7th April 2010 Archive

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  • AOL to sell or shutter Bebo

    $850m mistake

    Broadband 07 00:15

  • Friends of Ubuntu join hands for cloud watcher

    Eye on Koalas eating Eucalyptus

    Servers 07 00:33

  • North Korea mobilizes Red Star Linux rollout

    Shoddy communist-era construction?

    Operating Systems 07 00:40

  • Riverbed slips McAfee firewall into WAN optimizers

    One appliance better than two

    Security 07 03:35

  • FTC rallies lawyers over Google mobile ad pact

    Antitrust challenge imminent?

    Mobile 07 05:15

  • Spies caught plundering secret Indian docs

    Shadow Network busted

    Security 07 07:02

  • Are you really capable of supporting unified comms?

    Getting your ducks in a line

    Unified Comms 07 07:46

  • Altec Lansing inMotion Compact

    Give your tunes some welly outdoors

    Hardware 07 08:02

  • Sick of the election already? Get a bet on then

    Reg guide to making cash from votes

    Government 07 08:02

  • Sacked Fujitsu boss threatens to sue

    Won't go quietly

    Servers 07 09:08

  • Orange unpeels fresh biz-friendly mobile broadband plans

    Special rates for the working day

    Mobile 07 09:28

  • Quantum scales up Scalar tape library

    Releases i6000

    Storage 07 09:35

  • Mandybill set to survive

    Photographers rejoice, pirates mourn

    Government 07 09:57

  • Connecting up your ERP to the outside world

    Business imperative or really stupid idea?

    Software 07 10:02

  • Police cuff 70 eBay fraud suspects

    Scams caused €800,000 losses

    Security 07 10:04

  • Hitachi offers to double li-ion battery longevity

    Twice as long before cell will no longer charge up

    Laptops 07 10:13

  • Vodafone takes Opera to the masses

    Even poor people want mobile internet

    Mobile 07 10:19

  • Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing

    News aggregation argy-bargy rumbles on

    Media 07 10:26

  • Lower termination rates will bring pricey data

    Good for telcos or punters?

    Broadband 07 10:34

  • Asset management And Service Management

    Is there any benefit in linking these?

    Desktop Management 07 10:37

  • OCZ prods Z-Drive to go faster

    2TB and upgradable flash modules

    Storage 07 11:16

  • MPs criticise 'impossible' e-Borders schedule

    Legal issues still looming

    Government 07 11:23

  • Israel using Facebook as 'spying tool' in Gaza

    My enemy's enemy is my friend

    Media 07 12:02

  • How Labour’s Web2.0rhea cockup helped the photographers

    Kumbaya is not a legal defence

    Law 07 12:13

  • Broadband tax scrapped in 'wash-up'

    Celebrate with cider

    Broadband 07 12:14

  • Sky revamps News app for general election

    Updates from the hustings

    Phones 07 12:37

  • BlackBerry sees iPhone shrink in rear view mirror

    Android grows, Palm shrivels

    Phones 07 13:02

  • Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB Sata 3 SSD

    Solid state of things to come?

    Hardware 07 13:07

  • Giant solar-powered aircraft takes to the skies

    Solar Impulse sets sights on round-the-world challenge

    Science 07 13:27

  • Apple shrugs to iPad Wi-Fi problems

    Try standing nearer the router

    Tablets 07 13:48

  • Microsoft launches iPad-happy website for wimmin

    Ladies night, oh what a site

    Applications 07 13:59

  • iPad anti-virus shield guards against phantom threat

    'You'll thank us one day'

    Tablets 07 14:49

  • Google Checkout checks out


    Management 07 15:27

  • US weather meisters buy mini Cray

    Getting a foot back into an old door

    HPC 07 15:29

  • Adobe mulls changes to close hole in PDF apps

    'Powerful functionality' v 'potential risks'

    Security 07 18:00

  • Apple's iPad - the device for execs who create nothing

    66 app makers woo office fanbois

    Mobile 07 20:13

  • Microsoft's web privacy push: 'We're the anti-Google'

    Responsible by name, unprofitable by nature

    Security 07 20:15

  • Microsoft's HPC Server 2008 R2 goes beta 2

    Matches Linux MPI, snatches Win 7 cycles

    HPC 07 21:55

  • IBM widens data analytics fleet

    Smartie boxes multiply

    Servers 07 22:09