23rd February 2010 Archive

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  • Google unveils one ad server to rule them all

    Combines DoubleClick, native ad manager

    Media 23 01:22

  • UK government won't be keeping mobile database

    Leave that to the network operators

    Government 23 06:02

  • ODF's doomed mission to break into Microsoft Office

    What would you do?

    Applications 23 06:02

  • Chuck Norris botnet doesn't infect routers...

    ...it stares them down until they infect themselves

    Security 23 07:02

  • TomTom Go 550 Live

    A move in the right direction

    Science 23 08:02

  • Server makers end 2009 on a high normal

    Pumping X64 iron

    The Channel 23 08:02

  • Google restarts China talks

    New Year break over

    Government 23 09:16

  • SanDisk and Seagate shipping big ones

    SD card and SATA hard drive

    Storage 23 09:20

  • Apple strips top shelf, leaves corporate smut in place

    It ain't dirty if it's big business

    Mobile 23 10:05

  • WALL-E spaceliner smart hoverchairs debut in Japan

    Humanity's future as morbidly obese drones is assured

    Science 23 10:14

  • Assessing your server virtualisation needs

    Is your IT environment ready?

    Virtualisation Lab 23 10:25

  • Car thieves making clean getaway with GPS jammers

    Pedal to the signal meddle

    Security 23 10:38

  • Logitech claims 'first' three-year wireless keyboard battery life

    Type for yonks

    Hardware 23 10:38

  • US must redesign killer hot dogs

    Will no one think of the choking children?

    Science 23 10:47

  • Acer cautious over e-book reader roll-out

    Not sure there's enough money in it

    Hardware 23 10:56

  • Brocade drops the Ethernet ball

    Record quarterly results, but...

    Data Networking 23 11:00

  • Nexus One in trigger-happy 999-dialling bother

    Google handset has hysterics after update

    Mobile 23 11:01

  • MPs bash broadband tax

    Rural subsidies 'unfair' and 'regressive'

    Broadband 23 11:11

  • Polygamist Microsoft picks Amazon as latest Linux wife

    Online retailer empties tills in Redmond pockets

    Applications 23 11:40

  • Wired defines the storage 'PornYear'

    0.94 petabytes of HD smut

    Bootnotes 23 11:49

  • Administrators head for titsup training company

    Future grim for Advent students left in limbo

    The Channel 23 11:54

  • Vodafone Ireland admits pocketing dormant PAYG cash

    But hey, everybody's doing it

    Mobile 23 12:16

  • Chimps don't like short measures: Official

    Barmen beware a 'folk understanding of the physics of liquids'

    Science 23 12:47

  • TV sales bounce back

    LCD the technology of choice

    Media 23 12:52

  • iPad and smartphone rootkits demo'd by boffins

    Cracking into the ultimate spy device - in your pocket

    Broadband 23 12:53

  • Council backs down on CRB checking grown-up lecturers

    Lecturers? Lecherous? Sounds the same, ban them all

    Government 23 13:23

  • Mandybill petition puts hacks in a spin

    Fantasies of flip-flop on filesharers

    Broadband 23 13:32

  • Dell's order status website wobbles at knees

    'Your information does not match, please try again'

    Small Biz 23 13:44

  • FTC warns 100 organisations over leaked P2P data

    Customer and biz data turning up on Torrents

    Security 23 13:46

  • Apple iPhone tops 2009 smartphone sales

    The advantage of a one-product range

    Phones 23 13:47

  • ARM strengthens low power hand, targets smart grid

    Extends reach with new microcontroller

    Hardware 23 14:24

  • Pope pooh-poohs airport perv-scanners

    Slams security sop as sinful. Sort of

    Law 23 14:27

  • The Myth of Three Strikes

    How lobbyists and the press invented the great disconnection scare

    Media 23 14:28

  • iPhone: The OS with big aspirations

    And big opportunities for Cupertino lock-in

    Hardware 23 15:05

  • DIY music blow: Sellaband goes titsup

    It takes an absence of millions to hold us back

    Media 23 15:44

  • Citizens rail against government data sharing

    Expect government to respond around May or June

    Government 23 16:32

  • Plan for top-level pornography domain gets reprieve

    ICANN to reconsider .xxx denial

    Networks 23 17:43

  • Intel and friends in $3.5bn tech stimulation

    Self-proclaimed heroes of the IT people

    Hardware 23 18:11

  • Street View dismisses German privacy fears

    Will launch by end of year, Google insists

    Media 23 18:13

  • Payment card skimmer secretly planted in gas station pump

    More than $11,000 vaporized

    Security 23 18:38

  • YouTube's IE6 support dies on March 13

    Google 'old browser' snub rolls on

    Media 23 20:16

  • 60 million Americans don't use the interwebs

    Online fear, loathing, and not giving a damn

    Networks 23 20:28

  • Intel hit by 'sophisticated' hack last month

    Et tu, Chipzilla?

    Security 23 20:40

  • Gear6 throws self at Memcached Achilles heel

    Always-on for everyone

    Servers 23 20:52

  • Adobe squishes code execution bug in download manager

    That was quick

    Security 23 21:12

  • Wal-Mart buys internet TV biz

    Who do you Vudu?

    Media 23 23:09

  • Windows gets reserved seating on Amazon cloud

    And beta treatment on Rackspace

    Developer 23 23:13

  • RHEL 5.5 - extra lube for your KVMs

    CentOS for grown ups

    Operating Systems 23 23:41