14th April 2010 Archive

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  • Amazon rains MySQL on Europe

    Floating relational database crosses Atlantic

    Servers 14 05:14

  • Brokerage coughs up $375,000 for website breach

    Garden-variety exploit strikes again!

    Security 14 06:02

  • Schooner adds DR to SQL and cache appliances

    MySQLectomy boosts query speeds

    Servers 14 06:02

  • Emulex scores FCOE revenue win

    Eat your heart out, QLogic

    Storage 14 07:02

  • Son of Nehalem due this year

    Sandy Bridge to the future

    Servers 14 07:02

  • Offline Google Docs disappear on May 3

    Reappearance whenever

    Software 14 07:02

  • Ten Essential... iPhone Accessories

    There's an add-on for that

    Top Ten 14 08:02

  • The right path to UC?

    There’s no such thing

    Unified Comms 14 08:02

  • Transport for London gobbles up Oyster

    How shellfish, etc etc

    Applications 14 08:02

  • Palm opens for Chinese cash

    Cash-strapped smartphone maker looks to Huawei for help

    Mobile 14 08:36

  • Confirmed: Apple's MacBook Pros not primed with Optimus

    Nvidia GPU but not Nvidia GPU switching tech

    Laptops 14 08:51

  • Xiotech's CorteX to change the storage world

    ISE NAS coming with Symantec

    Storage 14 09:03

  • Humax Freeview HD boxes to get Sky Player

    Augment free-to-air content with pay-to-view programming

    Media 14 09:06

  • Microsoft offshores its own IT

    Infosys wins help desk, infrastructure deal

    The Channel 14 09:20

  • Neil Armstrong slams 'devastating' Constellation cancellation

    US faces 'a long downhill slide to mediocrity'

    Science 14 09:23

  • Gears of War 3 release date unveiled

    You have 12 months to prepare

    Games 14 09:43

  • McAfee sued over third-party pop-up pitches

    Consumer pair take issue with 'deceptive' sales tactics

    Software 14 10:01

  • Consumerisation and client computing

    More than just executive desktop bling?

    Desktop Management 14 10:02

  • Legal vultures swoop on Compellent

    Claim management misled the markets

    Storage 14 10:05

  • Research In Motion drives away with QNX

    Embedded OS behind the wheel

    Mobile 14 10:09

  • Obama to backtrack on NASA Orion cancellation - reports

    Capsule to live on as ISS lifeboat, but still no Moonbase

    Science 14 10:15

  • Nintendo beats Wii patent infringement rap

    Appeals court slaps down Anascape

    Games 14 10:20

  • Bulgarians cop an eyeful of Penthouse billboard filth

    No airbags, but some highly suggestive winking

    Bootnotes 14 10:29

  • LSI gets 1 million IOPS from 1TB of flash

    Matches IBM and HP with Fusion-io

    Storage 14 10:52

  • Election algorithm gives Tories sunnier outlook

    Still short of a majority though

    Developer 14 11:02

  • Microsoft's Silverlight goes fourth tomorrow

    Steps outside box

    Developer 14 11:02

  • Lib Dems demand niceness, ignore technology

    Appeal to the man on the Clapham night bus

    Government 14 11:21

  • DARPA, US Marines team on proper flying car project

    Blade Runner style sky-buggy Humvee/Jeep/Prius combo

    Science 14 11:32

  • Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies

    Causes an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny rumpus

    Bootnotes 14 11:47

  • Rutland Telecom offers local internet for local people

    Thanks Mr and Mrs Knapp

    Broadband 14 11:57

  • Salesforce.com and VMware float mystery cloud project

    VMforce coming later this month

    Applications 14 12:03

  • Atom runs Android, Google plans tablet

    But Chrome to be key cloudbook OS

    Tablets 14 12:18

  • The coolest arse on the planet

    Plug and play!

    Hardware 14 12:28

  • Ex-SAP boss goes west to join US biz software maker

    Léo Apotheker seeks California serenity

    Applications 14 12:41

  • NFC? It might work says Department for Transport

    £355,000 in hard cash for wishy washy answer

    Mobile 14 12:58

  • Apple delays UK iPad launch

    USA 500,000; Rest of World 0

    Tablets 14 12:59

  • 'Groom-a-Tory' iPhone app sparks privacy paranoia

    Blue rinse? There's an app for that

    Mobile 14 13:21

  • Korea sends teen games players to their beds

    Curfew imposed on 19 MMORPGs

    Games 14 13:22

  • French city in pedestrian-powered streetlight plan

    Plus rapide, Gaston! Je peux voir baise-toute

    Science 14 13:57

  • Oxburgh blesses Climategate boffins

    Keep on keeping calm, and carry on

    Science 14 14:36

  • Secret admirer goes after Double-Take

    Premium price offered by surprise bidder

    Storage 14 14:54

  • Promoted tweet scheme ripe for abuse

    Fresh security threats in 140 chars or less

    Security 14 15:07

  • UK carriers cut and paste iPad statement

    Identical messages of support

    Mobile 14 15:34

  • Paramount movies tip up on MSN Video

    European first

    Hardware 14 16:03

  • Java code-execution vuln exploited in drive-by attack

    Trivial to exploit

    Security 14 16:33

  • Adobe to sue Apple 'within weeks,' says report

    iPhone code translation ban 'the last straw'

    Developer 14 17:10

  • Internet abuzz with BitTorrent bypass code

    Draconian UK law gets SeedF**cked

    Broadband 14 19:02

  • iPad stuck in US for extra month

    Apple claims demand surprise

    Tablets 14 19:04

  • Intel expects server bump in Q2

    No virtualization downdraft ahead

    Servers 14 19:47

  • Israel confiscates visiting iPads

    Crackdown on Jobsian WiFi

    Mobile 14 19:48

  • Google and friends back bid to block warrantless email search

    Reinforcements for Yahoo!

    Security 14 23:09

  • MySQL fork duo tear down Oracle's Iron Man fantasy

    Widenius and Aker to convert the converted

    Applications 14 23:59