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God of War III

God of War III

ReviewThe God of War trilogy spans two PlayStation generations, and God of War III could not look better - or prove the PS3’s abilities - in a more stunning way. This hotly anticipated HD bloodbath of guts and lost heads - sorry, Helios - is a godsend for Sony.
Lucy Orr, 02 Apr 2010

Electronic Bodyguards bureau sets up shop in Switzerland

Burly bodyguards, however well armed and trained, are no longer enough to protect businesspeople on the move.
John Leyden, 02 Apr 2010

PCC bares teeth at bloggers

CommentUK bloggers can this week sleep a little easier in their beds. The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has just delivered a first historic ruling in respect of a journalist's blog.
Jane Fae , 02 Apr 2010

SGI peddles cut-down Altix UV supers

SGI is rounding out its line of Altix UV machines with new machines based on Intel's just-announced eight-core Nehalem-EX Xeon 7500 processors.

Bush-authored warrantless wiretapping suffers abrupt defeat

The last of the US warrantless wiretapping cases has come to a rather surprising and abrupt finish.
Burke Hansen, 02 Apr 2010

Is Novarra Nokia's advertising play?

Last week Nokia bought Novarra, but it's unlikely the Finns were interested in a new browser when the company's main business points towards a rather more revolutionary offering from Nokia.
Bill Ray, 02 Apr 2010

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third

Episode 3
Simon Travaglia, 02 Apr 2010

Software engineer demands source of his speeding collar

UpdatedA US software engineer hopes to beat a speeding ticket by challenging the accuracy of the computerized radar gun used to snare him.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Apr 2010

Engine Yard scripts JRuby brain trust support plan

Rudderless on JRuby? The experts will come to your assistance - for a price.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Apr 2010

Cray nabs $45m nuke lab petaflops super deal

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has inked a $45m contract with supercomputer maker Cray to supply the nuke researchers with one of the first Baker series of Opteron-based supers that will ship later this year - and to provide some company for the petaflopping RoadRunner Opteron-Cell massively parallel super, custom-built by rival IBM for Los Alamos.

IT losses despite US economic thaw

The US economy has started thawing but the first green shoots have struggled to make their presence felt in the tech sector.
Google HQ logo. Pic: Bob Dormon

Buzzed Gmail outs Googly ties of Obama's deputy CTO

It would be hard to imagine a better Google story. If the company's own web services somehow outed the most intimate secrets of CEO Eric Schmidt - a man who says net privacy is only for miscreants - that would surely be the Google story to end all Google stories. But a comeuppance of such epic proportions seems too much to ask. Today's story will do just fine.
Cade Metz, 02 Apr 2010

Microsoft cuts 'Series' lump from Windows Phone 7

It's just two months old, but Microsoft has already renamed its next operating system for Windows phones.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Apr 2010

Computer pioneer and Gates mentor Ed Roberts dies

Ed Roberts, the pioneering computer engineer and early mentor to Bill Gates and Paul Allen, died Thursday at age 68.
Rik Myslewski, 02 Apr 2010

Developers turn sour on Apple iPad

Just before Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, a survey of developers by webdesktopmobile kit maker Appcelerator indicated that 90 per cent intended to build an app for the Apple tablet over the coming year. As Apple prepares to unleash the device on Saturday in the US, that number now appears to have dropped to 80 per cent.
Cade Metz, 02 Apr 2010
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El Reg April Fools 2010

Word that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the most powerful atomsmasher ever assembled by the human race - caused a hyperdimensional portal leading to an inhabited parallel universe to open up deep beneath Switzerland, in what may be the opening move of a cross-continuum invasion campaign, is yesterday's news. Which is to say, it's not really news at all.
Team Register, 02 Apr 2010

Mozilla: 'no plans' to bundle Flash with Firefox

Unlike Google, Mozilla says it's not committed to the idea of integrating Adobe Flash with its web browser.
Cade Metz, 02 Apr 2010

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