22nd February 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft's Mountain man sees Jobsian past in .NET

    Like NeXTSTEP. But 'open'

    Developer 22 05:02

  • Free Software Foundation urges Google to open On2 codec

    Do you believe in freedom? Or yourself?

    Media 22 06:02

  • Cray swings profit on Q4 revenue dive

    Thanks, Uncle Sam

    HPC 22 06:14

  • HP at storage crossroads

    Plans to move downmarket, away from external storage

    The Channel 22 08:02

  • Iron Mountain thinking about a long, cool drink of Mimosa

    Archiving to the rusty mountain cloud

    The Channel 22 09:47

  • Endeavour touches down at Kennedy

    Shuttle home following 'outstanding mission'

    Science 22 09:54

  • McKinnon gets a date for 'final' appeal

    May appointment with destiny

    Law 22 09:54

  • Mixed messages for UK small biz

    Recession, isn't it?

    Small Biz 22 10:10

  • Web2.0rhea means ‘higher insurance premiums’

    Status: Being robbed :(

    Applications 22 10:17

  • Kipping at your desk is highly productive, say boffins

    'The hippocampus is like an email inbox'

    Science 22 10:28

  • Apple to take iPad orders this week?

    Fanboy credit cards at the ready

    Hardware 22 10:47

  • Twitter phish pwned profiles push penis pills

    As Facebook 'goldmembers' hoodwinked into costly SMS scam

    Security 22 11:08

  • Samsung models high-end compact

    Flash optics for EX1

    Hardware 22 11:13

  • Argentinians invade Falkland Islands website

    Sovereignty violated in Penguin News hack outrage

    Security 22 11:34

  • Feds open school spycam probe

    MacBook snoop row

    Law 22 11:47

  • The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline

    It's all built in China now - except the clever stuff

    Financial News 22 11:49

  • Dell Inspiron Zino HD

    A PC to rival the Mac Mini, at last?

    Hardware 22 12:02

  • Cyber attacks will 'catastrophically' spook public, warns GCHQ

    Cheltenham spies 'cyber arms race'

    Security 22 12:02

  • Sony shows off lens-swap compact

    Alpha range addition to sport DSLR-style sensor

    Hardware 22 12:05

  • MPs obsess about expenses, ignore data security

    Addressing two issues at once proves difficult for Tory leader

    Security 22 12:20

  • Sony Ericsson snubbed Google over Nexus One

    Contract killer

    Phones 22 12:36

  • O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test

    But results not so clear cut

    Broadband 22 12:44

  • Global warming worst case = Only slight misery increase

    Peasants wouldn't be revolting, they'd be in clover

    Science 22 12:45

  • Google digs 6-foot hole for Gears

    It's all about HTML5 now, darlink

    Applications 22 12:47

  • Infosec job prospects recover after credit-crunch slide

    Trebles all round, especially for ID management experts

    Small Biz 22 12:59

  • Overland's Nasdaq market cap gap trap map

    $12m extra funding shows the route out of trouble

    The Channel 22 13:19

  • Virgin offers cut-price data roaming in Europe

    Buy a 'Travel Pass' and save

    Mobile 22 13:28

  • Siemens' IT workers ballot for strike action at Beeb

    Iced pay packets cold-shouldered by disgruntled staff

    The Channel 22 13:57

  • Double-Take disaster recovery takes to the clouds

    Up sh*t creek? Try our paddle

    Storage 22 14:02

  • Wide open spaces mark Mobile World Congress 2010

    Everyone united - in pursuing their own agenda

    Mobile 22 14:11

  • OFT requests T-Orange investigation

    Competitors breath sigh of relief

    Mobile 22 15:18

  • IBM flicks out HS22V Xeon blade

    Sharpened for virtualization

    Servers 22 15:25

  • Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m

    3D air-bongo mouse shark tech in DARPA cashgasm

    Science 22 15:37

  • Twitter bomb threat joke man faces possible jail sentence

    No laughing matter

    Mobile 22 15:48

  • Student racks up £8000 mobile broadband bill

    Overseas dongle use warning

    Broadband 22 16:07

  • Zmanda hooks Tivoli cop into MySQL

    Open source backup glue

    Software 22 17:01

  • Samsung promises Euro 3D TV release first

    Loads of kit out next month

    Media 22 17:09

  • Brussels data watchdog cries foul over secret copyright talks

    Hustinx left out in the cold

    Government 22 17:10

  • AMD's 'Magny-Cours' Opterons surface on eBay

    Four 12-core CPUs. Yours for only $7,700

    The Channel 22 18:04

  • US pinpoints author of Google attack code, says report

    China had 'special access' to work

    Security 22 18:06

  • CollabNet chews up scrum dev house

    Danube Technologies down the hatch

    Developer 22 19:07

  • Iron Mountain downs its Mimosa

    $112m buy

    The Channel 22 20:42

  • Microsoft ties SharePoint into application-virtualization play

    Office 2010 opener

    Virtualization 22 22:46

  • Google's MapReduce patent - no threat to stuffed elephants

    Hadoop will keep its head

    HPC 22 22:49

  • HTC Smart: A smartphone for the rest of us?

    MWC longs to let them eat cake

    Phones 22 23:30