4th March 2010 Archive

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  • Google Research probes educasearch engine

    Holds fire on Google Wave

    Applications 04 04:48

  • Asus will hit e-pad market this year

    The iPad? That's the big iPhone, yeah?

    Hardware 04 06:02

  • Skype arrives on Nokia Symbian phones

    Live at the Ovi

    Phones 04 06:02

  • Hacking human gullibility with social penetration

    We don't need no stinking exploits

    Security 04 07:02

  • HDI Dune BD Prime 3.0 Blu-ray media player

    One box, plays all?

    Hardware 04 08:02

  • New use found for 'world's most useful tree'

    Water purification method offered for free download

    Science 04 08:02

  • On enterprise networking and administration

    Is anyone actively doing anything?

    Management 04 08:48

  • Security in the virtualised world

    Practical Matters

    Virtualisation Lab 04 09:24

  • Street View threatens to throw Eurostrop

    Spymobiles to exit EU?

    Government 04 10:09

  • Web wags stage IE 6 funeral

    Oh right. Haha! Yes. Because it's 'dead'.

    Applications 04 11:02

  • SeaWorld killer killer whale must die, Bible insists

    Enraged blogger cites vengeful Judeo-Christian tradition

    Bootnotes 04 11:21

  • Ofcom wades into UK 'Net Neutrality' row

    BBC tech boss says web is 'primary outlet for future Beeb content'. What's that now?

    Government 04 11:24

  • Samsung readies SDHC HD camcorders

    Something to take to South Africa?

    Hardware 04 11:25

  • Murdoch promises WSJ on the iPad

    Like a web page, only more expensive

    Media 04 11:36

  • DARPA to build military App Store, battlefield 3G

    Android wins war for battle phones, iPhone and MS lose

    Mobile 04 11:40

  • Vivienne Tam packs paint on HP netbook

    'Butterfly lover' case design, ladies?

    Laptops 04 11:54

  • LibDems score copyright coup

    Blocking by network address extended, after Lords hijack

    Media 04 11:54

  • Will we stop talking about virtualisation?

    Enough of the V-word, already

    Virtualisation Lab 04 12:18

  • Sony readies revamped netbook

    Retailers reveal all

    Laptops 04 12:19

  • Google search results go all starry-eyed

    Ad broker ditches SearchWiki

    Applications 04 12:24

  • Monster botnet held 800,000 people's details

    Fourth zombie admin could be in South America

    Security 04 12:33

  • Apple yanks Wi-Fi detectors from iTunes

    Pretends they were never there

    Mobile 04 12:39

  • Men lie more in online dating - except about their weight

    He: 'I'm rich, thinking of marriage' She: 'I'm not fat'

    Bootnotes 04 12:43

  • Microsoft expects to flog 300m 270m copies of Windows 7 in 2010

    But COO admits business spending may remain 'conservative'

    Operating Systems 04 13:02

  • Oscars can Sacha Baron Cohen Avatar skit

    James Cameron protected from Na’vi lovechild claim

    Bootnotes 04 13:21

  • Brits blame Apple, Nokia, RIM et al for smartphone woes

    Yet most problems appear network related

    Phones 04 14:05

  • PR outfit trumpets NHS deaths 'crisis management'

    Killer bacteria outbreak? We can control the media!

    Bootnotes 04 14:21

  • NetApp models uplifting BRaaS

    Getting together with Asigra

    Storage 04 14:26

  • Intel tightens up Westmere security

    Promises wide open spaces in data centres

    Servers 04 14:29

  • eBay scammer gets four years

    Porridge for under-par golf kit

    Security 04 14:52

  • Intel preps new Xeons for March 16 launch

    AMD does a 48-core giveaway

    Servers 04 15:11

  • Intel pitches Atom storage platform

    It ain't Xeon X86 but it's cheaper

    Small Biz 04 15:13

  • Microsoft embraces another Linux company

    Patently clear patent deal

    Operating Systems 04 15:32

  • NFC breathes new life into tombstones

    A dead technology for dead customers

    Hardware 04 15:36

  • T-Mobile to slash international call rates

    PAYGers get up to 75 per cent off

    Broadband 04 15:51

  • Hull Daily Mail exposes depraved local porncoder

    Supplied 'html' and other services to hard-core smutmongers

    Bootnotes 04 16:05

  • Buffalo preps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 portable HDD

    Fast laptop-friendly storage

    Hardware 04 16:06

  • US 'Anubis' stealth assassin robo-missile nearly ready

    Manhunting suitcase kamikaze to put snipers out of work

    Science 04 16:29

  • Asus shows media player's USB 3.0 upgrade

    O!Play gets SuperSpeed boost. O!My

    Hardware 04 16:32

  • Big Phone's first Google Android defaults to...Yahoo!

    Yahoo! goes where Ballmer fears to tread

    Mobile 04 18:12

  • Netezza squeezes out Q4 growth

    Self-styled Oracle beater

    Servers 04 18:51

  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx changes its spots

    Runs brown out of town

    Operating Systems 04 19:38

  • 'Severe' OpenSSL vuln busts public key crypto

    Private keys pilfered through power supply

    Security 04 21:00

  • More doubt tossed onto iPad numbers

    Apple manufacturer denies claims

    Hardware 04 21:27

  • Ballmer in the clouds: 'Microsoft redefines, Amazon repackages'

    Nothing does Windows Azure like Windows Azure

    Developer 04 23:24

  • Real Networks rolls over to Hollywood

    Will kill RealDVD, pay $4.5m

    Media 04 23:39