1st March 2010 Archive

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  • HP slips Intel's desktop Cores into biz laptops

    The power of small sacrifice

    Hardware 01 05:02

  • Most resistance to 'Aurora' hack attacks futile, says report

    As many as 100 companies pwned!

    Security 01 06:35

  • IBM simplifying its storage range

    An embarrassment of riches

    Storage 01 08:02

  • Biz services holding back recovery

    CBI bets on slow bounce

    Small Biz 01 09:03

  • Virtualisation and management frameworks

    Friends or foes?

    Virtualisation Lab 01 09:24

  • BBC Trust won't probe iPlayer open source gripes

    Tells users to 'Have Your Say' via online survey instead

    Media 01 09:30

  • Mozambican goat rapists face shotgun wedding

    Owner demands dowry in caprine polyandry shocker

    Bootnotes 01 09:37

  • Curiouser and curiouser: Aussie gov censors the censorship news

    Now we're not allowed to know who is responsible

    Government 01 09:45

  • Forgot your ThinkPad password? Get new hardware

    Lenovo merciless on memory loss

    Hardware 01 09:55

  • 5000 desktops to virtualise

    Ready, steady...wait

    Virtualisation Lab 01 10:10

  • Large Hadron Collider briefly back on over weekend

    Halting start to 2010 proton billiards season

    Science 01 10:12

  • Old PS3s locked out of PlayStation Network

    Sony seeks solution as slimline consoles continue to connect

    Games 01 10:22

  • Skype first to scrap Windows Mobile

    But probably not the last

    VoIP 01 10:36

  • Rare NES title takes $43,000 at auction

    Still in shrink-wrap

    Games 01 10:55

  • DarkMarket founder jailed for five years

    Digital underground kingpin sent down

    Security 01 11:01

  • Freebie BlackBerry bonanza kicks off

    Host your own BES for nowt

    Mobile 01 11:03

  • BT blamed for Davina McCall spamcalls

    When is a call not a call?

    Law 01 11:18

  • HP Mini netbooks to get faster Atom

    Intel N470 inbound

    Laptops 01 11:43

  • Microsoft stokes Google 'antitrust concerns' fire

    If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go

    Law 01 11:50

  • Is it ta-ta for Flash?

    Interview with a Flash Harriet

    Verity Stob 01 11:58

  • HP intros multi-touch tablet

    More options than you can shake a stylus at

    Tablets 01 12:16

  • Oops! Mobile masters of universe forget mobiles make phone calls

    LTE finally finds a Voice

    Mobile 01 12:23

  • Fatal System Error: Watching the miscreants

    The net's heart of darkness

    Security 01 12:25

  • UK Physicists on Climategate

    Intolerance, sub prime stats, wider enquiry needed

    Science 01 12:31

  • Microsoft spits out 'browser choice' update to appease EC antitrust probe

    Surf's up as Google, Apple, Mozilla wash ashore in Windows

    Applications 01 13:05

  • Hackers go on Tory-bothering spree

    Dave's websites made to spew 'Vote Labour' spam

    Security 01 13:09

  • Archos merges PMP with... digital photo frame

    Family oriented "Home Tablet" launched

    Hardware 01 13:21

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

    For business and pleasure, apparently

    Laptops 01 13:29

  • For sale: One des res nuclear bunker

    Desk, chair, enamel bucket, BT landline

    Bootnotes 01 13:33

  • Sexy is as sexy does: UK.gov struggles with sexualisation

    From Apple's baps to Papadopoulos' sop

    Government 01 13:38

  • Nexsan tries for IPO - again

    Second time lucky

    Storage 01 13:41

  • HP offers Emulex FCoE adaptors

    Blessing bestowed

    The Channel 01 13:42

  • Eurocrats mandate maximum charge for data roaming

    No more 'bill shock'?

    Broadband 01 13:48

  • New robot aircraft eliminates need for fleshy slaves

    VTOL copter-plane to refuel itself at automated base box

    Science 01 13:49

  • Opera's Jon Von Tetzchner on browser choice, the iphone and Google

    The highlights

    Applications 01 14:21

  • FalconStor and Violin get cache in hand

    SAN accelerator is go

    Storage 01 14:40

  • LG Windows Phone 7 handset out in Q4

    September release: premature speculation

    Phones 01 15:05

  • WD intros portable hard drive with e-paper display

    Full-time capacity readout

    Hardware 01 15:06

  • Chip biz to grow 20% in 2010

    Semi sales up in January

    Hardware 01 15:23

  • Music biz unites to save 6Music

    BPI and AIM join forces for Beeb's unwanted radio baby

    Media 01 15:29

  • T-Orange merger approved

    EU smiles on deal

    Mobile 01 15:38

  • 'We're on a virtual walk out of Africa', futurologist tells Intel partners

    And does upgrading to Windows hurt a PC's feelings?

    Hardware 01 16:12

  • Openistas squish security bugs twice as fast

    Software security MOT results dispel FUD

    Security 01 16:22

  • PayPal India hits reboot with bank withdrawals

    Personal payments remain suspended

    Small Biz 01 16:28

  • DARPA wants military iPhone and Android apps

    Pentagon boffins spit on Windows phones

    Mobile 01 16:53

  • Citrix goes virtual with more appliances

    Gets physical with web app firewall

    Virtualization 01 18:31

  • Microsoft fluffs second AppFabric beta for cloud scale

    Bucket-O technologies

    Virtualization 01 18:53

  • SCO's Linux litigation architect angles for SCO's mobile biz

    Former CEO strikes back

    Business 01 19:49

  • Wiseguys net $25m in ticket scalping racket

    Captcha busters lock out Coldplay fans

    Security 01 20:38

  • Mozilla orders Jäger shot for Firefox engine

    Down the hatch, SpiderMonkey

    Developer 01 20:40

  • IE code execution bug can bite older Windows

    Surf, press F1, get pwned

    Security 01 20:49

  • Google borgs online photo editor

    Let's have a Picnik

    Media 01 22:37