18th February 2010 Archive

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  • Microsoft banks Windows Phone 7 on Silverlight

    Downsizing a big opportunity?

    Developer 18 06:02

  • Almost 2,500 firms breached in ongoing hack attack

    Zeus and Waledac unite in global botnet

    Security 18 07:01

  • Oracle should cannibalize JavaFX Frankenstein

    Time to get Swinging

    Developer 18 07:02

  • Toshiba Regza 26in combi TV

    DVD player plus

    Hardware 18 08:02

  • How to Virtualise 5000 desktops

    Reg readers share their experiences

    Virtualisation Lab 18 09:00

  • Founding investor still believes InPhase can fly

    It's not a turkey, it's a phoenix in the making

    Storage 18 09:02

  • FriendsReunited sale cleared

    Dennis the Menace not a competition concern

    Financial News 18 09:04

  • Sony swims up with slimmest, smallest sub-aqua cam

    First waterproof Cyber-shot launched

    Hardware 18 09:55

  • Google back in court for book deal

    26 critics line up for legal counterblaste

    Media 18 10:13

  • Sony intros 10x optical zoom compact

    DSC-H55 unveiled

    Hardware 18 10:17

  • Recession exacerbated Jobcentre computer woes

    IT not prepared for sudden influx of unemployed

    Government 18 10:41

  • Windows Phone Classic to coexist with Windows Phone 7

    'Cos 'Coke Classic' and 'New Coke' went so well...

    Phones 18 10:47

  • Smoke free Nokia looks for a spark

    Pleasing people who never pay for anything. Will this work?

    Mobile 18 10:57

  • T-Mobile announces pay monthly package revamp

    Formally intros Boosters

    Broadband 18 11:04

  • Northamber pares loss as revenue slips

    It's harsh out there

    The Channel 18 11:16

  • 'Fat birds get laid sooner, have more one-night stands'

    German profs stick tracker bugs to subjects' bottoms

    Science 18 11:20

  • Google buys app, removes from app store

    That's one way to make the iPhone less attractive

    Mobile 18 11:40

  • Swiss prostitutes armed with defibrillators

    Add resuscitation to their list of services

    Bootnotes 18 11:45

  • CIA-linked startup touts all-seeing eye for net spooks

    Botnet bugging

    Government 18 12:02

  • SWaP Signature watchphone

    Timepiece telephony

    Phones 18 12:02

  • Industry groups leap to Chip and PIN's defence

    Despite research showing signs of terminal weakness

    Security 18 12:02

  • Femtocells in spotlight as new route to LTE

    Rascal picoChip in hot pursuit

    Broadband 18 12:05

  • Salesforce offers collaboration beta to elite group

    Facebook for business?

    Applications 18 12:24

  • Kodak prompts ITC to consider iPhone ban

    Say cheese

    Mobile 18 12:38

  • NASA's WISE opens 'candy store of images'

    Galaxies and comet pose in the infrared

    Science 18 12:46

  • Twitter 'airport bomb hoax twit' charged

    Snow joke

    Security 18 12:59

  • Airport scanners face double exposure

    Not just unlawful - but criminal too

    Government 18 13:12

  • Apple opens the iPhone to lotteries


    Phones 18 13:16

  • Castleford locals storm Tickle Cock bridge

    Object to council's 'nanny state' rebranding

    Bootnotes 18 13:24

  • Why you subsidize Google's Soviet-style Net

    Inefficiency creates hidden costs for punters and taxpayers

    Broadband 18 14:17

  • Another NHS hospital stricken with Conficker virus

    Social healthcare disease

    Security 18 15:05

  • Windows Phone 7 will not translate to Win Mobile after all

    Differences more than skin deep

    Mobile 18 15:11

  • 'Optionally manned' spy plane to fly this summer

    Brit version lacks robo option: Being used above UK?

    Science 18 15:27

  • Newspapers slam BBC iPhone app plans

    Stick to your knitting, auntie

    Mobile 18 16:08

  • Firefox update takes down three critical flaws

    Hotchpotch patch pitch

    Applications 18 16:23

  • Large Hadron Collider to fire up again next Thursday

    LHC-fearing tinfoilers braced for dimensional invasion

    Science 18 16:53

  • Regulators approve Microhoo! search deal

    Go! Ahead! Guys!

    Applications 18 17:03

  • Amazon spreads Kindleware to BlackBerries

    But it can't leave the country

    Hardware 18 18:18

  • Silicon Valley plane crash kills 3 Tesla employees

    Massive power outage hits Facebook, HP

    Business 18 18:36

  • Google typosquat cash pegged at $497m per year

    Harvard boffins probe 'mispelled' domains

    Media 18 20:00

  • OpenSolaris devs 'ignored' by Oracle

    Red flags flap

    Developer 18 20:26

  • Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

    Black hats, take note

    Security 18 21:16

  • PayPal to feed Facebook ads, virtual goods

    How to buy bits in 24 currencies

    Media 18 22:06

  • Researcher spies new Adobe code execution bug

    Download Manager + web flaw = threat

    Security 18 23:15