16th February 2010 Archive

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  • Updated Legalized SlingPlayer 3G TV joins App Store ranks

    'No, we didn't' vs. 'Yes, we did'

    Phones 16 Feb 01:00

  • US lab births flexy, stingy solar cells

    99 per cent less silicon

    Science 16 Feb 06:02

  • Cisco cuts and runs on Dell blade partnership

    'Dell, you broke my heart'

    Servers 16 Feb 07:02

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180

    Does it justify the premium?

    Hardware 16 Feb 08:02

  • MPs, Lords ask if Mandybill is human rights friendly

    Don't just go chucking people off the internet now

    Government 16 Feb 08:02

  • Fujitsu grabs billion pound HP contract

    As strike action rumbles on

    Hardware 16 Feb 09:21

  • Overland Snaps into iSCSI

    Hopes SnapServer SAN will be growth engine

    Storage 16 Feb 09:37

  • LG to bring over-the-air phone sync to all

    DropBox-style service coming to feature phones

    Phones 16 Feb 09:58

  • Virtualisation and packaged applications

    When is a silo not a silo?

    Virtualisation Lab 16 Feb 10:13

  • Sony backs away from OLED TV future

    More money in 3D, LED TVs

    Media 16 Feb 10:19

  • MoJ and police discipline Twitter sinners

    I sentence you to the fail whale

    CIO 16 Feb 10:23

  • Cyclist Floyd Landis accused of hacking into doping lab

    Arrest warrant puts a brake on possible Tour return

    Security 16 Feb 10:26

  • HP puts mid-range storage on steroids

    MSA and LeftHand lines get new names, bigger biceps

    The Channel 16 Feb 11:00

  • Another annoying cloud pitch

    Why do vendors think Cloud is new?

    Servers 16 Feb 11:02

  • Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already

    Why can't Redmond stick to computers?

    Mobile 16 Feb 11:02

  • Scorsese and De Niro planning Taxi Driver II?

    You still talkin' to me?

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 11:03

  • Freeview HD EPG debuts on iPhone

    Don't know what to watch? There's an app for that

    Media 16 Feb 11:34

  • Apple bans iPhone hackers from App Store

    And stay out!

    Mobile 16 Feb 11:34

  • Windows Phone 7 Series website collapses under weight of traffic

    Microsoft's iPhone-bashing marketing campaign hits buffers

    Mobile 16 Feb 11:37

  • Apple to stick padlocks on books for iPad

    FairPlay DRM will rise again

    Mobile 16 Feb 11:51

  • Firm punts USB 3 SSD

    Drive whups SuperSpeed HDDs?

    Hardware 16 Feb 11:52

  • Raygun 747 missile-zapping test video released

    Back-burnered energy cannon jumbo fries the skies

    Science 16 Feb 11:53

  • NFC gains Wi-Fi connection, loses name

    Proximity payments standard suffers ID crisis

    Mobile 16 Feb 12:02

  • EMI puts Abbey Road under the silver hammer?

    Can't carry that financial weight no longer

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 12:10

  • Samsung shows off 4G netbook

    But we'll still have to wait two years to see it here

    Hardware 16 Feb 12:19

  • Miniskirt outrage Brazilian becomes Carnival queen

    From uni strumpet to Elizabeth I

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 12:30

  • Orange teases with HTC Desire debut

    Android 2.1 handset out in April

    Phones 16 Feb 12:35

  • Small firms say UK taxes are strangling growth

    But will take on more staff anyway

    Small Biz 16 Feb 12:53

  • Plantronics Voyager Pro UC

    The business?

    Hardware 16 Feb 13:02

  • Steve Jobs anoints official biographer

    Einstein biographer to produce the Book of Steve?

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 13:32

  • Labour MP denies calling Tories 'scum-sucking pigs' on Twitter

    'It woz a hacker wot did it'

    Security 16 Feb 13:49

  • Echelon computers can't cope with bad lines

    'What? Osama bin who? Yes, we sell nukes. Say again?'

    Broadband 16 Feb 14:08

  • Royal hack police worker avoids jail

    Not serving at Her Majesty's pleasure

    Security 16 Feb 15:01

  • My mother-in-law wants this! (For her birthday, you understand)

    Big phone, big buttons

    Phones 16 Feb 15:06

  • EMC adds awesome to Atmos

    Bigger drives, faster cores, and better protection

    Storage 16 Feb 15:12

  • Google and Yahoo! join Oz protests

    Mass clog-up of Conroy's web filter

    Broadband 16 Feb 15:22

  • HP helps customers go cloudwards

    Facilitating your fluff-based infrastructure

    The Channel 16 Feb 15:45

  • Only Apple can get away with App Stores

    It's a Flash™ in the Pan

    Phones 16 Feb 15:45

  • Scots unleash world's strongest beer

    41% ABV 'Sink the Bismarck' torpedoes German rival

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 15:58

  • Vodafone chief gripes at Google dominance in online ad market

    Search and destroy

    Mobile 16 Feb 16:02

  • US sorority girls in booze-fuelled orgy of violence

    Male students bitchslapped by grog-swilling coed vixens

    Bootnotes 16 Feb 16:03

  • Life's a BONDI beach for widgets

    Or it will be very soon... honestly

    Mobile 16 Feb 16:32

  • Vodafone lets Androiders in on 360

    It's all about People

    Mobile 16 Feb 16:56

  • Nokia patches N900 firmware

    Bug crusher

    Phones 16 Feb 17:05

  • IBM consumes network kit automation firm

    Intelliden rolls into Tivoli

    Data Networking 16 Feb 18:15

  • RIM unveils free BlackBerry server

    Enterprise Express set for March arrival

    Mobile 16 Feb 19:10

  • Contest offers $100,000 for smartphone, browser hacks

    Pwn2Own the iPhone

    Security 16 Feb 19:31

  • Google Buzz bug exposes user geo location

    'Pretty nasty vulnerability'

    Security 16 Feb 21:13

  • Yahoo! looks beyond Google's data cruncher

    Can you really MapReduce natural language?

    HPC 16 Feb 22:31

  • Facebook goes lighter than Lite

    Yes, it's Facebook Zero

    Phones 16 Feb 22:59

  • Skype set for Verizon 3G

    Cellular VoiP for BlackBerry, Android

    Phones 16 Feb 23:08