15th February 2010 Archive

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  • Google backpedals (again) on Buzz privacy

    We don't auto-follow. We auto-suggest

    Hardware 15 07:13

  • Android first to host Adobe's AIR for smartphones

    Takes bite out of Apple

    Phones 15 07:17

  • Weeny SIM Wi-Fi hotspot is here! But why?

    Er... look how tiny!

    Broadband 15 08:02

  • Shell hit by massive data breach

    Green hackers or angry ex-staff?

    Management 15 09:20

  • Jumbo-jet ray cannon in missile-vape success

    Sidelined sky-blaster finally gets some

    Science 15 09:26

  • Samsung unveils Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n smartphone

    Wave first for Bada OS too

    Phones 15 09:52

  • Super Talent's Superspeed super cheap flash

    Express Drive arrives at under $70

    Hardware 15 09:53

  • Rootkit blamed for Blue Screen patch update snafu

    Malware is probable cause of Win XP freeze, MS confirms

    Security 15 09:53

  • Microsoft to cough up surprise SQL Server 2005 SP4 furball

    Put that in your database cakehole and eat it

    Applications 15 10:09

  • Sony Ericsson adds Qwerty keyboard to Vivaz camphone

    And 'Pro' to the handset's name

    Phones 15 10:18

  • Yahoo! Nectar deal to link online ads to offline buys

    Peeking at your purchases, for real

    Media 15 10:31

  • Moto shows off eighth Android 'andset

    Cliq XT revamped for Europe

    Phones 15 10:35

  • Orange goes a bundle with euro roaming

    Daily safety net

    Phones 15 10:48

  • Humax ships Freeview HD box

    HD-Fox T2 on sale now

    Media 15 10:56

  • Now IPCC hurricane data is questioned

    Open science: Got Excel? Debunk this

    Science 15 11:00

  • Putting an iPad through the Motions

    What existing slate maker thinks of the upstart...

    Mobile 15 11:01

  • Socitm 'disappointed' over government IT plans

    Rest of world 'unsurprised' at disappointment

    Management 15 11:10

  • Paris Hilton canes the Brazilian lager

    Down on all fours for 'Libertine' promotion

    Bootnotes 15 11:12

  • Toshiba unwraps second-gen WinMo touchphone

    Shows keyboard version too

    Phones 15 11:40

  • iPhone must-have crowd inflates UK gadget insurance claims

    Insurer reckons new models push up fraud

    Phones 15 11:43

  • IBM super is Met Office's 'chief weapon against British cynicism'

    Losing battle?

    HPC 15 11:52

  • UK jobs go at Getronics

    Outsourcers insourced and incensed

    The Channel 15 11:55

  • Archos 9

    The Windows 7 iPad alternative?

    Tablets 15 12:02

  • Where does Mozilla go when the monopoly witch is dead?

    After MS, after browsers - we talk to Mozilla head Mitchell Baker

    Applications 15 12:02

  • Apple ambushed in Barcelona

    (Rest of Mobile) world tries to storm App Store

    Phones 15 12:03

  • UK.gov invests £4.3m in cyber-scam crackdown team

    Scam sites targeted by e-Untouchables lite

    Security 15 12:05

  • IBM packs 'em in vertically

    SONAS future is looking up

    The Channel 15 12:12

  • Sony Ericsson preps compact Android pair

    Credit-card sized smartphones inbound

    Phones 15 12:15

  • Doctor Who attempted to overthrow Thatcher

    Sylvester McCoy in shock subversion claim

    Bootnotes 15 12:15

  • Nokia, Intel merge mobile Linux offerings

    Maemo + Moblin = MeeToo MeeGo

    Phones 15 12:34

  • Google co-founder: Maybe we'll stay in China after all

    Brin Preaches to the unconverted

    Security 15 12:40

  • Chips make you chipper: Official

    Fried spuds alleviate effects of Hiroshima fallout

    Science 15 12:54

  • Intel joins Nokia in Android attack

    Corpses of Moblin and Meamo line route

    Mobile 15 13:12

  • Too fat to fly: Kevin Smith and OpenOffice

    Yo lunchbox, hurry it up

    Applications 15 13:13

  • Voda goes ultra-cheap with handsets for the developing world

    Easy to use

    Phones 15 13:21

  • Scareware scams switch to social network smut lures

    One stop shops for info theft and scareware fraud

    Security 15 13:34

  • Westminster politicos told to grasp Vista nettle

    Computer upgrade hazard ahead

    Operating Systems 15 13:36

  • Holy Father turns on to Dad Rock

    Vatican playlist swaps choirs of angels for Oasis

    Media 15 14:32

  • Topfield Freeview HD set-top announced

    Coming to UK under Icecrypt brand

    Media 15 15:26

  • MSI pitches all-in-one PC at audiophiles

    Wind Top to hit the right notes?

    Hardware 15 15:41

  • CardersMarket hacking kingpin jailed for 13 years

    Iceman slung in cooler

    Security 15 16:04

  • Microsoft re-tiles mobile platform for Windows 7 era

    Get excited now! Or in a few months

    Operating Systems 15 16:47

  • Windows Phone 7 Series launched

    Zune, Xbox combined into all-new smartphone platform

    Phones 15 17:11

  • Scenic overlook bolted onto ISS

    Endeavour mission extended a day

    Science 15 19:33

  • Vendors applaud fanboi-lite Macworld

    'Good riddance, Apple'

    Business 15 21:25

  • Juniper readies Pulse security for mobiles

    SSL VPN on enterprise smartphones

    Mobile 15 22:28