19th March 2010 Archive

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  • Energizer site still plagued by data-stealing trojan

    Anybody home?

    Security 19 04:52

  • Privacy chiefs define 'data processor' and 'data controller'

    Oo are yer?

    Government 19 07:02

  • Canon Powershot G11

    The resolution race is over, apparently

    Hardware 19 08:02

  • UK.gov spunked £153m on reorganisation IT

    That's a lot of deckchairs

    Government 19 08:02

  • End government pre-snoop on stats

    '24 hours allows for shenanigans'

    Government 19 09:23

  • Loch Ness Stig blurred into oblivion

    Mere pixellation inadequate, Street View decides

    Bootnotes 19 09:27

  • Virgin Media to demo 200Mb/s broadband tomorrow


    Broadband 19 09:30

  • Student loan system failure could happen again

    Watchdog warns as SLC handles double apps

    Management 19 09:44

  • And now - new stealth jumpjet makes first hover landing

    'Cobblestones' effect reduced, says Brit test pilot

    Science 19 09:49

  • Tiger Woods' alleged mistress publishes X-rated texts

    Golfer's impressive SMS technique revealed

    Bootnotes 19 09:51

  • Chip maker to take on iPad with $99 tablet

    Apple-beating mini Marvell?

    Tablets 19 10:07

  • Google to flee China on April 10, says report

    Announcement on Monday. Apparently

    Government 19 10:21

  • PayPal enables cash-by-slap

    iPhones that go bump in the night

    Mobile 19 10:57

  • Vodafone Spain admits 3,000 smartphones shipped with Mariposa

    Pre-pwned snafu not so isolated after all

    Security 19 11:02

  • Microsoft talks up Windows 7 SP1, shy on dates

    'Go ahead and deploy… you know you want to! ;-)'

    Operating Systems 19 11:03

  • Sky 3D to go live on 3 April in 'thousands' of pubs

    First match: Man U vs Chelsea

    Media 19 11:07

  • Orange to launch mobile games store with HMV

    All networks covered

    Mobile 19 11:28

  • China Mobile pleads for compatible iPhone

    Go on go on go on go on

    Mobile 19 11:56

  • VirnetX flings second patent infringement sueball at Microsoft

    Claims Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 use VPN tech

    Law 19 12:02

  • Mountain View promises Google Analytics opt-out

    Another privacy tool few will ever use

    Applications 19 12:06

  • Home Office planning to brick version 1 ID cards in 2012?

    Yes, they really could get more useless

    Government 19 12:14

  • LHC boffins crank beams to 3.5 TeV redline

    'Dump cores' catch and stop moving aircraft carriers

    Science 19 12:44

  • Virgin Mobile fined for pushing mobile spam

    Ignored Oz opt-outs

    Security 19 12:46

  • Dell order status website suffers second server meltdown

    That déjà vu feeling

    The Channel 19 12:47

  • Health records riddled with errors

    Broken Summary Care Records

    Government 19 12:52

  • Blighty gives Street View the bum's rush

    Google Moon, UK style

    Bootnotes 19 12:54

  • Blunkett: 'The dog howls when I whip out my ID card!'

    Lifetime Privacy Menace in shock barking claim

    Government 19 12:55

  • YouTube accuses Viacom of secretly uploading videos

    $1bn legal row gets touchy-feely

    Media 19 13:04

  • Facebook stands up to UK.gov's cyberbullying

    Beyond 'panic button' logic

    Law 19 13:45

  • Server makers prepping for Opteron 6100s

    AMD almost confirms it

    Servers 19 14:47

  • Just how does IT spend its time looking after ERP?

    The results are in

    ERP 19 15:02

  • Google knew YouTube did evil, but bought it anyway

    Elastic ethics

    Law 19 15:04

  • Google ratchets interweb 3D on Windows

    Open browser bling for the Microsoft set

    Applications 19 15:20

  • Fake servers even less secure than real ones

    But not necessarily so

    Virtualization 19 16:56

  • Firefox zero-day fix set up for 30 March release

    Mozilla acknowledges unpatched bug

    Security 19 17:01

  • Microsoft, 'open' data, and the curse of open source

    Thanks a lot, HTML5

    Software 19 17:02

  • Computer glitch prompts 50 raids on elderly couple's home

    51st time's the charm

    Law 19 18:46

  • Nerd alert: First Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun

    Shuttleworthian style and substance

    Operating Systems 19 19:38

  • Massive FBI computer overhaul is put on ice (again)

    Carrier pigeons still viable

    Government 19 20:35

  • Intel Labs unveils PC power plans

    'Humongous' savings, tiny batteries

    Hardware 19 21:42

  • Steve Jobs and governator tout transplant reform

    'I could have died'

    Science 19 23:20