21st April 2010 Archive

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  • Apple leaves profits on table for 'huge' iPad future

    Can't think of single thing netbook does well

    Tablets 21 04:10

  • Revo Heritage DAB/FM radio and iPod dock

    Retro styling meets state-of-the-art tech

    Hardware 21 07:02

  • Luxury brands welcome EU law to restrict online sales

    Manufacturers get bigger say in distribution

    Law 21 07:34

  • Ruby giant rolls hosted Memcached service

    Heroku to simplify EC2 'complexity'

    Applications 21 08:02

  • Provisioning - how do you approach it?

    Has virtualisation changed expectations unfairly?

    Server Management 21 08:21

  • Google seeks $1bn flight search engine

    Another buy for Chocolate Factory

    Applications 21 08:25

  • Seagate neck and neck with WD in Q3

    Record hard drive shipments

    The Channel 21 08:44

  • Brain training games don't work, stupid

    BBC kills another market

    Software 21 09:13

  • Dell EqualLogic engineering boss leaves

    'I'm taking a break'

    Storage 21 09:18

  • HP teases with smartbook spec

    AirLife's Arm chippery confirmed

    Laptops 21 09:24

  • Space station sphere-sats to collect rocks from Mars

    Star Wars balldroids in chase above red planet

    Science 21 09:36

  • Official: Apple iPhone is a chick magnet

    Forget speed dating, you need a Jesus Phone

    Phones 21 09:44

  • American teens love texting

    Catching up with world+dog

    Phones 21 09:56

  • Supporting the teleworkers: Redux

    ‘At Home, No One Can Tell If You Have Your Pants On’

    Desktop Management 21 10:05

  • Intel Classmate PC comes to UK

    Tough enough to take 'Shazza 4 Bazza' scrawls?

    Tablets 21 10:08

  • UK almost tops international Google-snoop league

    Woo! Number 1!

    Government 21 10:16

  • The road to high availability systems

    Broadcasting live and direct

    Platform Evolution 21 10:27

  • PARIS hacked Canon: 108 minutes, 1,298 stills

    Better batteries resolve PowerShot power-down

    SPB 21 10:30

  • Facebook sinks Lite

    Not enough fluff

    Applications 21 10:34

  • Lenovo intros eco-friendly ThinkPads

    Partly made from old pop bottles

    Laptops 21 10:36

  • Mozilla blocks Firefox Java plugin

    Plug out, baby

    Applications 21 10:54

  • HP offers gaming PC buyers free game

    Read the small print

    Games 21 11:08

  • Mozilla to cordon off plugin crashes with Firefox 3.6.4 beta

    Hopes to cure Adobe, Microsoft, Apple headaches

    Applications 21 11:09

  • Bluetooth 4 comes out punching, takes aims at elderly

    Low power, big demand?

    Mobile 21 11:26

  • Astra satellite to beam in free 3D TV content

    Something to watch at last?

    Media 21 11:30

  • Lucky Lib Dem punter could clear £800k on Clegg victory

    Political betting has never looked more profitable

    Government 21 11:39

  • Microsoft rejigs enterprise end point security management

    Redmond retires Forefront Protection Manager

    Security 21 11:52

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone

    Windows Mobile out, Android in – hurrah!

    Phones 21 12:02

  • Lizard People drop ACTA draft from Black Helicopter

    A giant scaly footprint in the face of humanity?

    Law 21 12:11

  • Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves

    'Absolute nonsense' - Huhne

    Government 21 12:14

  • Cybercrooks befuddled by Icelandic volcano name

    How do you spell that, again?

    Security 21 13:12

  • Google Maps Navigation comes to UK

    The Marauder's Map

    Phones 21 13:13

  • EU appoints 'reflection group' to put euro culture online

    A Frenchman, a German and a Belgian walk into a library...

    Media 21 13:27

  • Adobe gives up on the iPhone

    Ain't gonna work with Steve no more

    Phones 21 13:41

  • Blizzard zaps 320,000 WoW and Diablo users

    Take that, you varmints

    Games 21 13:44

  • Microsoft kicks SQL Server 2008 R2 out the door

    Manufacturers handed code

    Developer 21 14:01

  • WD intros Nas-linked iPhone app

    View your pics over the network

    Phones 21 14:14

  • US X-37B robot minishuttle: 'Secret space warplane'?

    No, but it could do some naughty orbital stuff

    Science 21 14:21

  • Cameron promises yet more Avatar

    Cinematic re-release plus oceanic sequel

    Hardware 21 14:25

  • PC sales jump in Europe

    Eastern Europe buoys up rest of continent

    The Channel 21 14:32

  • C language inventor spurns Google's language exam

    So Mr Thompson, you say you have some programming skills...

    Developer 21 15:12

  • RHEL 6 gets its first beta

    Massive scale, less virty overhead

    Operating Systems 21 15:20

  • Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 R2 aims high (and low)

    Software giant lines up desktop, cloud, data centre battle ships

    Developer 21 16:05

  • VMware sales up smartly in Q1

    Eight-figure Euro deal

    Financial News 21 16:59

  • McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide

    World of hurt

    Security 21 18:43

  • Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

    Hail the conquering cameraphone!

    Mobile 21 19:27

  • Google borgs Steve Jobs refugees for 'tablet' smarts

    From PA Semi to Apple to the GPad

    Mobile 21 20:18

  • Tomcat for Ubuntu and Debian gets Mule kick

    Linux love for open-source Java

    Developer 21 21:05

  • 'Gossips' say Apple will acquire ARM

    Financial people will talk

    Mobile 21 21:30

  • HP preps Tukwila servers for April 27

    Bearing witness for Itanium

    Servers 21 21:50

  • Obama open sources custom White House code

    A long way from Dubya

    Developer 21 23:13

  • Microsoft tests Facebook Office docs against Google

    Productivity comes to FarmVille

    Applications 21 23:50