15th April 2010 Archive

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  • Commodore 64 may come back as Warren Beatty

    The C64 is dead. Long live the C64

    Hardware 15 00:40

  • Big Blue juices OS formerly known as 400

    Native XML i am

    Operating Systems 15 04:21

  • OU: Digital divide now between clued and clueless

    Calls for learning in the workplace

    Science 15 06:02

  • US gov cries foul on MPAA piracy claims

    A Mickey Mouse operation

    Media 15 06:02

  • Is Oracle severing its LSI relationship?

    Cutting the knot

    Storage 15 07:02

  • Novero TheFirstOne designer Bluetooth headset

    In the ear of the beholder?

    Hardware 15 07:02

  • Commissioner pledges protection for net neutrality

    Kroes: 'We must guard freedom of expression'

    Broadband 15 07:24

  • Volcanic ash grounds dozens of UK flights

    Icelandic plume knocks out airports

    Science 15 07:40

  • Herd of sheep, off tits on drugs, savagely Tased

    'None suffered heart attacks', exults stungun maker

    Science 15 08:05

  • HP fingered in bribe probe

    Germany and Russia raid Moscow HQ

    The Channel 15 08:59

  • All-in-ones grease great quarter for PCs


    Hardware 15 09:09

  • Sony pledges 'affordable' 3D TV experience

    But keeps mum about the price

    Hardware 15 09:10

  • Sony preps pair of PS3 3D updates

    One for games, one for Blu-ray

    Games 15 09:24

  • Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho

    'It began as a twinge down below...'

    Games 15 09:45

  • Two new LTO tape gens announced

    Capacity boost flaunted

    Storage 15 09:53

  • Swiss HSBC data breach victim count trebles

    How deep does the rabbit hole go?

    Security 15 10:23

  • Toshiba tips hat into tablet ring

    Android, Windows 7 models inbound

    Tablets 15 10:52

  • Game unwraps software too early for some

    New, but not minty fresh

    Games 15 10:53

  • Shrek's Donkey poses with bustier-clad strumpet

    Asinine fashion shoot shocker

    Hardware 15 10:54

  • Facebook starts random application shutdown

    Anything Apple can do...

    Mobile 15 11:04

  • US librarian in chief puts Twitter into aspic

    The first draft of history is now 140 chars long

    Mobile 15 11:25

  • DNS Trojan poses as iPhone unlocking utility

    Poisoned Apple

    Security 15 11:30

  • IBM predicts reoffending rates for prisoners

    Florida follows UK into Minority Report territory

    Government 15 11:38

  • Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection

    No guarantee of 'quick and painless execution'

    Law 15 11:52

  • Opera Mini tops the iTunes chart, but can it make any money?

    Good PR doesn't always equal profits

    Mobile 15 12:25

  • He gave me the hairless eyeball

    Face tracking fun for all the family

    Hardware 15 12:49

  • Blighty's first home grown war robot takes to Welsh skies!

    Pigs may not fly, but pork barrels can

    Government 15 13:16

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X100e

    Cheapest ThinkPad ever, anyone?

    Laptops 15 13:35

  • Why doesn't Nokia buy Palm?

    It's a perfect fit, and going cheap...

    Mobile 15 13:39

  • More vultures attack Compellent

    Ravening lawyers' class action ambulance-chasing

    Storage 15 13:57

  • Big Brother Watch manifesto makes plea for privacy

    Look at yourselves, insists pressure group

    Government 15 14:02

  • NextIO teams with Fusion-io for 5TB flash SAN

    1.7 million IOPS box on the way too

    Storage 15 14:19

  • Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss

    'Gypsies aren't Romanians, morons'

    Security 15 14:21

  • KIN'ell, Microsoft! Is that a breasticle I see before me?

    Let me get my hands on your mammary gland

    Mobile 15 14:30

  • IBM Workload Optimized: Here comes the hype wave

    Can enterprise analytics really be interesting?

    HPC 15 14:54

  • Vendors bet on England World Cup fail

    Offer money back if team wins

    Hardware 15 14:55

  • Retailer claims customers' immortal souls

    You didn't know? You should have read the Ts&Cs

    Games 15 15:45

  • IBM prunes low-cost AIX rev

    Just for cheapskates

    Servers 15 15:51

  • Sony working on 'major' PlayTV update

    PS3's TV tuner due for software revamp

    Games 15 16:05

  • Oracle releases emergency security patch for Java

    Code-execution threat no more

    Security 15 17:25

  • Apple bans Pulitzer Prize political cartoons from iPhone

    Censorship goes from silly to serious

    Phones 15 19:09

  • Oracle murders free OpenSolaris CD shipping

    Community mulls fork

    Operating Systems 15 19:10

  • Intel: Killer cables may leapfrog USB 3.0

    Seeing the Light Peak

    Hardware 15 20:55

  • AMD claws back to profitability

    G'bye Global Foundries, 'ello black ink

    Business 15 21:37

  • Google money machine tops self with 23% revenue leap

    Q1 trumps Christmastime

    Financial News 15 21:59

  • Google in talks to re-admit Android to Linux kernel

    Multi-year process?

    Operating Systems 15 22:10