30th March 2010 Archive

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  • Apple uncloaks deep details of its 11 iPad apps

    Holy tablet is not giant iPhone

    Laptops and Tablets 30 Mar 03:52

  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz

    Symbian snapper with HD video

    Phones 30 Mar 08:02

  • Royal Navy starts work on new, pointless frigates

    First two: HMSs Wag The Dog and Self-Licking Icecream

    Government 30 Mar 08:02

  • Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

    Judge not impressed with 'we're only a search engine' claim

    CIO 30 Mar 08:31

  • Vodafone kicks off Legend pre-order process

    Out on Friday

    Mobile 30 Mar 09:28

  • Outsource back office, Gershon tells Tories

    Pass that buck

    Government 30 Mar 09:31

  • Patch Management: Should it even exist?

    Necessary drudge or Elastoplast?

    Desktop Management 30 Mar 09:38

  • Orange to dangle games as carrot to lure Apple fans

    Want games for your iPhone? We got 'em

    Mobile 30 Mar 09:52

  • Goodmans-Grundig intros identical Freeview HD set-tops

    As does Grundig-Goodmans...

    Hardware 30 Mar 10:14

  • British Gas signs Voda so meters can snitch direct

    Smart meters call home

    Broadband 30 Mar 10:19

  • Bank security guru: Sue your bank for refund

    Play hardball fast, advises Anderson

    Security 30 Mar 10:22

  • Probe spots Pac-Man on Saturnian Death Star

    That really is no moon, suggests Cassini

    Science 30 Mar 10:28

  • Freeview HD launches, gets Channel 4

    Jon Sneur to read the news in hi def

    Media 30 Mar 10:31

  • Virgin's Music Unlimited gets limited

    The sound of silence

    Media 30 Mar 11:01

  • Best Buy buys in modest iPad supply

    Cue the queues

    Laptops and Tablets 30 Mar 11:04

  • US lawmakers urge trade commission to scrutinise Google Buzz

    As much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl

    Applications 30 Mar 11:31

  • Trustpilot prunes florid iFlorist tributes

    Weeds out suspect reviews

    Bootnotes 30 Mar 11:41

  • LHC particle-punisher in record 7 TeV hypercollisions

    Earth apparently still here: Tinfoilers omelette-visaged

    Science 30 Mar 11:45

  • Biting the bullet on ERP implementation realities?

    What really makes the difference?

    ERP 30 Mar 12:05

  • Legal high fire sale starts now

    Before it's banned

    Bootnotes 30 Mar 12:16

  • Nominet chairman quits


    Broadband 30 Mar 12:26

  • Weak passwords stored in browsers make hackers happy

    Insecurity complex still rife shock

    Security 30 Mar 12:30

  • Turk unwraps doner kebab robot

    Automated death wrapped in pitta bread

    Bootnotes 30 Mar 12:37

  • Google gets happy-clappy with file transfer in talk widgets

    Chat fat clients

    Applications 30 Mar 12:43

  • Brits blasé about 3D TV 'fad'

    Survey suggest very few early adopters

    Hardware 30 Mar 13:30

  • BT fibre upgrades hit full speed

    303 more exchanges

    Broadband 30 Mar 13:43

  • TomTom upgrades beginners' satnav

    Lane guidance at last

    Science 30 Mar 13:44

  • Woman finds Romanian living in shed

    Mail readers fire up the Tw*t-O-Tron

    Bootnotes 30 Mar 13:51

  • Your internet policy sucks, US tells Aussies

    America tuts as Oz tightens screws

    Government 30 Mar 14:11

  • Cops' quango to come under freedom of information laws

    Quick, fire up the shredders!

    Government 30 Mar 14:50

  • Greenpeace labels Dell 'a bloody marketing machine'

    Protests against computer maker in India, Netherlands

    Hardware 30 Mar 14:51

  • NASA coughs $57m for another year's HPC support at Ames

    World number 6 cluster juiced

    HPC 30 Mar 15:50

  • Chip makers slammed in 2009

    Samsung, Hynix squeak out some growth

    Hardware 30 Mar 16:13

  • Google backtracks on cause of China search block

    Access returns after mystery snuff

    Media 30 Mar 17:30

  • Microsoft teams with Google in name of privacy

    Strange bedfellows back US law overhaul

    Security 30 Mar 19:10

  • Google mocks Steve Jobs with Chrome-Flash merger

    Mountain View comes out of the plug-in closet

    Applications 30 Mar 21:15

  • Intel (finally) uncages Nehalem-EX beast

    Like Itanium. But you might actually use it

    Servers 30 Mar 21:52

  • Novell (not SCO) owns UNIX, says jury

    Yes, SCO vows to fight on

    Operating Systems 30 Mar 23:02

  • MS delivers emergency IE fix

    Roll up

    Security 30 Mar 23:11