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Open source - the once and future dream

For some, Oracle's $5.6bn purchase of Sun Microsystems was good news for open source. After all, a mega tech vendor has acquired a hugely popular open-source database product and project: MySQL.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Feb 2010

Google (finally) nabs On2 video codecs

Google has completed its acquisition of video compression outfit On2 Technologies. On Friday, according to brief statements from the two companies, On2 shareholders voted to approve a deal valued at approximately $124.6 million.
Cade Metz, 20 Feb 2010
Sagem DTR94500S

Sagem DTR94500S HD Freesat+ DVR

ReviewThis time last year, there was only one Freesat recorder available, from Humax. Now there are several, of which the Sagem DTR94500S HD is one of the latest.
Nigel Whitfield, 20 Feb 2010

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