19th April 2010 Archive

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  • Cray mimics Ethernet atop SeaStar interconnect

    Linux shortcut cooks with SLES

    HPC 19 02:02

  • Microsoft stealth launches 'historic' programming language

    Hidden F# strikes right note

    Developer 19 04:02

  • AMD: Our best competitive server position in years

    Gonna make it up in volume

    Servers 19 08:02

  • Fusion-io gets $45m in C-round

    Whopping financial injection

    Storage 19 08:02

  • UN split on cybercrime conventions

    Follow Euro model or go for something new?

    Law 19 08:05

  • Ash cans flights for another day

    More peace for London

    Government 19 08:13

  • Veteran UK fraud fighter 'BobBear' retires

    Pipe and slippers for celebrated anti-phishing crusader

    Security 19 08:15

  • Political targeting: An unhealthy business

    A pox on voter choice indeed

    Government 19 09:02

  • 'R2' robot to join space station crew, says NASA

    Not a proper R2 unit though - can't do EVA

    Science 19 09:04

  • Apple sets 3G iPad for May 7 as Sprint ups ante to 4G

    While Blighty price predicted at £399

    Mobile 19 09:37

  • Violent vid games send teens to sleep

    Visual Prozac

    Games 19 09:37

  • Phone me the way to go home

    Paper maps are for old-fashioned chaps

    Science 19 10:03

  • DoH puts brakes on Summary Care Record

    Suspends previously-hurried implementation

    Government 19 10:07

  • What does YOUR IT crystal ball say?

    Taking a cold hard look at change

    Platform Evolution 19 10:15

  • Arista goes modular with 10 Gig E switches

    10 Tb/sec for 384 ports

    Data Networking 19 10:18

  • Sage confirms Walker's departure

    26-year veteran seeks new challenges

    The Channel 19 10:24

  • Fring cops to unchangeable passwords

    Security isn't a Fring thing

    Security 19 10:26

  • Nine year-old blamed for US school system hack

    Youngster uses teacher's login to redraw Blackboard

    Security 19 10:39

  • Splinter Cell stunt misfires: Armed police respond

    When marketing goes bad

    Games 19 10:52

  • Microsoft yanks KIN ad boob

    Don't get tits out for lad(ie)s, after all

    Mobile 19 10:57

  • Youth reject Facebook's death of privacy claims

    Kids want it but don't know get it

    Media 19 11:01

  • Dell Inspiron One 19 Touch touchscreen all-in-one

    Gives the finger to touch tech PC price premiums

    Hardware 19 11:02

  • Should all hard drives be encrypted?

    Clear as mud

    Desktop Management 19 11:12

  • PARIS hacked Canon test (almost) runs on rails

    PowerShot powers down mid-shoot

    SPB 19 11:13

  • Obama 'deep space' Mars plans in Boeing booster bitchslap

    Megacorp sees Elon Musk/prez chumship threat?

    Science 19 11:45

  • Google opens alphabetti spaghetti with refined spelling in search

    Web queries for an illiterate age

    Applications 19 12:34

  • Adobe bakes secure P2P into Flash

    Group conferences and gaming - or even P2P radio?

    Applications 19 12:39

  • Epic Fail: How the photographers won, while digital rights failed

    What went wrong?

    Government 19 12:48

  • Palm hands out golden handcuffs

    Would you stick with Palm for quarter of a mil?

    Mobile 19 13:02

  • Discovery landing rained off

    Back to Earth tomorrow

    Science 19 13:12

  • Samsung wins 20nm process flash race

    Leaves Toshiba and IMFT in the dust

    Storage 19 13:25

  • Trojan poses as Google Chrome extension

    Cybercrooks start to target Google's browser

    Security 19 13:42

  • Sony's PS3 firmware update shows how retailers can be exposed

    No compensation from manufacturers

    Games 19 14:05

  • HDS takes on Cisco/EMC with unified computing platform

    Premature announcement?

    Servers 19 14:15

  • Virus floors Russian-Chinese automated border

    Thousands stranded in travel chaos

    Security 19 14:41

  • 'al-Qaeda suicide cat' sends US Iraq war robots out of control

    Feline saboteur 'fried everything' at command base

    Science 19 14:44

  • eBay shill bid scammer convicted

    Minibus man falls foul of consumer protection laws

    Broadband 19 14:48

  • Microsoft will fix it for you

    Click, click, fixed

    Software 19 14:51

  • Cyberspace isn't a place - Irish Judge

    Creators' rights are human rights, says Court

    Law 19 14:56

  • Cisco (finally) acquires Norwegian video conferencer

    Tandberg borged

    Business 19 16:47

  • HP Networking emerges

    ProCurve and 3COM brands to disappear

    Servers 19 17:03

  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

    Classic territory

    Games 19 17:56

  • Network Solutions customers hit by mass hack attack

    Second mystery outbreak in a week

    Security 19 18:11

  • 'iPhone 4G' found on floor of bar

    Photos from a Jobsian future

    Phones 19 19:12

  • Ethernet borgs RDMA from InfiniBand

    Rocky protocol means 10 GE is gonna fly now

    Data Networking 19 19:18

  • Floating security tools span sky of clouds

    From Amazon to the apps formerly know as SaaS

    Security 19 20:51

  • Microsoft cracks open Windows cloud management service

    It's not a Windows 7 upgrade sweetener. Really

    The Channel 19 21:03

  • Oracle puts a JRockit under its cloud play

    BEA. Oracle. Complete.

    Software 19 21:22

  • Oracle charges $90 for Sun's free ODF plug-in

    The price of open docs on Microsoft Office

    Applications 19 22:55

  • IBM profits out-climb sales in Q1

    UK soars like a BRIC

    Business 19 23:12

  • Feds bust website that catered to identity thieves

    CallService.biz goes dark

    Security 19 23:15