23rd April 2010 Archive

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  • NHS computers hit by voracious, data-stealing worm

    Easily detected — but isn’t

    Security 23 00:42

  • Microsoft's 'record' quarter can't match Apple

    Windows 7 - it coulda been so much better

    Financial News 23 04:22

  • Viewsonic ViewBook 130 ultra-slim laptop

    Wanted: killer feature

    Laptops 23 07:02

  • EU Commission will overhaul procurement laws

    Europe wants more public-private partnerships

    Law 23 07:35

  • Server patching principles

    The nirvana process

    Server Management 23 07:48

  • Brit astrophysical model scoops £1.1m at poker

    Liv Boeree whips out a lovely pair of fives

    Bootnotes 23 08:13

  • Watchdog calls for Google break-up

    Urges DoJ to investigate

    Law 23 08:16

  • Western Digital laps Seagate

    Top dog in hard drive units

    Storage 23 09:02

  • Lufthansa offers iPhone 4G loser free beer

    Gray Powell invited to Munich to drown his sorrows

    Phones 23 09:05

  • Morse confirms advanced takeover talks

    No mixed signals there

    The Channel 23 10:07

  • Vodafone launches snooping service

    Your call will be recorded - unless it's on an iPhone

    Mobile 23 10:13

  • Buffalo punts portable Blu-ray box

    BD playback, recording on your laptop, anyone?

    Hardware 23 10:18

  • Koobface server pops up in China after HK takedown


    Security 23 10:19

  • US Airforce secret spaceplane launched successfully

    Other countries: Count your satellites

    Science 23 10:28

  • Will UC stop you being exposed?

    Trying the Emperor's news clothes for size

    Unified Comms 23 10:52

  • BOFH: Forgive and forget

    And get some revenge too

    BOFH 23 11:02

  • Rugby league star pleads guilty to eBay ink scam

    Fake printer ink and game biz shut down

    Hardware 23 11:11

  • Nazi soldiers pose for Red Army calendar

    Vets see red over anniversary gaffe

    Bootnotes 23 11:24

  • YouTube dishes up online movie rentals - at a price

    It's not you, it's me

    Broadband 23 11:33

  • Dumb questions on server computing

    People make way too many assumptions

    Platform Evolution 23 11:58

  • Canon EOS 550D DSLR

    The semi-pros' second camera?

    Hardware 23 12:01

  • Ex-Fujitsu boss demands probe into sacking

    Lawsuits all round

    Financial News 23 12:20

  • Workers scared to befriend bosses on Facebook

    Careless updates cost prospects

    Media 23 12:24

  • Picsel US workers sue directors over 'unpaid wages'

    We'll see you in court. Maybe

    Mobile 23 12:33

  • Small and mobile ISPs may avoid new filesharing laws

    Rumours of the death of public Wi-Fi exaggerated

    Broadband 23 13:25

  • 'Beauty with antimatter bottom' created out of pure energy

    Decayed nega-derrière explodes shortly afterwards

    Science 23 13:41

  • El Reg PARIS team fires up the GPS tracker

    Successful test of main payload locating unit

    SPB 23 13:43

  • Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

    No caps, traffic shaping or fair use policy, says ISP

    Broadband 23 13:50

  • Best Buy UK to flog electric cars, scooters and bikes

    The greening of Thurrock

    Science 23 13:54

  • Palm denies it's up for sale

    We don't need no stinkin' new owners

    Phones 23 14:16

  • Security maven turns tables on fibbing police

    The server did not eat your video

    Security 23 18:29

  • Microsoft wins big in Chinese piracy lawsuit

    Loser vows to fight on

    The Channel 23 19:21

  • Google engineering gaggle flees Facebook

    'When I complain about privacy, I use Google Buzz'

    Security 23 19:26

  • Verizon dubs sec researchers 'narcissistic vulnerability pimps'

    In defense of full-disclosure

    Security 23 19:51

  • Windows Server to ride upgrade wave

    Steady as she goes

    Operating Systems 23 22:08

  • Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

    Apple in shock lifeline to Flash on Mac

    Developer 23 22:41

  • Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - more than Flash envy

    MeeGo to phones, set-tops, and beyond

    Developer 23 23:09

  • Website shares user credit cards with world+dog

    Blippy's overexposure

    Security 23 23:29