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Experts reboot list of 25 most dangerous coding errors

Computer experts from some 30 organizations worldwide have once again compiled a list of the 25 most dangerous programming errors along with a novel way to prevent them: by drafting contracts that hold developers responsible when bugs creep into applications.
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PHPers prefer Windows desktop to Linux

PHP might have put the "P" in LAMP - the all open-source server stack - but on the desktop, it seems that those using PHP generally prefer the "W" to the "L."
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Schmidt denies Google wants 'dumb pipe' carriers

Eric Schmidt has claimed that Google does not want to turn the world's wireless carriers into "dumb data pipes."
Cade Metz, 17 2010
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77% of domain registrations stuffed with rubbish

An incredible 77 per cent of internet domains - nearly 90 million internet addresses - are registered with false, incomplete, or unverifiable information.
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Compellent could rise into Gartner's leader box

Comment We got hold of a Gartner magic quadrant diagram for mid-range storage arrays from late last year, showing Compellent poised to cross over into the leader's box and HP not very far inside it. Could the unthinkable happen and Compellent and HP change places?

Apple cops to defective MacBook drives

Apple has extended the warranty on certain MacBooks from 2006 and 2007 whose hard drive failed, while offering free replacements for defective drives.
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HDD suppliers bound for choppy waters

Comment Graphed IDC numbers from Stifel analysts Aaron Rakers tell us that Western Digital is poised to overtake Seagate as the hard disk drive (HDD) shipment share leader, reversing a decade or more of Seagate dominance.
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Microsoft guns for 2-for-1 sales with 'pre-installed' Office 2010 deal

Microsoft has finally dished up UK prices for its forthcoming Office 2010 suite.
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Surprise Adobe update grapples with critical flaws

Adobe published an out-of-sequence update for its Reader and Acrobat software packages on Tuesday that tackles a brace of serious flaws.
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Minister deploys 'dodgy' DNA case study

Crime and policing minister David Hanson put forward five case studies to a select committee, but due to an "administrative error" one was a copy of one of the other cases with the name altered.
Kable, 17 2010
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Mobile industry still bickering over apps

MWC Comment The GSMA would like you to know that its not just Apple who can sell applications. It's just that no-one can agree how to go about it.
Bill Ray, 17 2010
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Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

A US boffin has effectively put the mockers on Star Trek-style warp speed travel to the stars by warning that interstellar hydrogen gas would become deadly to humans as they approached the speed of light.
NEC µPD720200 USB 3.0 controller

NEC works out how to triple USB 3.0 speed

Think SuperSpeed USB 3.0's 4.8Gb/s data transfer speed is lightning fast? You're wrong, says NEC.
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Fusing flash cache and analytics

It had to happen; a data warehousing appliance company has got together with a flash memory cache supplier to build an accelerated analytics engine. The rapid pair are ParAccel and Fusion-io.
Panasonic DMR-BS850

Panasonic preps Freeview HD Blu-ray DVRs

Panasonic is bringing Freeview HD boxes to Britain later this year: two Blu-ray Disc recorders that can also tune into the expanding terrestrial TV service.
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Watchdog takes hard line on 'adult film xtras' ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that an advert for "adult movie xtras" was not strictly honest in offering wannabe porn studs a substantial money shot.
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Hippie windfarm kingpin Dale Vince slapped down by ASA

Self-proclaimed "hippie" windmill kingpin Dale Vince has been slapped down by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for violating truthfulness requirements in a direct-mail ad campaign.
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BBC clambers onto iPhone bandwagon

MWC The BBC has announced it will be launching iPhone applications for News and Sports results, with other platforms to follow.
Bill Ray, 17 2010
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$38m 'Fail Bounty' for Moto boss

An odd detail has emerged from Motorola's divorce plan. After trying but failing to find a buyer for either the mobile phone business or the set top box business, the company is now seeking a simpler separation splitting the company into two bits: networks, and everything else.
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Windows Live suffers user details identity crisis

Microsoft’s online Windows Live estate was hit by a major server shutdown for about an hour yesterday, after some users of the service complained that they could see other people’s accounts.
Freecom Network Media Centre

Freecom Network Media Centre

Review Sleek aluminium housings are all the rage with hard disk manufacturers, and Freecom’s Network Media Centre is no exception. Available in capacities from 1TB to 2TB, this single-disk Nas box promises to be your ultimate home media server thanks to the inclusion of UPNP/DLNA streaming support, an FTP server, a BitTorrent client and customisable multi-user work areas.
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Google gifts Wiki millions

Google is giving the Wikimedia Foundation a $2m donation, meaning the online fact dump can continue to serve up instant research to hard-pressed college students and broadcast researchers.
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Hacker cuffed for Moscow big screen entertainment

Russian police have arrested the hacker who last month projected some adult entertainment on an enormous video screen in Moscow, giving locals around two minutes unexpurgated coverage of "a white male and a black female having sex".
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Oxford snaps high-speed movies with consumer cams

Your camera may one day be able to take ultra-high speed movies, allowing you to capture amazing footage of fast-moving objects.

