8th April 2010 Archive

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  • Mandybill: All the Commons drama

    Web-blocking goes through, orphan works fails

    Media 08 00:03

  • Leaked details on HP iPad challenger reveal tight fight

    Swings, roundabouts and tablets

    Media 08 00:35

  • Photogs sue Google over Book Search culture grab

    Artwork wants its due

    Media 08 00:38

  • Think you can’t teach an old business UC tricks?

    It’s all in the crossover

    Unified Comms 08 07:34

  • IT pay is up for temps and perms

    But there may be trouble ahead

    Management 08 07:57

  • Asus Home Server TS Mini

    The ideal Nas box for newcomers?

    Broadband 08 08:02

  • NetApp buys small, large storage specialist

    Buys up Bycast

    Storage 08 08:44

  • German group urges boycott over Facebook privacy shake-up

    This ain't no nudist beach

    Applications 08 09:42

  • Tories drop opposition to UK.gov DNA plans

    'Real point of principle' proves somewhat bendy

    Government 08 09:44

  • Samsung squeaks ahead with Spinpoint MP4

    Momentary notebook disk lead

    Hardware 08 09:53

  • Apple patent shows iPhone ruling the home

    In your living room? NFC

    Phones 08 10:08

  • Guy Kewney dies at 63

    The man who made Britain love computers

    Site News 08 10:55

  • Unofficial Windows 7 SP1 beta stumbles onto interwebs

    Bright light, bright light

    Operating Systems 08 10:59

  • ICBM lifts Europe's ice-sniffing sat

    Cryosat-2 launches successfully

    Science 08 11:03

  • Motorola provides SIM condom for child protection

    Sticky-backed censorship

    Mobile 08 11:10

  • Administrator access: Right or privilege?

    A cautionary tale

    Desktop Management 08 11:17

  • England fails to make World Cup 3D screening draw

    No Rooney reaching through the screen unless he makes the finals

    Media 08 11:31

  • UKIP suspends Scouse candidate over sado smut movies

    Don't act like you don't like it

    Bootnotes 08 11:48

  • Bank insider charged over ATM malware scam

    BofA BOFH cuffed

    Security 08 11:58

  • Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

    We'll all miss you

    Site News 08 12:01

  • Dell Latitude Z

    Super-slim designer notebook, anyone?

    Laptops 08 12:09

  • O2 tops broadband customer satisfaction poll

    But punters voting with their feet go elsewhere

    Broadband 08 12:23

  • HP's Memristor tech - better than flash?

    It will be, says HP

    Storage 08 12:24

  • Microsoft sorry over quiet Office Mobile 2010 beta kill date

    Windows Mobile 6.5 feels the burn

    Applications 08 12:25

  • Mandybill: It ain't over yet

    Lords may kill Bill

    Media 08 13:01

  • Brown promises no change to basic tax rate

    Watching the election, so you don't have to

    Government 08 13:13

  • Nokia launches DRM-free Comes With Music

    Lucky China

    Mobile 08 13:22

  • Matrix actor site stages defacement spat

    'Go home to mum, sub-s'kiddie'

    Security 08 13:57

  • Microsoft preps first Exchange Server 2010 service pack

    TechEd SP1 beta coming in June

    Servers 08 13:59

  • High Court: Moderate user comments and you're liable

    Even fixing spelling can see you busted

    Law 08 14:39

  • IBM raids Oracle-Sun hardware channel

    $500m in financing to peddle Blue gear

    The Channel 08 14:43

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx turns back on Yahoo! search switcheroo

    Google applies Bing sting, or something

    Operating Systems 08 14:57

  • Bloggers sight upgraded IBM DS8700 on the horizon

    Automated data tiering and Power7 arrival

    Storage 08 15:03

  • LG names 15in OLED TV UK release date

    *How* much?

    Hardware 08 15:17

  • BBFC logos to vanish from future games releases

    Pegi in, officially, as Digital Economy Bill gets Royal Assent

    Games 08 16:27

  • Adobe Reader security updater to be unveiled next week


    Security 08 18:30

  • Microsoft media server beams direct to iPad

    Silverlight clients hunted

    Media 08 20:20

  • Citrix buys stake in virtual desktopper

    Hedges bets on SMBs

    Software 08 20:37

  • Apple rumored to put beefy iPad on diet

    The slightly-less-fat iPhone without the phone

    Tablets 08 20:54

  • iPhone 4.0: iAds, multitasking, and 98 tweaks

    One billion ads a day

    Mobile 08 22:58

  • Forrester calls time on IT downturn

    It's over. Unofficially

    Management 08 23:10