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NHS computers hit by voracious, data-stealing worm

The UK’s National Health Service has been hit by a voracious, data-stealing worm that’s easily detected by off-the-shelf security software, according to researchers who directly observed the mass compromise.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2010

Microsoft's 'record' quarter can't match Apple

If Microsoft hoped that reporting "record" quarterly results would send its stock skywards in Apple-like fashion, then it hoped in vain.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Apr 2010
Viewsonic ViewBook 130

Viewsonic ViewBook 130 ultra-slim laptop

ReviewThe slimline design and silvery-grey finish of Viewsonic’s ViewBook will prompt inevitable comparisons with Apple’s MacBook Air - reviewed here. The ViewBook is only about half the price, though, so Viewsonic is obviously hoping to attract people that can’t manage the MacBook Air’s hefty price-tag.
Cliff Joseph, 23 Apr 2010

EU Commission will overhaul procurement laws

The European Commission has announced a review of public procurement laws. The Commission said change was necessary to cope with new e-procurement practices and to respond to more demand for public-private partnerships.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Apr 2010
Cat 5 cable

Server patching principles

WorkshopIn the imperfect world we live in, patching stuff, be it desktops, software or servers is a fact of life. We do it or we risk being exposed to the latest security threat, missing out on new functionality or suffering performance degradation.
Martin Atherton, 23 Apr 2010

Brit astrophysical model scoops £1.1m at poker

A 25-year-old Brit astrophysics graduate, model and pro poker player has scooped the £1.1m European Poker Tour jackpot, the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2010

Watchdog calls for Google break-up

A California-based consumer watchdog called, er... Consumer Watchdog is calling for a Department of Justice investigation into Google.
John Oates, 23 Apr 2010
fingers pointing at man

Western Digital laps Seagate

Western Digital reported a stonking first 2010 quarter yesterday, with record revenues and unit shipments, passing Seagate in drive unit production numbers for the first time.
Chris Mellor, 23 Apr 2010

Lufthansa offers iPhone 4G loser free beer

German airline Lufthansa has invited iPhone 4G loser Gray Powell to Munich to drown his sorrows after the poor chap apparently left the next manifestation of the Jesus Phone in the Gourmet Haus Staudt, a "German Specialty Store and Beer Garden" in Redwood City, California.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2010

Morse confirms advanced takeover talks

Morse has confirmed to the London Stock Exchange that it is in talks which could lead to the sale of the reseller.
John Oates, 23 Apr 2010

Vodafone launches snooping service

Vodafone is offering to record every conversation for companies interested in knowing what their employees are saying and to whom, but not if they've got an iPhone.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2010

Buffalo punts portable Blu-ray box

Storage specialist Buffalo has unwrapped a portable Blu-ray Disc drive for all you laptop owners seeking BD playback.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2010

Koobface server pops up in China after HK takedown

Security experts in Hong Kong last week succeeded in taking down a key component of the Koobface botnet, only to witness the system popping up in China.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2010

US Airforce secret spaceplane launched successfully

The US Air Force successfully launched its pocket-size X-37B robot space plane into orbit last night, on a mission whose nature and duration remain classified. With the imminent departure of the Space Shuttle, the little wingship will soon be the only orbital craft capable of runway landing - and perhaps other things.
Lewis Page, 23 Apr 2010

Will UC stop you being exposed?

WorkshopDelving around the Web recently, I happened upon a very neat analogy in a couple of unrelated instances that really encapsulated exactly what Unified Communications (UC) had the potential to become.
Josie Sephton, 23 Apr 2010

BOFH: Forgive and forget

Episode 4
Simon Travaglia, 23 Apr 2010

Rugby league star pleads guilty to eBay ink scam

Gareth Raynor, a former Great Britain rugby league player, pleaded guilty yesterday to 14 charges of fraud and counterfeiting.
John Oates, 23 Apr 2010

Nazi soldiers pose for Red Army calendar

Red Army vets of the Great Patriotic War were less than impressed when a calendar designed to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany featured some of the latter's troops proudly posing for the camera.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2010

YouTube dishes up online movie rentals - at a price

YouTube has opened an online film rental store in the US, after it trialled the service in January.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Apr 2010