How chavvy is your town? Find out with the ASBOrometer

Just what you never knew you needed, the ASBOrometer, an app for iPhones and Android devices, which lets you know how many people with antisocial behaviour orders there are in your neighbourhood.
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'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

An Israel-resident British IT worker has reacted with horror to news that a suspected member of an alleged hit squad used a passport with his details to enter Dubai, before allegedly participating in the assassination of a prominent Hamas official.
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Update: Toshiba's small enterprise disk

Toshiba has announced its enterprise 2.5-inch disk drive credentials with a trumpet blast; it's sampling a 3-platter, 600GB drive now, with a 6Gbit/s SAS interface, and shipping it in April.
HTC Smart

O2 gets exclusive on HTC's Brew-based Smart phone

O2 has the exclusive on HTC's Smart, a low-cost touchscreen handset that combines Qualcomm's Brew mobile platform with HTC's own Sense user interface.
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France leapfrogs past Australia in Big Brother stakes

France yesterday put in its bid for an unlikely prize, becoming the first western country to make even Australia look liberal when it comes to state powers of internet censorship.

'McDonalds' burger-lers making millions

Greater Manchester Police are warning that scammers claiming to be ordering computer kit for burger chain McDonalds have already tricked £2m in hardware from sales departments at "high-profile electronic companies across the UK."
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Swedish mother-daughter saint skulls are ringers, say boffins

The skulls of a mother-and-daughter pair of female Swedish saints, treasured as holy relics for centuries at the abbey of their order, have been exposed as fakes by genetics boffins.
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Schmidt defends Google Buzz despite tweaks aplenty

Google boss Eric Schmidt admitted yesterday that the company misjudged public reaction to its decision to automatically load its Twitter, Facebook-like Buzz service into Gmail.

Sony coughs to PS3 stock shortfall

Sony has admitted it is not shipping enough PlayStation 3 consoles into the UK.
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Undead botnets blamed for big rise in email malware

Malicious spam volumes increased dramatically in the back half of 2009, reaching three billion messages per day, compared to 600 million messages per day in the first half of 2009. But this is still a tiny fraction of the estimated global spam volume, thought to be about 200 billion messages per day.
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Microsoft connects Web2.0rhea dots in Outlook... bitch

Microsoft has inked deals with LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook, allowing the Web 2.0 outfits to embed their tech in the software giant’s Outlook Social Connector, which will feature in the Office 2010 mail client.
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X2 triplex multicopter prototype suffers gearbox snag

Updated Chopper globocorp Sikorsky has suffered technical hitches in development of its potentially revolutionary (cough) X2 multicopter, which is intended to administer a stinging technical bitchslap to the famous V-22 "Osprey" tiltrotor from rival firm Boeing.

MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30

Microsoft got its sums wrong on the price tag for the boxed version of Office Professional 2010, forcing it to hike the product by £30.
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Intel joins troll-blocking club

Intel is diving into a patent pool in hopes of avoiding future troll attacks.
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Google Buzz accused of EPIC FAIL

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) - a high-profile public advocacy group - has filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission over Google Buzz, the Tweetbook-esque "social networking" service that Mountain View bolted onto Gmail early last week.
Cade Metz, 17 2010
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Ex-Army man cracks popular security chip

Hardware hacker Christopher Tarnovsky just wanted to break Microsoft's grip on peripherals for its Xbox 360 game console. In the process, he cracked one of the most heavily fortified chips ever put into a consumer device.
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ISS gets bay window onto Earth

In a highly anticipated finale to their mission, NASA astronauts have thrown open the shutters on the International Space Station's new room with a view.

HP's PC and printer sales back from the depths

In an unexpected reversal, Hewlett-Packard's core PC business has boosted the company to a 25 per cent increase of profits while its enormous service division went kinda limp.