24th February 2010 Archive

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  • Comcast (finally) brings security extensions to DNS

    Now, if we could just lock down the roots

    Security 24 01:09

  • IBM services help complicate cloud's horizon

    Prey you got some systems nerds

    Servers 24 01:24

  • Yahoo! turns! Twitter! firehose! on! self!

    Web2.0rhea insta-search

    Hardware 24 05:55

  • Let us legally rip discs, campaigner tells govt

    Consumer Focus calls for copyright law rewrite

    Media 24 06:02

  • Juniper dangles $50m carrot over Junos

    Come all ye partners

    The Channel 24 06:02

  • Netezza to bake analytics into appliances

    Big math chews big data

    Servers 24 07:02

  • Xerox sues Google and Yahoo! over patentspeak

    Stay off my apparatus for the integration of information!

    Media 24 07:02

  • Toshiba Camileo S20

    HD video on a budget

    Hardware 24 08:02

  • Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx to Facebook and Twitter you

    Five-year bling plan

    Operating Systems 24 08:02

  • EC sharpens long Google probe

    Three complaints under investigation

    Law 24 08:27

  • IBM plugs Netcool into Juniper's Space

    Big Blue service management for Junos

    Data Networking 24 09:02

  • Copan assets scooped up by SGI

    SGI refuge for battered MAID

    Storage 24 09:14

  • BBC iPlayer rejects open source plugins, takes Flash-only path

    Be safe: Use Adobe content protection, kids

    Developer 24 09:50

  • Logica hits targets for 2009

    Low targets admittedly, but hey

    The Channel 24 10:03

  • Mad Aus gov accuses Sydney hacks of hacking

    You hit page refresh! That's... that's an exploit!

    Security 24 10:13

  • Rom-coms, period dramas are rubbish: Mathematical proof

    Chaos theory shows action movies are the purest art

    Bootnotes 24 10:29

  • Google snubs Chinese Android developers

    Hong Kong? Phooey!

    Mobile 24 10:35

  • Banking industry worker faces cosh over anonymous rant

    Busted over Chip'n'PIN diatribe against Cambridge boffins

    Security 24 10:54

  • Elgato intros networked HD-capable TV tuner

    Misses trick - no Freeview HD support

    Media 24 11:00

  • VDI: Desktop problem obliterator?

    Not without lots of work and plenty risk

    Storage 24 11:33

  • Acer extends laptop warranty for overseas travel

    Full year of cover provided

    Hardware 24 11:37

  • Tandberg goes atomic on NAS

    Dedupe, iSCSI and NAS, oh my

    Storage 24 11:44

  • iPad nearly had video conferencing?

    Software support, hardware lacking, probably

    Hardware 24 11:58

  • Google execs protest Italian guilty verdicts

    Beating a disabled child should stay private

    Law 24 12:00

  • Antitrust incoming? Google hit by EU complaint, FCC filing

    Turning search into powerful marketing channel for own services, claims Foundem

    Law 24 12:07

  • Belkin preps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adaptors

    ExpressCard ahoy!

    Hardware 24 12:08

  • Mandybill: innocence restored, fines for copyright cockups

    You mean I can finish this download?

    Government 24 12:24

  • Lingerie model ran 'Charlie Angels' drug gang

    Argentinian police seek scantily-clad cocaine cartel boss

    Bootnotes 24 12:37

  • Google profits from UK.gov's climate change quango rivalry

    Bidding circle-jerk confession

    Government 24 13:07

  • Mozilla warns of 'Microsoft monoculture' in South Korea

    Lemur web saviour flutters very big eyes

    Applications 24 13:10

  • Google Books loses lions of literature

    Whoa there, Jeffrey Archer is out? I'm out too

    Law 24 13:11

  • Hordes of new threats ahead for mobile networks

    Faked femtocells will eff up your ess

    Mobile 24 13:59

  • IBM diligently adds mainframe dedupe

    Let's not get physical

    Storage 24 14:04

  • What's on the mind of the Freetard eBookworm?

    Pirate download chart reveal hobbies, habits and hopes

    Media 24 14:07

  • Silicon Valley hypegasm for miracle shoebox powerplants

    'No emissions - too good to be true?' Well yes, actually

    Science 24 14:23

  • Ofcom probes TV climate porn

    But too late to save Drowning Dog

    Science 24 14:42

  • Montblanc's Gandhi pen run out

    Indian court mulls legality of luxury writing device

    Bootnotes 24 15:03

  • HP-Cisco split allows competitors to pick up pieces

    Force10 hopes to benefit from wind of change

    The Channel 24 15:17

  • HP puts own man in charge of ex-EDS

    Keeping it simple

    The Channel 24 15:48

  • Pocketgear, Handango join to create app store giant

    Only Apple and Google now tower over new merged beast

    Small Biz 24 15:50

  • US unveils planet-hugging London embassy

    Glass diplocube to trumpet 'transparency, openness, and equality'

    Policy 24 16:24

  • Creaky old Windows flaw rises, divides doommongers

    It's either no biggie, or hot buttered death

    Security 24 16:52

  • Gartner report card gives high marks to x64, blades

    Unix, Sun, Eastern Europe? Not so much

    Servers 24 17:34

  • Twishers reel in 'distracted' Boing Boing blogger

    Hook, (coffee) line, and sinker

    Security 24 20:22

  • Microsoft aims thin clients at the classroom

    Windows Terminal Services reborn

    The Channel 24 20:37

  • PayPal opens polls on developer X games

    Race for $50,000 gets hot

    Developer 24 20:38

  • Linux kernel R&D worth over 1bn euros

    Spanish boffins put value on penguin

    Operating Systems 24 21:28

  • Cray inks $45m super pact with DoD

    So, three Bakers enter the Pentagon...

    HPC 24 21:57

  • HyTrust nets $10.5m in funding

    Cisco Systems now a good buddy

    Servers 24 22:18

  • 3 Bulgarians charged in 44-day ATM hacking spree

    Skimming proceeds top $137,000

    Security 24 23:27

  • Apple prepping 'Explicit' App Store?

    Puritanical purge continues

    Phones 24 23:37