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Microsoft's age of innocence ends with Select death

Microsoft has ended its first ever - and possibly most generous - program for people buying copies of Windows in bulk.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Mar 2010
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MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

Late last week, global hardware manufacturer MSI informed the 97,000+ people registered with its support forums that its reps were "fed up" with repeating information easily found in user manuals. The company even went so far as to say that it had installed an "RTFM" chip on its hardware boards to determine whether users had read their manuals and that anyone who hadn't read them would be banned from support.
Cade Metz, 28 Mar 2010

Behavioural targeting works, claims US study

Behavioural advertising is more than twice as good at getting ad-viewers to make a purchase compared to non-targeted internet advertising, but costs more than twice as much, a survey has found.
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Mar 2010

Intel Xeon 5600 invade big name servers

Server makers are embracing Intel's "Westmere-EPs" Xeons.

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