties get clean bill of health from ratings agency

    The recovery starts here

    The Channel 26 11:17

  • Gene that allows growing a new head identified

    Now we just need memory backup - and worm DNA

    Science 26 11:35

  • Opera Mobile comes to the desktop

    Test code without needing a phone

    Mobile 26 11:37

  • Microsoft FAT patent appeal upheld in Germany

    Does my bum look big in this?

    Developer 26 11:40

  • Samsung announces SuperSpeed USB 3.0 HDD

    Very fast desktop drives incoming

    Hardware 26 11:42

  • Israel unbans Apple iPad

    Tablet's Wi-Fi judged good

    Tablets 26 11:43

  • Vodafone confirms Google Nexus One availability, pricing

    Not as a cheap as HTC Desire

    Mobile 26 11:50

  • Rethinking security

    Just what are you trying to secure?

    Security that Fits 26 12:29

  • Kent police bring obscenity charge over online chat

    Court hearing next week

    Law 26 12:47

  • UK data watchdog to quiz Google on Streetview Wi-Fi database

    What are you up to?

    Broadband 26 12:49

  • Ridley Scott talks up 'nasty' Alien prequel

    'The dark side of the moon' - in 3D

    Hardware 26 12:51

  • CD habit buoys up UK recorded music

    Not going bust just yet, then

    Media 26 13:24

  • NFC not just for Apple

    Androids eye near field comms

    Phones 26 13:30

  • McAfee offers cash for clunkers

    Sorry we bricked your PC, here's some money

    Security 26 14:02

  • Boobquake fails to destroy planet

    Jubs versus Iranian cleric: Immodesty vindicated

    Bootnotes 26 14:05

  • RIM unwraps the BlackBerry Pearl 3G

    Qwerty oops!

    Phones 26 14:11

  • Murdoch newswire sues over 'hot news'

    Alleged copyright breach causes controversial claim

    Media 26 14:41

  • Revealed: Public sector's web gravy train

    Councils spend like there's no tomorrow. Maybe there isn't

    Government 26 14:45

  • Scammers plunder gullible iPad owners' backdoors

    Bring your early adopters to the slaughter

    Security 26 14:46

  • Microsoft discloses fuzzy online Dynamics roadmap

    Second half of this year slated for worldwide release

    Applications 26 15:49

  • Users' passwords exposed by Splunk

    Regrets the error

    Security 26 18:22

  • Steve Jobs snuffs App-Store-for-Mac rumor

    That would be a 'nope'

    Hardware 26 19:22

  • Google nixes Nexus One on America's largest wireless network?

    Due Spring 2010

    Mobile 26 19:27

  • Platform kicks out HPC Enterprise Edition

    GUI tools for big clusters

    HPC 26 19:49

  • Craigslist faces scrutiny over thriving red-light district

    Reneges on promise to donate proceeds to charity

    Media 26 21:01

  • Cops raid Gizmodo editor in pursuit of iPhone 4G 'felony'

    Search warrant invalid, counters Gawker

    Mobile 26 21:20

  • Stick a fork in floppies - they're done

    Sony brings a long history to quiet end

    Hardware 26 21:41

  • Ubuntu floats 12,000 clouds (and counting)

    Your own private Amazon

    Operating Systems 26 21:53

  • Lucid Lynx fights 'major' X-Server memory leak

    Ubuntu release candidate bug fix under test

    Operating Systems 26 22:51

  • Investors bullish on report HP will acquire McAfee

    Keeping Cisco at bay

    Financial News 26 23:06