29th March 2010 Archive

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  • AMD draws x64 battle lines with 'Magny-Cours'

    Opteron 6100s lock and load

    Servers 29 05:02

  • Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft

    It's about 'bundling' services with a search monopoly

    Media 29 06:02

  • Buying Solutions signs £6bn framework deal

    Supersize IT

    The Channel 29 07:02

  • Toshiba Satellite T130

    Slim sensation

    Laptops 29 08:02

  • Choosing an ERP implementation partner

    Avoiding getting shafted

    ERP 29 08:02

  • HP strike struck

    Up tools, comrades

    Management 29 08:15

  • Virtualisation and sorcery: We’re all apprentices now

    VM utopia too good to be true?

    Virtualisation Lab 29 09:02

  • WIN a Pogoplug 2 DIY cloud computing gadget

    Your drives shared on the network

    Broadband 29 09:02

  • Capita bags another dealer

    £15m for education provider

    The Channel 29 09:05

  • Are you a 'supertasker'? Probably not

    Small elite really can chat and drive safely, say profs

    Science 29 09:13

  • UK Music wants Cabinet creative committee

    Licensing reform needed too

    Media 29 09:15

  • Is iFlorist the greatest website in the universe, ever?

    Raised eyebrows at gushing customer reviews

    Management 29 09:32

  • PS3 update to rid all consoles of Linux support

    Sony making console 'more secure', apparently

    Operating Systems 29 09:48

  • Facebook prepares for another privacy row with its users

    Zuckerberg tries to pimp your data again

    Mobile 29 09:52

  • N00b spooks to be pensioned off

    Pipe and slippers, Mr Bond?

    Government 29 09:57

  • iPads sold out

    And apps will set you back ten bucks each

    Hardware 29 10:35

  • Virgin Media talks up 'simple' mobile tariff revamp

    Mobile 29 10:44

  • Boy, 4, presses dad's iPhone, wins £500 eBay auction


    Phones 29 10:57

  • DNS glitch sends surfers to China

    Bad directions on the information superhighway

    Broadband 29 11:04

  • Orange to slash price of top iPhone plan

    £75 for unlimited calls, texts, internet

    Mobile 29 11:10

  • MS coughs to Hotmail block

    Have you got anything without spam?

    Broadband 29 11:26

  • Brits still getting bull from broadband providers

    Fast as an unladen swallow on afterburners, honest

    Broadband 29 11:27

  • Best Buy trumpets UK store openings

    Five big box outlets in 2010

    Hardware 29 11:42

  • Erotic trojan keelhauls Japanese pirates

    'Visual novel' download with a surprise ending

    Media 29 11:43

  • Official: Sony Ericsson X10 has no multi-touch hardware

    Blow for fans of iPhone wannabe

    Phones 29 11:46

  • Radio lobby 'hides' 2m analogue receiver sales

    Mysterious boost for DAB

    Government 29 11:48

  • Nips slip past Apple censors

    But is it art?

    Mobile 29 11:52

  • BT hijacks business browsers

    For when email spam isn't annoying enough

    Broadband 29 12:01

  • Google pushes out Chrome 5 beta for Windows

    Developer channel stacks up

    Software 29 12:57

  • Discovery is go for April launch

    'We are ready to fly', says NASA

    Science 29 13:08

  • Carphone Warehouse splits with self

    Best Buy Europe arrives

    The Channel 29 13:14

  • AMD claims no premium for four-way chips

    The Opteron 6100 sales pitch

    Hardware 29 13:26

  • Lords: Analogue radio must die

    Cash for trannies scheme, more ads

    Government 29 13:32

  • Trojan poses as Adobe update utility

    Be careful what you invite in

    Security 29 13:48

  • Avnet rings up Bell Micro sale

    Another breadliner gets borged

    The Channel 29 14:16

  • Child safety tsar demands faster action

    Byron review, not all bad

    Government 29 14:37

  • AMD signs Acer to hit Intel in the Duomos

    Flashes racks, towers in Milan

    HPC 29 14:51

  • A quarter of underage children have social networking profiles

    Study finds kids privacy-savvy

    Law 29 15:07

  • BBC ices launch of free iPhone news app

    Beeb Trust investigates Auntie's Apple fondle

    Mobile 29 15:23

  • Tories to cut IT to keep National Insurance down

    Down with this sort of thing

    Government 29 15:26

  • The Storage love-in

    2U from us 4U

    Storage 29 15:27

  • Ericsson pulls in $1bn from China Mobile

    Not to mention a paltry $800m from China Unicom

    Broadband 29 15:45

  • 3view names the day it'll take DVB-T2 box orders

    Still mum on when the set-top will ship

    Hardware 29 16:07

  • Big Windows Server users get prepaid Amazon fluffing

    The appliance of license

    Operating Systems 29 17:47

  • Apple unleashes four dozen free Snow Leopard fixes

    Tiger loses out

    Operating Systems 29 18:37

  • Ex-contender for top IBM job pleads guilty on securities charges

    Takes number, gets in line

    Business 29 19:00

  • MS to release emergency IE fix on Tuesday

    Drive-by download risk prompts out-of-sequence patch

    Security 29 19:05

  • Tinfoil Condition Red! LHC 7 TeV mega-blasts today

    'Dr Dark Energy': Only 49% chance of Earth exploding

    Science 29 19:47

  • Video giant embraces Flash-phobic iPad with HTML 5

    Won't trash-talk Adobe's playa

    Applications 29 20:38

  • Red Hat previews Terabyte-bustin' next virtual machine

    More memory, more cores - just, more

    Software 29 20:54

  • Sun's IBM-mainframe flower wilts under Oracle's hard gaze

    Theater of absurdity

    Operating Systems 29 23:46