11th March 2010 Archive

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  • Swedes serve up flicks with KVM

    Cisco blades, minus VMware and EMC

    Servers 11 06:02

  • CA eats Nimsoft cloud watcher

    Acquisition binge continues

    Financial News 11 06:02

  • Feds likely to oppose Google mobile ad deal, says report

    Sworn declarations on AdMob

    Mobile 11 06:45

  • Patent attack hits Apple, RIM, AT&T, Moto...

    Texas troll two-step

    Mobile 11 07:02

  • Opera Mini 5 betas on Google Android

    'No decision' on Opera Mobile

    Mobile 11 08:02

  • Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini

    Blimp wristed?

    Hardware 11 08:02

  • Sony to peddle trade-in scheme to speed upgrade cycle

    Incentives to encourage take-up of new tech, recycling

    Hardware 11 09:02

  • Carlos Slim is world's richest man, Bill Gates now number two

    How's the recession been treating you?

    Financial News 11 09:16

  • Computacenter sees profits up, revenues down

    UK div sees 'encouraging signs'

    The Channel 11 09:30

  • Bloggers spring 'baccy happy landlord from slammer

    After a week of Paypal faffing

    Law 11 09:33

  • UK.gov OKs plan to flog digi dividend by end of year

    Meek spectrum proposals triumphant

    Mobile 11 10:00

  • PayPal restores Cryptome for real

    Now go away

    Security 11 10:28

  • Blighty surrenders to Street View

    95% coverage goes live

    Bootnotes 11 10:31

  • Microsoft shows Bottom to Young Ones

    Takes retro turn with video player

    Media 11 10:47

  • Bogus Playstation emulators pack Trojan payload

    'Will be around for a long time'

    Games 11 10:49

  • Jobcentre turns to the iPhone

    'gis a job - there's an app for that

    Mobile 11 11:03

  • Geeks Guide 2 Cloud Computing

    Save 40% at Reg Books

    Developer 11 11:04

  • US comp-boffins claim fix for multicore 'concurrency bugs'

    Pleasurable programming for plentiful processors

    Servers 11 11:24

  • Sony launches 'WiiMote for PS3'

    PlayStation Move to debut... just as Wii begins decline

    Games 11 11:33

  • MySpace first to drop pants on Outlook

    Microsoft slips through Web2.0rhea looking glass

    Applications 11 11:46

  • Password reset questions dead easy to guess

    Your pet's name is Poochie? You're pwned

    Security 11 12:18

  • Japanese phone boasts killer slacker-sensing app

    Oh the data will find work for idle hands to do

    Mobile 11 12:20

  • Tories on cyber war: Waffle, mutter, waffle. Um, vote for us!

    'Computers. Clicking, typing. Email. I could go on'

    Security 11 12:22

  • Top exorcist says Satan at work in Vatican

    When did they bring in the equal opps policy?

    Bootnotes 11 12:27

  • Punters: we want our internet TV

    Net-sourced video, yes; web browsing, no

    Media 11 12:28

  • Home Secretary swats away calls for Mosquito ban

    Hoodie-busting sonic weapon row

    Law 11 12:39

  • Virgin signals start of telegraph pole broadband test

    Stringing up rural communities

    Broadband 11 12:59

  • Home Sec says 17m ID cards in circulation by 2017

    No! Really? That many eh?

    Government 11 13:08

  • Tories pat small biz heads in open source IT procurement pledge

    Claims Conservative government would cap tech +£100m contracts

    The Channel 11 13:15

  • Estonian DDoS revenge worm crafter jailed

    Infection still spreading

    Security 11 13:35

  • Database state breached 11 times

    As Hillier says give kids ID cards for social networks

    Government 11 13:41

  • Mutated genetic supertrout developed in lab

    Belgian 'blue cow' biotech produces: Das Überfisch

    Science 11 13:44

  • Buying bandwidth in the app store

    The search for revenue continues

    Mobile 11 14:50

  • Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook

    Nexus One estimates drop 70%

    Mobile 11 15:03

  • Google, Facebook cop for preposterous patent potshot

    Bits of the internet on a phone? WE OWN THAT!

    Mobile 11 15:23

  • BBC might pay for Tory broadband promises

    Superfast broadband needs super funding

    Broadband 11 15:31

  • Koobface gang refresh botnet to beat takedown

    Twitter scourge changes pants

    Security 11 16:32

  • Erstwhile Sun openista gets April Fool director job at OSI

    It's not a joke, it's real!

    Operating Systems 11 16:43

  • BT rolls out new, 'competitive' consumer deals

    That's competitive as in really expensive

    Broadband 11 17:08

  • Jesus Phone to exhibit holy gift of bilocation

    Jobsian prophets predict multitasking for iPhone 4.0

    Phones 11 18:45

  • Super Micro to launch AMD render cloud

    A great game console in the sky

    Servers 11 19:07

  • One-third of orphaned Zeus botnets find way home

    Cyber security's short-lived victory

    Security 11 20:04

  • Microsoft plants Bing on Google-free Chinese Androids

    Google apps 'postponed' on China carriers

    Mobile 11 22:37

  • TSA worker tried to sabotage terror database, feds say

    One week after losing job

    Security 11 23:59