Dumb questions on server computing

Lab PollYou listen to some marketeers and it’s all so simple. Whatever form of server computing they are promoting is assumed to be the answer to everything.
Dale Vile, 23 Apr 2010
Canon EOS 550D

Canon EOS 550D DSLR

ReviewThe arrival of Canon’s EOS 550D has been a rather pleasant surprise as, besides being a respectable 18.1Mp stills camera, it also shoots video at a quality that is comparable to the more expensive and technically superior EOS 7D. While the EOS 550D lacks two engines to power the data processing – so it can’t match the 7D’s blistering 8fps stills capture rate – it does have a sufficient low noise capability to allow you to shoot in low light without having to worry about it.
James Cumpsty, 23 Apr 2010

Ex-Fujitsu boss demands probe into sacking

The ousted president of Fujitsu, Kuniaki Nozoe, is increasing the pressure on his former employer by demanding to know why it has still not appointed an independent body to investigate his sacking.
John Oates, 23 Apr 2010

Workers scared to befriend bosses on Facebook

Three in four Facebook users avoid making friends with their boss through the site for fear that an off-hand remark might jeopardise their employment prospects.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2010

Picsel US workers sue directors over 'unpaid wages'

US ex-employees of Picsel, the Glasgow-based mobile software company that went titsup last year, are suing former directors of the firm for allegedly misleading them into working for free.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2010

Small and mobile ISPs may avoid new filesharing laws

ExclusiveRegulators are considering creating loopholes in the implementation of the Digital Economy Act to allow small, mobile and Wi-Fi ISPs to avoid its copyright enforcement regime.
Christopher Williams, 23 Apr 2010

'Beauty with antimatter bottom' created out of pure energy

Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle punisher ever assembled by the human race, say that experiments there are going well. In particular, they have managed to create out of pure energy a thing which they describe as a "beauty" featuring an antimatter bottom.
Lewis Page, 23 Apr 2010

El Reg PARIS team fires up the GPS tracker

It's all go at the El Reg Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) command headquarters, and we've just taken delivery of the GPS tracking device designed to enable us to recover the main payload.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2010

Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

Sky is set to become the first broadband provider to offer free internet access for all customers at speeds of up to 20Mb/s, the satellite TV broadcaster claimed today.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2010

Best Buy UK to flog electric cars, scooters and bikes

Best Buy is majoring on "Green Tech" in its first UK superstore. The Lakeside, Thurrock store opens on 30 April and will sell electric bicycles such as the GoCycle, Ultramotor, Metro and Moore & Large's iZip brands with prices starting at £399.
Team Register, 23 Apr 2010

Palm denies it's up for sale

Palm's CEO has been busy telling the world that his company isn't up for sale, which is lucky as no one seems very interested in buying it.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2010

Security maven turns tables on fibbing police

A computer security expert used his elite skills to turn the tables on Seattle Police who arrested him for doing nothing more than refusing to identify himself during a drunken street golf game in 2008.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2010

Microsoft wins big in Chinese piracy lawsuit

Microsoft has won its first major court battle against the use of unlicensed software by Chinese corporations - but the company it vanquished plans to fight back.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Apr 2010

Google engineering gaggle flees Facebook

UpdatedA gaggle of Google engineers have expressed their displeasure with Facebook's latest effort to share your data with third-party sites, and many have gone so far as to deactivate their accounts.
Cade Metz, 23 Apr 2010

Verizon dubs sec researchers 'narcissistic vulnerability pimps'

UpdatedIn an official blog post, an employee in Verizon's Risk Intelligence unit has taken aim at researchers who disclose security flaws, calling them "Narcissistic vulnerability pimps" and comparing them to criminals.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2010

Windows Server to ride upgrade wave

CommentAs the revenue and shipment leader in the global server market, the Windows Server platform is arguably a good indicator of the health of the IT market. If that is the case, then it looks like the server market is on the mend - but it's not in any kind of a hurry.

Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

After calling Flash a "CPU hog," Steve Jobs has given Adobe the chance to live down this now famous insult. And Adobe is taking it.
Cade Metz, 23 Apr 2010

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - more than Flash envy

2010 is proving to be a big year for Silverlight, Microsoft's cross-platform browser plug-in.
Tim Anderson, 23 Apr 2010

Website shares user credit cards with world+dog

A website that encourages people to share details of their online purchases with world+dog was caught exposing the complete credit card numbers of four of its users.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2010

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