17th February 2010 Archive

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  • Experts reboot list of 25 most dangerous coding errors

    Heal thy apps

    Security 17 01:02

  • PHPers prefer Windows desktop to Linux

    Servers another matter

    Developer 17 06:02

  • Schmidt denies Google wants 'dumb pipe' carriers

    Bobbles head at wireless attack

    Networks 17 06:30

  • 77% of domain registrations stuffed with rubbish

    Whois in charge? ICANN't tell

    Networks 17 07:50

  • Compellent could rise into Gartner's leader box

    HP could become a mere visionary

    Storage 17 08:02

  • Apple cops to defective MacBook drives

    Free replacements for the unlucky 'few'

    Hardware 17 08:02

  • HDD suppliers bound for choppy waters

    WD overtaking Seagate? Toshiba leapfrogging Hitachi GST?

    Storage 17 09:02

  • Microsoft guns for 2-for-1 sales with 'pre-installed' Office 2010 deal

    Buy a (Windows-based) PC, get cheaper apps suite

    Applications 17 09:02

  • Surprise Adobe update grapples with critical flaws

    Reader, I pwned him

    Security 17 09:10

  • Minister deploys 'dodgy' DNA case study

    Evidence? Let's make some up

    Government 17 09:18

  • Mobile industry still bickering over apps

    All agreed that Apple is not the only fruit

    Mobile 17 10:20

  • Note to Captain Kirk: Warp speed will kill you

    Pesky interstellar hydrogen does for Star Trek

    Science 17 10:26

  • NEC works out how to triple USB 3.0 speed

    16Gb/s data transfers, anyone?

    Hardware 17 10:29

  • Fusing flash cache and analytics

    ParAccel gets together with Fusion-io

    Storage 17 10:34

  • Panasonic preps Freeview HD Blu-ray DVRs

    Out in time for the World Cup?

    Media 17 11:12

  • Watchdog takes hard line on 'adult film xtras' ad

    No money shot for smut wannabe, ASA rules

    Media 17 11:12

  • Hippie windfarm kingpin Dale Vince slapped down by ASA

    Ecotricity mailshot violated 'truthfulness' rules

    Science 17 11:44

  • BBC clambers onto iPhone bandwagon

    iNews, iSport, iMpayingforallthis

    Mobile 17 11:50

  • $38m 'Fail Bounty' for Moto boss

    Heads or tails, Jha wins

    Mobile 17 11:55

  • Windows Live suffers user details identity crisis

    Microsoft fesses to yet another online data blunder

    Applications 17 11:59

  • Freecom Network Media Centre

    The acme of one-drive media streamers?

    Hardware 17 12:02

  • Google gifts Wiki millions

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth

    Financial News 17 12:06

  • Hacker cuffed for Moscow big screen entertainment

    Projected grumble flick on giant display

    Security 17 12:10

  • Oxford snaps high-speed movies with consumer cams

    Video in the blink of an eye

    Science 17 12:28

  • How chavvy is your town? Find out with the ASBOrometer

    Why can't it be more like a gay cruising app?

    Phones 17 12:37

  • 'I'm an IT worker not an assassin'

    Techie's terror after ID 'hijacked' for Hamas hit

    Security 17 12:40

  • Update: Toshiba's small enterprise disk

    600GB and 10K same as Seagate

    Storage 17 12:57

  • O2 gets exclusive on HTC's Brew-based Smart phone

    Flash friendly budget touchphone

    Mobile 17 13:02

  • France leapfrogs past Australia in Big Brother stakes

    Lock up your kids and lock down your PC's

    Government 17 13:14

  • 'McDonalds' burger-lers making millions

    Classic scam uses Golden Arches for £2m tech sting

    The Channel 17 13:33

  • Swedish mother-daughter saint skulls are ringers, say boffins

    Nuns' holy-deer-of-God virgin relic fails DNA testing

    Science 17 13:41

  • Schmidt defends Google Buzz despite tweaks aplenty

    'No really bad stuff happens', proclaims Mountain View chief

    Applications 17 14:20

  • Sony coughs to PS3 stock shortfall

    Demand too high, spins console giant

    Games 17 14:54

  • Undead botnets blamed for big rise in email malware

    Grave concern over reanimated cyber-corpses

    Security 17 15:21

  • Microsoft connects Web2.0rhea dots in Outlook... bitch

    Your FacebookMySpaceLinkedIn window

    Applications 17 16:16

  • X2 triplex multicopter prototype suffers gearbox snag

    Still hoping to pop can of Osprey whup-ass this year

    Science 17 17:08

  • MS botches Office 2010 prices, hikes Professional by £30

    When 2 + 2 = 5

    The Channel 17 17:09

  • Intel joins troll-blocking club

    Patent pals with MS, IBM, Cisco

    Media 17 19:59

  • Google Buzz accused of EPIC FAIL

    Tweetbooked Gmail hit with FTC complaint

    Media 17 20:39

  • Ex-Army man cracks popular security chip

    How to open Infineon's Trusted Platform Module

    Security 17 21:08

  • ISS gets bay window onto Earth

    Cupola uncurtained

    Science 17 22:08

  • HP's PC and printer sales back from the depths

    Shame about the services

    Financial News 17 23:53