15th March 2010 Archive

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  • Ubuntu Koala food console gets its cron on

    Scalr on schedule

    Virtualization 15 03:21

  • ITV HD World Cup matches to be shown on Sky, Virgin

    Pay services sign up

    Media 15 08:02

  • Nominet to release super-short domain names

    Asks industry for input

    Management 15 08:27

  • ERP checkpoint

    Legacy, liability or future proof business platform?

    ERP 15 08:58

  • Vodafone confirms HTC Android 2.1 duo

    Legend and Desire coming to network

    Mobile 15 09:00

  • Iran's cyber-police hack US spy sites

    And arrest 30 people

    Law 15 09:35

  • Apple boss gets $22m bonus

    Nice day rate for six months' work

    Financial News 15 09:36

  • .com celebrates 25th birthday

    The afterthought that took over the internet

    Data Networking 15 09:48

  • Is StorSpeed grinding to a halt?

    Filer cacher startup drops the ball

    Storage 15 10:00

  • Symbian sees (Silver) light at the end of the tunnel

    Spotted in the wild, but gone in a flash

    Mobile 15 10:05

  • LG cuts Fresh Cookie

    Social networking phones inbound

    Phones 15 10:06

  • The challenge of virtualised workloads

    Where to start

    Virtualisation Lab 15 10:10

  • IT contractors convicted of UK casino hack scam

    Hustlers hamstrung by basic maths booboo

    Security 15 10:22

  • TomTom for iPhone gets traffic updates

    Reasonably priced, too

    Mobile 15 10:30

  • Harrods punts 3D TVs with free shutter specs

    Posh peoples' shop out to outdo common-or-garden retailers

    Hardware 15 11:01

  • Intel ships super-svelte SSD

    40GB only and slugged performance

    Hardware 15 11:16

  • Nokia cuts own market share forecast to 34%

    New estimates include grey market

    Mobile 15 11:31

  • Robot mini space shuttle is go for April, says US air force

    Will fly itself down from orbit to runway landing

    Science 15 11:37

  • Gelsinger stuns analysts and colleagues with storage pool plan

    EMC will sync all your data, worldwide

    HPC 15 11:45

  • Apple details iPad's 'breakthrough' mobile contract

    Offers to replace batteries too

    Mobile 15 11:50

  • YoYoTech Warbird i750CX

    Overclocked CPU and dual Radeons? Ripper

    Hardware 15 12:02

  • Boffins builds lithium battery that can't explode

    Solution: get rid of the metallic lithium

    Hardware 15 12:09

  • Ex-Sun man Bray takes on paranoid Android role at Google

    Disses Apple iPhone's 'Disney-fied walled garden'

    Mobile 15 12:09

  • Carly Fiorina downs sinister Democrat hot air balloon

    Hugely-inflated Barbara Boxer menaces California

    Bootnotes 15 12:12

  • Pirate Bay founders get post-Sweden election appeal date

    Court says wait 'til leaves turn brown

    Media 15 12:39

  • Cybercrime losses almost double

    FBI figures show huge rise in online miscreantage

    Security 15 12:51

  • Spooks scramble to replace failed secret messaging system

    CLiC to pick up the pieces

    Management 15 12:59

  • Are West Bromwich Borg pliers actually side cutters?

    Our experts probe Street View transdimensional DIY mystery

    Bootnotes 15 13:01

  • Historian warns against copyright-fight heavy hitting

    No one likes a bully

    Law 15 13:36

  • Ad industry OKs climate porn

    You write the cheques, we'll drown the puppies

    Science 15 13:57

  • Dealing with unstructured content

    Managing blind - how to see the problems

    Reg Technology Panel 15 14:11

  • Dedicated Vi device vies for buyers

    Ninety-quid NanoNote runs Doom, Quake

    Hardware 15 14:39

  • UK tech companies call for government tax breaks

    You can be big and perfectly formed too, y'know

    Financial News 15 15:24

  • EU fails to shift unwanted perv scanners

    Power mad despots and oligarchs only likely buyers

    Government 15 15:27

  • Twitter bomb hoax man changes plea

    Not guilty

    Law 15 15:33

  • Mole-cruiser planned to attack Iranian nuke bunkers

    Pentagon's rum burrower-bomb revealed

    Science 15 16:23

  • US National Broadband plan goes to Congress

    Bigger, better, faster than anyone else, in theory

    Broadband 15 16:25

  • VMware opens up Workstation 7.1 beta

    More cores, fatter disks, and Fedora 12

    Operating Systems 15 16:56

  • Facebook users warned over stalk-my-profile scam

    Crap snoop app escapes whack-a-mole policy

    Security 15 16:59

  • Crooks plant fake payment card terminals at multiple stores

    'Visually identical' pads siphoned customer data

    Security 15 17:52

  • Battle lines drawn in Apple-Google warfare

    Top talent choosing sides - or bailing

    Media 15 19:05

  • Windows Phone 7: free tools, captive Marketplace

    Microsoft apes Apple

    Mobile 15 20:05

  • Microsoft pushes temporary security fix to IE laggards

    For those too stubborn to upgrade

    Security 15 20:40

  • The $20K iPad

    Diamonds are a fanboi's best friend

    Hardware 15 22:17

  • Man gets 30 months in prison for taping nude sportscaster

    Erin Andrews bids adieu to peephole stalker

    Security 15 23:24