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Football U goes to 3Leaf for HPC

Florida State University, like most state schools in the US with a storied (American) football program, also has a respectable comp sci department that is not afraid to spend a little cash on a new technology when it comes along. And that's how the Seminoles have ended up being one of the first customers of upstart server maker 3Leaf Systems.

Is EMC looking away from STEC?

CommentSince STEC revealed that EMC had over-ordered back in November last year, the company has been waiting for EMC orders to get back on track. Will they?
Chris Mellor, 14 Mar 2010

Google '99.9%' certain to pull China search plug

Google is now "99.9 per cent" certain it will shut down its Chinese search engine, according to a report citing "a person familiar with the company's thinking".
Cade Metz, 14 Mar 2010

Shuttleworth heir opens up on Ubuntu biz

When you have Mark Shuttleworth as your backer, as commercial Linux distributor Canonical does, it is a bit like having money in the bank when the bank also believes fervently in your cause. It is a rare combination, and one that has allowed the Ubuntu project to reach out from its Linux desktop beginnings into commercial servers - and with the latest releases, cloudy infrastructure - without having the profit pressure that most startups have to deal with as they try to grow.

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