3rd March 2010 Archive

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  • Google: 'no timetable' on China talks

    We will stop censoring when we stop

    Security 03 01:02

  • Hedge fund offers $1bn for Novell

    Private parts

    Software 03 03:11

  • Apple schemes mobile movie streams

    As Netflix mulls iPhone app

    Phones 03 03:45

  • Google 'personalizes' one in five searches

    Eye on your history, your location, your friends

    Media 03 06:59

  • Cray to super engineer Microsoft clouds

    Azure turns to green

    HPC 03 07:02

  • Force10 Networks files for IPO

    10 Gigabit yields 143.8 megabucks

    Data Networking 03 07:02

  • Samsung HMX-U10

    Compact HD camcorder

    Hardware 03 08:02

  • IT jobs jump shows hope for UK economy

    Redundancy fears remain

    Small Biz 03 08:02

  • Oracle/Sun ditches HDS

    Merger fallout begins

    The Channel 03 08:35

  • Google shakes empty YouTube piggy bank

    Hopes to convince rights holders Content ID is king

    Applications 03 09:02

  • Intel: Just 3,000 employees run Windows 7

    And you should bin 4 year old PCs

    Management 03 09:21

  • Typing merely by thinking - plugless brainjack kit invented

    Socket in your head? Touchscreen? Get with it, grandad

    Science 03 10:11

  • Swedish pothead reports LSD-laced hash

    Girlfriend turned into a dolphin, cops told

    Bootnotes 03 10:40

  • German court rejects police data snooping store

    Leaves Euro spooks in limbo

    Law 03 10:47

  • Global warming may be normal at this point in glacial cycle

    Happened last time (followed by Glacier UK), say profs

    Science 03 10:59

  • Internet Explorer 8 still not mingling well with 2,000 highly-visited sites

    Standards aren't what they used to be

    Applications 03 11:17

  • Orange backs Intel-Nokia Linux drive

    New supporter for Meego

    Operating Systems 03 11:21

  • Brass necked suspect swallows USB evidence

    Police get to bottom of bank scammer

    Security 03 11:37

  • Naomi Campbell bitchslaps NY limo driver

    Battling Streatham clotheshorse in alleged punch-and-run

    Bootnotes 03 11:38

  • EOS 5D Mk II DLSR to be more cinema friendly

    Canon preps firmware update

    Hardware 03 11:50

  • German geeks invade Australia

    Still space for Brit techies, says Aussie senator

    Small Biz 03 11:55

  • Apple turns the flamethrower on Android

    If you tolerate this your handset will be next

    Mobile 03 12:03

  • Virgin, 3 tease with Nokia X6 deals

    Music phone offers

    Mobile 03 12:07

  • Apple iPad on sale 26 March, says staffer

    Insiders get a sneak peek 16 days beforehand

    Hardware 03 12:23

  • LibDems back copyright takedowns

    Last minute amendment spooks ISPs

    Law 03 12:27

  • Overland Storage bags Barrall

    Executive officer, sir

    Storage 03 12:29

  • David Atherton: 'I don't miss Dabs'

    Missed it the first time? Here it is again

    The Channel 03 12:56

  • WD shipping consumer SSDs

    Looking for silicon edge

    Hardware 03 13:02

  • Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks

    The truth is out there. Or maybe in here, actually

    Science 03 13:11

  • Microsoft claims 90m sales of Windows 7

    'Fastest selling OS in history', apparently

    Financial News 03 13:14

  • Street View spymobiles invade CeBIT

    Google woos Germans with touchy-feely paintjob

    Hardware 03 14:26

  • Yahoo! chief! produces! magician's! hat! on! 15th! birthday!

    Still praying for rabbits and sparkly dust in Apple-wannabe-comeback

    Management 03 15:02

  • Rescuing Palm?

    Verizon blamed for wonderphone's flop

    Mobile 03 15:14

  • Novell mulls hedge fund takeover

    Send in the bankers and lawyers

    Operating Systems 03 15:28

  • How FBI, police busted massive botnet

    12m zombie machines run by 3 admins

    Security 03 15:56

  • Acer predicts end of cheap PC era

    Consumers get bitten in the ASP

    Small Biz 03 16:07

  • MS confirms 'F1 to pwn' IE bug

    Looking for help can be dangerous

    Security 03 16:24

  • VMware to pony up $400m for buybacks

    EMC to maintain 80% stake

    Virtualization 03 16:35

  • Hero update blocks Marketplace

    HTC won't fix, blames Orange

    Mobile 03 16:46

  • Russian Olympic boss walks plank

    Threat of Gulag evidently effective

    Bootnotes 03 19:15

  • Google Research head dubs holy PageRank 'over-hyped'

    Norvig mum on 'Caffeine' search shot

    Media 03 19:36

  • DARPA asks you to cram petaflops super into single rack

    To dream the ExtremeScale dream

    HPC 03 19:36

  • Canonical betas Ubuntu music store

    Windows Media downloads 'not recommended'

    Software 03 20:43

  • Dell flogs its 'zero client'

    PC-over-IP rolls into FX100 boxes

    Data Centre 03 21:02

  • IBM closer to chips with frickin' laser beams

    Debuts teeny-tiny optical detector

    Science 03 23:02