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The Register breaking news

US government rescinds 'leave internet alone' policy

The US government’s policy of leaving the Internet alone is over, according to Obama’s top official at the Department of Commerce.
The Register breaking news

Fedora 13 Alpha release delayed

Fedora Project developers said they will push back the first alpha release for Fedora 13 by one week.
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Intel and Yahoo! spawn open-source 'Tashi' cluster

Backed by Yahoo!, HP, and Intel, the computer science mavens at Carnegie Mellon University have added a new compute cluster to the worldwide Open Cirrus test bed, a collection of clusters designed to explorer the frontiers of interwebs-scale distributed computing.
Cade Metz, 27 2010

Microsoft fluffs Feds with secure cloud

Microsoft has beaten rival Google to deliver a version of its online applications tailored for US government users.
Acer H5360

Acer H5360 3D projector

Review 2010 is supposed to be the year that 3D breaks into mainstream home entertainment but most of the PR puff has been focused on expensive TV sets. Acer does a good job of making this currently tiny market a damned sight more interesting with its H5360, a sub-£600 '3D Ready' digital projector.