9th March 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints

    Random choices now random

    Applications 09 00:31

  • US spreads Web2.0rhea to Iran, Sudan, Cuba

    This Tweet kills fascists

    Government 09 00:58

  • Android native code kit apes iPhone game 3D

    Graphics beyond Java

    Games 09 05:55

  • Nazi-doodlebug-powered father of all paintball guns patented

    Invention made in 'exploding turnip' town. Coincidence?

    Law 09 06:02

  • Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA

    Nvidia GPUs sit up and bark

    Operating Systems 09 07:02

  • Tilera wins VC from Broadcom, Quanta, NTT

    Cash for homegrown multicores

    HPC 09 08:02

  • Mobile-phone wallet stymied by lack of understanding

    Either that or people just don't care

    Mobile 09 09:02

  • Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron

    Indignation logic short-circuit threatens democracy

    Bootnotes 09 09:53

  • Vodafone cuts more staff

    More shop assistants, fewer management

    Mobile 09 10:21

  • Intel Euro boss pledges Brussels-friendly marketing funds

    Still got a whole lot of love for white box sellers

    The Channel 09 10:22

  • Virtualisation and the private cloud

    At last, the C word

    Virtualisation Lab 09 10:40

  • Florida woman prangs car while shaving her privates

    Muff driving incident astounds Highway Patrol

    Bootnotes 09 10:45

  • Tories promise medals not money for science and R&D

    Hooverpreneur promises cultural change

    Science 09 10:49

  • Vodafone ships Mariposa-infected HTC Magic

    Android phone comes riddled with bots

    Mobile 09 10:56

  • Toshiba Satellite U500 Ducati Edition

    Superbike performance?

    Laptops 09 11:27

  • What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

    Samsung's iPhone pitch comes to life

    Mobile 09 11:42

  • Windows 7 speculation claims SP1 will land in Q4 2010

    Pretty much slotting into Microsoft's typical roadmap, then...

    Operating Systems 09 12:13

  • Employers call for end to Mickey Mouse degrees

    Send fewer to uni, charge 'em more

    Management 09 12:14

  • Kentucky woman breastfeeds sheriff's deputy

    Third degree assault rap for 'biohazard' mam squirt

    Bootnotes 09 12:15

  • Cisco promises to 'forever change the internet'

    Stock jumps as rumors fly

    Data Networking 09 13:09

  • UK still lousy on electronic nosiness

    Report shows state of international surveillance heavyweights

    Government 09 13:11

  • Critical bug does a Custer on Apache for Windows

    Old warrior clobbered

    Operating Systems 09 13:13

  • Android - the winning formula for tablets and netbooks?

    It's the only game in town, says the maker of the other iPad

    Hardware 09 13:35

  • Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest

    Has gov gotten cold feet on ID scanning centres?

    Government 09 13:37

  • Tories ask: Why BBC3, BBC4?

    Is this the wrong question?

    Media 09 14:24

  • Open source boss quits Sun Oracle

    Simon Phipps rides out of Ellison town

    Software 09 14:30

  • Doctors tell government to stop the health records roll-out

    SCR ain't ready for primetime

    Government 09 14:36

  • Nokia killed free navigation, alleges EU complaint

    The fall of Nav4All

    Phones 09 14:48

  • Smartphone app botnet experiment blows up a storm

    WeatherFist shows phone vulnerability, devs claim

    Security 09 15:37

  • PS3 will outsell Wii by 2013

    Cumulative sales win for Sony, says analyst

    Games 09 15:41

  • Terracotta's Ehcache back-ends Hibernate

    Web Sessions gets some tweaks, too

    Servers 09 16:13

  • FA launches security probe after England team bugged

    Lancaster Gate-gate

    Security 09 16:20

  • Dell intros restyled biz laptops

    Vostro 3000 line debuts

    Laptops 09 17:29

  • New Internet Explorer code-execution attacks go wild

    IE 6 and 7 users targeted

    Security 09 19:08

  • Google tests TV set-top search, says report

    Satellite TV meets YouTube meets online ad machine

    Media 09 19:24

  • Cisco 'forever changes internet' with... a router

    322 Tbps of bandwidth (not quite) here

    Data Networking 09 19:45

  • It's official: Adobe Reader is world's most-exploited app

    The new Microsoft

    Security 09 20:33

  • Apple's draconian developer docs revealed

    The first rule of iPhone Club is...

    Mobile 09 20:54

  • Pillar juices flash drive box

    Reliability boost roadmap

    Storage 09 21:18

  • Fraud-prevention service ponies up $12m for 'false' ads

    Agrees to safeguard customer data

    Security 09 23:17