24th March 2010 Archive

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  • Oracle slots Berkeley DB into Google's Android

    Application lover

    Developer 24 00:02

  • Big Phone to US: 'Give us spectrum. Then shut up'

    But first, some 4G action

    Broadband 24 00:07

  • Oracle duo pitch for Java's lifeblood

    Old-guard/new-guard moment

    Developer 24 05:19

  • Yes, Internet Explorer is on the wane in Europe

    Post ballot screen slippage

    Applications 24 06:02

  • Bill Gates goes (mini) nuclear

    Backs 'small reactor' startup

    Science 24 06:02

  • Ubuntu shops prefer the bleeding edge

    Sunshine on a cloudy day

    Operating Systems 24 07:02

  • BlueArc extending its circle

    Now for the entry entry-level

    The Channel 24 08:02

  • LaCie LaCinema MiniHD

    Small box, big picture

    Hardware 24 08:02

  • Police reject Tory plans for elected chiefs

    US-style votes not popular with plod

    Law 24 08:38

  • Customise the app or modify your business?

    ERP selection philosophy and practicality?

    ERP 24 09:01

  • You think unified comms is just about productivity?

    Time to think again

    Unified Comms 24 09:02

  • Sure Signal not so sure

    Vodafone leaves the disconnected disconnected

    Mobile 24 09:02

  • Oops: Chief Climategate investigator failed to declare eco directorship

    'Dracula's in charge of the blood bank'

    Science 24 09:28

  • Samsung founder's kid back at the wheel

    Two-year tax-evasion penance served

    Mobile 24 10:29

  • Eye-Fi launches X2 wireless SD cards in UK

    Network connections for your camera

    Hardware 24 10:40

  • BCS turns down e-signature petition

    EGM demand must be handwritten, insist musty by-laws

    Management 24 11:04

  • Samsung unveils Android 2.1 smartphone

    Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi on board

    Phones 24 11:04

  • Train rebrand costs us dear

    Control F?

    The Channel 24 11:14

  • Nintendo confirms 3D handheld console coming

    No special glasses needed, firm pledges

    Games 24 11:20

  • MIT boffins on track of portable 60-watt seawater desalinator

    Water, water everywhere - and every drop to drink

    Science 24 11:25

  • Palm OS on an iPhone - there's an app for that

    But not in the iTunes App Store

    Operating Systems 24 11:41

  • Reg readers feel the squeeze in 2010 IT budgets

    Calling all belt-tighteners - how is it for you?

    Servers 24 12:02

  • Facebook gives you the clap: Official

    Status: discharging

    Bootnotes 24 12:06

  • Zurich Insurance promises changes after data loss

    Promises to pull socks up, won't do it again

    Management 24 12:28

  • Philips preps Freeview HD set-top pair

    First box out next month

    Hardware 24 12:31

  • Revealed: the unstoppable rise of the LCD TV

    Explosive growth unhindered by plasma, OLED

    Media 24 12:32

  • US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

    Swimming, stacking ISO containers: Just add SEALs

    Science 24 12:39

  • May the SandForce be with LSI and Seagate

    LSI/Seagate PCIe flash uses SandForce controller

    Storage 24 12:58

  • EMC new storage federation box named V-Plex?

    The tea leaves say so

    Storage 24 13:24

  • Pre-election budget targets politics, not policy

    But bad news for trampagne drinkers, Darling?

    Government 24 14:07

  • Foreign Office changes tourist advice after Israeli inquiry

    Careful with your passports

    Government 24 14:09

  • Dell mainstreams cloud servers

    Not sold over the Big Gray Cloud

    Servers 24 16:19

  • Free anti-virus scanner hits the cloud

    Ooh! Wafty!

    Security 24 16:29

  • Getting drunk the night before has no effect on exam results

    Tipsy students unaffected by 7-pint sessions

    Science 24 16:56

  • Microsoft sneak peeks freshened comms server

    New unification due end of year

    Software 24 17:43

  • Google auto-alerts Gmailers to suspicious log-ins

    Compromised account warning

    Applications 24 20:36

  • FBI cyber cop says 'very existence' of US under threat

    As DHS and NSA ratchet 'Einstein' intrusion detector

    Security 24 20:42

  • HP juices gamestations with Intel 'Westmeres'

    Mo' better cores

    Hardware 24 21:09

  • Oracle endorses faster Java changes

    Catch Goopache if you can

    Developer 24 21:41

  • Red Hat all black in Q4

    Novell turns envy green

    Operating Systems 24 22:28