25th March 2010 Archive

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  • Commodore 64 reincarnated as quad-core Ubuntu box

    'Let's fall in love again'

    Hardware 25 00:02

  • iPhone, IE, Firefox, Safari get stomped at hacker contest

    Ashes, ashes all fall down

    Security 25 02:45

  • QLogic spans Dell's InfiniBand

    Blade pass through

    HPC 25 03:55

  • Don't blame Willy the Mailboy for software security flaws

    In defense of developers

    Developer 25 05:16

  • Dell Mini 10

    A chip off the old block?

    Laptops 25 08:02

  • Darling confirms telephone line tax

    Townies to pay for rural broadband

    Broadband 25 09:45

  • Dell OEMs Data Domain and Celerra

    Adding its own object storage technology

    Storage 25 09:55

  • Domain registrar follows Google out of China

    Cynical PR or moral capitalism?

    Broadband 25 09:59

  • Toshiba announces world's biggest 2-platter drive

    Bigs up 3-platter too

    Storage 25 10:27

  • French suspect grilled over Obama Twitter hack

    Yes we can reset your password

    Security 25 10:34

  • Belkin hopes apps buzz will boost latest broadband boxes

    802.11n router range revamped

    Broadband 25 11:05

  • First WiMAX handset launched, again

    But even Clearwire reckons LTE is the future

    Mobile 25 11:09

  • Selecting an ERP supplier - the pitfalls and practicalities

    It's not just about the product

    ERP 25 11:13

  • Met launches net café spy operation

    Patriotic owners to peer over customer shoulders

    Law 25 11:17

  • Google blames glitch not hacker for 'Chinese' bio bug

    Manchurian madness

    Security 25 11:40

  • Complete ACTA text leaked online - at last

    Floodgates open on secret copyright talks

    Media 25 12:11

  • Power monitoring across the desktop estate

    What can be done and is anyone doing anything?

    Desktop Management 25 12:13

  • Expedition to seek out 'alien' ocean-abyss life sets sail

    Boffins to probe hot bottom with battery powered machine

    Science 25 12:25

  • MPs criticise government's climate of fear

    'All terror all the time' presumption prodded

    Government 25 12:27

  • German cable operators told to tighten up

    Interference is your problem, not ours

    Broadband 25 12:29

  • YouTube does a Lindsay and takes a tumble

    Both face down in a cactus

    Media 25 12:34

  • Unified Communications and the productivity debate

    It pays to think macro

    Unified Comms 25 12:43

  • Brown's website as mad as he is

    Number10.gov.uk - all the news on piercings and Ada Lovelace

    Government 25 12:50

  • Corduroy cuffed, banged up for teaching while drunk

    Squiffy pedagogue's cooler stay 'appropriate'

    Bootnotes 25 12:56

  • Freetards storm Westminster

    Shed Bloke is out and about

    Media 25 13:04

  • WD stage whispers up new AV surveillance drive

    Best-in-class reliability? Hmm

    Storage 25 13:25

  • Microsoft tickles Bing with feather duster

    Don't fence me in, Google

    Applications 25 13:58

  • Reseller exposes Opteron 6100 speeds and prices

    But quickly pulls pants up

    The Channel 25 14:00

  • News TVs, set-top boxes to get Sky Player

    Extra devices to support broadcaster's online service

    Media 25 14:01

  • Mozilla site to offer multi-browser add-on security check

    Keeps tabs on more than just Firefox

    Applications 25 14:41

  • Biometric harvest network can handle just 700k a year

    Either scheme dies or we die before getting a card

    Government 25 14:54

  • Intel online software stores set to conquer world

    First North America, now Europe, then...

    Hardware 25 15:32

  • Hackers hit where they live

    MessageLabs dissects March email malware attack patterns

    Security 25 16:04

  • Whitehall coughs £250k for Bletchley Park pothole repairs

    That's £50k less than Milton Keynes council gave

    Government 25 16:10

  • Google booted from China's number two carrier

    'We work with any company that obeys the law'

    Mobile 25 17:28

  • About… Reg Hardware

    Hardware 25 19:00

  • Contact Reg Hardware

    Hardware 25 19:00

  • Hacker's record credit card theft fetches 20-year sentence

    Millions pwned

    Security 25 22:50

  • HPC propped up server sales in 2009

    Monster clusters, economic stimulus save the day

    HPC 25 22:55

  • Apple director 'disgusted' by Jobsian health secrets

    Deceased board member regrets not resigning

    Financial News 25 23:15