16th April 2010 Archive

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  • Oracle tunes Solaris for Intel's big Xeons

    Eight-socket box catching up Sparc

    Servers 16 06:02

  • MySQL under Oracle: No changes, except to what we say

    Talent pool persists

    Applications 16 06:02

  • Attacks exploit unpatched weakness in Adobe apps

    Ham-handed PDF peril from Zeus

    Security 16 06:02

  • Is Xiotech right on thin controllers?

    Do or diet

    Storage 16 07:02

  • Activision Tony Hawk Ride skateboard controller

    A board game, for real

    Games 16 07:02

  • Sleep-scheduling software developed for ISS astronauts

    Knit-up-the-ravelled-sleeve-of-care 'ware

    Science 16 08:02

  • Ofcom hangs fire until after Olympics

    No wireless mics decision till torch is out

    Mobile 16 08:02

  • Online retailers cannot deduct delivery fee when making refunds

    Judges hand out takeaway ruling

    The Channel 16 08:31

  • C&W wraps up three-year court case

    Cleared of delaying Caribbean competition

    Mobile 16 08:38

  • Sony Ericsson turns in a...profit

    Sells less, makes more

    Mobile 16 08:52

  • Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday

    Nobody's getting in or out without a boat for a bit

    Science 16 09:00

  • Chinese go beyond binary with ternary molecule

    Memory sandwich molecule munches three bits

    Hardware 16 09:22

  • G Cloud guy Bellamy says bye-bye to Cabinet Office

    CfH director discharges self

    Government 16 09:37

  • Change management in x86 server estates

    Where's my @*>##% VM gone?

    Server Management 16 09:44

  • Toshiba intros consumer desktop replacements

    15, 16 and 17in beasts announced

    Laptops 16 09:49

  • Zeus spyware pretends to be Royal Mail PDF

    The postman always zings twice. Zing!

    Security 16 09:58

  • Orange re-bundles broadband

    It's the new unbundling

    Broadband 16 10:12

  • Alleged MI6 traitor also accused of betraying spies

    Spy on our spy as he hunts their spy?

    Government 16 10:18

  • Obama: We're off to Mars

    And let's land on an asteroid, too, says prez

    Science 16 10:21

  • Volcanic Eyjafjallajökull dirt-splurt space snap

    ESA offers plane-buster Icelandic gunge plume sat pic

    Science 16 10:49

  • AA intros car parking space locator app

    Have you paid and displayed?

    Phones 16 10:50

  • UK Blu-ray Disc sales shoot up

    But still some way from catching DVD

    Media 16 10:54

  • Billy Connolly invades TomTom (for £8.99)

    No swearing, no dirty bits

    Science 16 11:07

  • US government probes HP bribery claims

    Investigation widens

    The Channel 16 11:12

  • India boasts more mobes than bogs

    'Quick, text me the address of the nearest khazi'

    Mobile 16 11:13

  • Memristors can maybe learn like synapses

    Human-brain-like computers, annihilation of humanity one step closer

    Hardware 16 11:15

  • MS kernel patch skirts infected machines

    Damage control bypasses pwned PCs

    Security 16 11:18

  • Newsnight tries banalysis 2.0 for Prime Ministerial debates

    Tag clouds: Not in my name

    Government 16 11:44

  • Microsoft coughs to Visual Studio 2010 upgrade delay

    Tells customers to play with trial version instead

    Developer 16 11:48

  • Think you can outdo the political mob?

    Register your candidacy before it's too late

    Government 16 12:02

  • Google snubs Labs again with brace of Gmail features

    Drag-and-Drop in the cloud, man

    Software 16 12:09

  • New road made from pigsh*t in Missouri

    Porcine dandruff almost sty-mies chocolate highway plan

    Science 16 12:30

  • El Reg PARIS team unboxes some toys

    Lights, space cameras, action...

    SPB 16 12:53

  • Police send Reg hack CRB check database

    Massive security breach prompts investigation

    Law 16 13:44

  • Bromsgrove lass slapped with Boozbo

    No alcohol anywhere in England and Wales

    Bootnotes 16 13:46

  • But is that really cloud?

    What constitutes ‘proper’ cloud computing

    Servers 16 13:53

  • Hentai malware publishes web history of marks online

    Tentacle-smut shakedown

    Security 16 13:56

  • New ISS machine makes water from waste CO2

    Backup for buggy re-wee golden barrel rolled out

    Science 16 14:32

  • Hasselblad CFV-39 digital back

    39Mp upgrade for your 50-year-old camera, anyone?

    Hardware 16 15:02

  • Oracle ponies up $685m for Phase Forward

    Larry Ellison on drugs discovery trip

    Applications 16 15:06

  • Steve Jobs bans all apps from iPhone (or thereabouts)

    Code translation verboten. Whatever that means

    Phones 16 17:25

  • Microsoft wants pacemaker password tattoos

    The keys to my heart are on my foot

    Security 16 19:00

  • Apple backs down from Pulitzer putsch

    Political toonist can 'resubmit'

    Phones 16 19:04

  • IBM's Power 780 pushes the value envelope

    Lotta flash, fewer cores on TPC-C test

    Servers 16 19:42

  • Ellison's database customers slip slidin' to x86

    Where's a server deal when you need one?

    Servers 16 21:03

  • Jobs to iPad skeptic: 'Are you nuts?'

    Euro launch conspiracy theory quashed

    Media 16 21:09

  • School secretly snapped 1000s of students at home

    Some while sleeping or partially undressed

    Security 16 23:02