1st April 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft clutches open source to its corporate heart

    New GM vows end to religious war

    Software 01 Apr 00:38

  • AMD tempts gamers with multi-monitor Eye candy

    One card, six displays, one billion pixels

    Hardware 01 Apr 06:02

  • RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Palm Pre

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Motorola Milestone

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • HTC Touch Pro 2

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • LG InTouch Max GW620

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Nokia E72

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Nokia N97 Mini

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Samsung Omnia Pro

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Sony Ericsson Aspen

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Qwerty Smartphones: Best Buys

    Reg Hardware recommends...

    Phones 01 Apr 07:02

  • Irish civil rights group takes aim at iPad launch

    Gaelic speakers want to give Apple a good boxing

    Hardware 01 Apr 07:02

  • If internet had existed before we were born would we be here now?

    Web is like a pizza box, for sure

    Media 01 Apr 07:02

  • Buyer's Guide: Qwerty Smartphones

    The Pros and Cons

    Phones 01 Apr 07:19

  • Qwerty Keyboard Smartphones

    Nine phones for typing on

    Phones 01 Apr 07:25

  • Google to digitize world+dog with People View

    Physical ad targeting

    Media 01 Apr 08:02

  • Associated Newspapers, GMG to pool newsrooms

    Mail and Guardian trial Write once, Read everywhere

    Media 01 Apr 08:02

  • Watchdog proposes network-to-network call cost cut

    Termination rates must be slashed, says Ofcom

    Mobile 01 Apr 08:05

  • Mobile calls to get much cheaper - probably

    Knock down terminations, but no direct routing

    Mobile 01 Apr 08:09


    Elite troops confront 'response' to 7 TeV collisions

    Science 01 Apr 08:47

  • iPad includes hyberbole generator, first reviews show

    Mac fans like Apple products shock

    Mobile 01 Apr 09:01

  • BBC, big business leer creepily at orphan works

    Hang on. Are you a library?

    Media 01 Apr 09:02

  • NHS IT misses another deadline

    Time to call Dignitas

    Government 01 Apr 09:16

  • Western Digital pips Toshiba to platter post

    Sings like canary on souped-up Scorpio Black

    Storage 01 Apr 09:18

  • New Reg comments system ready to launch

    Forums a la mod - or not, as you prefer

    Bootnotes 01 Apr 09:19

  • Conficker zombies celebrate 'activation' anniversary

    Anti-climactic Downadup gets one bump

    Security 01 Apr 09:46

  • Mole: international iPad out on 24 April

    Reviewers: we like it

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Apr 09:52

  • BT mops up after flood and fire

    Deploys elite special ops Land Rover

    Broadband 01 Apr 09:56

  • UK.gov folds over Ordnance Survey map data

    Lets developers mashup tumulus

    Developer 01 Apr 10:00

  • UK competition authority probes Amazon

    Move to John Lewis pricing pisses off sellers

    Government 01 Apr 10:02

  • Toshiba takes Violin Memory stake

    New flash string to its bow

    Storage 01 Apr 10:08

  • Sky posts 3D TV pub finder

    Where will you be watching the big game?

    Media 01 Apr 10:31

  • Stats Agency savages Brown over immigration claims

    Gives Tories a nasty nip too

    Government 01 Apr 10:33

  • Cash-strapped trolley dollies in nude calendar protest

    Give us our wages, demand disrobed Spanish fillies

    Bootnotes 01 Apr 10:34

  • Reg reader tips for ERP success

    Some great pearls of wisdom

    ERP 01 Apr 11:09

  • Ukrainian cybercrime-friendly ISP hit by fire after clean-up

    How curious

    Security 01 Apr 11:24

  • The IT management impact of home working

    Got it all sussed?

    Desktop Management 01 Apr 11:32

  • Ofcom asks for dibs on Olympic DAB stations

    I see you have 6Music on your CV here

    Mobile 01 Apr 12:07

  • Pink Floyd remastered for Nintendo Entertainment System

    Dark Side of the 8-bit Moon

    Games 01 Apr 12:28

  • Apple QuickTime update blocks media player bugs

    Bad timing?

    Operating Systems 01 Apr 12:30

  • Open Rights Group raises Flash Mob… of 7

    Take that, pigopolists

    Media 01 Apr 13:16

  • Unified comms means a unified technical approach

    Let’s all play together nicely now

    Unified Comms 01 Apr 13:38

  • OS free data splurge lacks public sector licensing deal

    Wander round in circles till UK.gov finds a direction

    Government 01 Apr 13:57

  • Verizon and IBM join forces for private cloud backup

    Managed Data Vault is go

    Storage 01 Apr 14:31

  • Police IT quango chief to quit

    Beat it

    Law 01 Apr 15:14

  • IBM goes elephant with Nehalem-EX iron

    Massive memory for racks and blades

    Servers 01 Apr 16:53

  • Apple drops HTML from iPhone and iPad

    Jobs conjures iHTML

    Media 01 Apr 18:05

  • PCs, servers push Micron to profits

    Recovery from meltdown

    Financial News 01 Apr 21:01

  • Microsoft slings mud at Google Chrome

    Accuses browser rival of 'stealing privacy'

    Applications 01 Apr 21:32

  • Apple files 'in your face' iPhone patent

    USPTO humorfest?

    Hardware 01 Apr 23:25

  • iPad apps flood Apple's App Store

    Après samedi le déluge

    Laptops and Tablets 01 Apr 23:52