9th February 2010 Archive

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  • Conficker outbreak infects Leeds NHS servers


    Security 09 00:25

  • Adobe apologizes for festering Flash crash bug

    16 months...and counting

    Security 09 00:33

  • Ex-Intel exec pleads guilty to insider trading

    Admits outing Intel earnings, WiMAX plans

    Financial News 09 00:35

  • Sun's cloud and gaming execs leave Oracle

    Kenai reprieved

    Business 09 05:45

  • AMD talks energy with 'Llano' cores

    Ceepie-geepie cold Fusion

    Hardware 09 06:02

  • Delayed Visual Studio 2010 RC due this week

    Trimmer fit

    Developer 09 07:02

  • OpenOffice is the new David Hasselhoff

    Big in Germany. Not so big in Blighty

    Applications 09 07:02

  • Intel's 'Tukwila' Itaniums - hot n' pricey

    How much for an upgrade?

    Servers 09 08:02

  • Shopping sites boost customer savvy

    And improve legal compliance, says OFT

    Small Biz 09 08:02

  • New cig peril: Third-hand smoke coats puffers in poison

    Deadly 'electronic gaspers' fingered, too

    Science 09 08:42

  • China jails porn-monger

    Crackdown continues

    Bootnotes 09 09:17

  • IPS's double IT has risks, says commissioner

    Doing a good job nevertheless, he controversially adds

    Government 09 10:09

  • Heathrow 777 crash: Ice to blame

    Final AAIB report confirms earlier fuel feed conclusion

    Science 09 10:42

  • Google forced to use humans to support Nexus One

    Cuts get out fee for T-Mobile contract too

    Mobile 09 10:53

  • Tories will force BT to open up ducts to rivals

    BT already prepping for broadband colonoscopy

    Broadband 09 11:20

  • Mozilla becomes latest to dump Mac OS X 10.4 support

    Tiger, tiger, losing fight

    Applications 09 11:29

  • SAP serenely promises to be less bad

    You know all that stuff we did? We won't do that again

    Applications 09 11:44

  • Safer Internet Day fights online foolhardiness

    Kids get CEOP IE - rest of you can look after yourselves

    Security 09 11:50

  • LG preps 'smallest, thinnest' touchphone

    Mini very pocketable, apparently

    Phones 09 11:53

  • Server virtualisation beyond the x86 environment

    Is the virtual life outside of x86?

    Virtualisation Lab 09 12:11

  • iPad launch raises awareness, boosts disinterest

    Not a must-have, but still a shift-loads

    Hardware 09 12:14

  • Samsung Omnia Pro

    For business and pleasure?

    Phones 09 12:16

  • Touchscreens take lead in smartphone biz

    Bumper year for finger-friendly phones

    Phones 09 12:22

  • Jedi chapter seeks leader after master resigns

    Surrey feels a great disturbance in the force

    Bootnotes 09 12:27

  • Battlefield skyhook robocopter 'passes US Marines' test'

    Intermesh droidchopper can deliver supplies hands-off

    Science 09 13:24

  • Gmail to get realtime with Web2.0rhea makeover?

    Plans to turn email service into Twitter, Facebook wannabe

    Applications 09 13:26

  • Iranian net slows to a crawl before planned protests

    Shipping tests immoral fibre

    Government 09 13:27

  • Cultists aquiver as Applestore goes into hibernation

    Rumour mill grinds out video iPad, 'taller' iPhone

    Hardware 09 13:31

  • Global gov's shrugging lets cybercrims frolic

    Sex and drugs and Rickrolling in Madrid

    Security 09 13:56

  • Nvidia launches dual-GPU tech for notebooks

    Hybrid graphics done properly

    Hardware 09 14:02

  • Mobile games developers shift to iPhone

    Not good news for PSP or DS

    Games 09 14:07

  • Street View spymobile snowmobile prowls Winter Olympics

    All-seeing eye takes to the pistes

    Bootnotes 09 14:35

  • Labour Party told to stop spam-calls

    While Tory MP hunts for missing emails

    Law 09 14:40

  • YouTube use makes up 10% of mobile data

    FTP heading the same way as GOPHER

    Mobile 09 15:14

  • PureDepth grabs no-specs 3D OLED tech

    Looking beyond the active-shutter era

    Media 09 15:39

  • Canadian cops taser 'naked and agitated' man

    Baton, dog and pepper spray fail to do the trick

    Bootnotes 09 15:40

  • Buster's World gives Guardian Professional balloon-sized headache

    Supplier coughs to DirectgovKids porno branding blunder

    Bootnotes 09 15:55

  • Avatar whups Confucius's sorry ass

    Eastern philosophy no match for 3-D wizardry

    Bootnotes 09 16:12

  • Nasuni provides cloud-based filer

    Just add storage

    Storage 09 16:15

  • PayPal suspends India service

    Why? Mind your own business

    Financial News 09 16:16

  • Riverbed WAN optimizers get SSDs, 10 GE

    3X throughput, 2X connections

    Data Networking 09 19:46

  • Upstart crimeware wages turf war on mighty Zeus bot

    All your bots belong to us

    Security 09 19:48

  • Cisco and Juniper armed for wireless showdown

    The Falcon has (kinda) landed

    Broadband 09 20:25

  • Google Buzz - Gmail mod for the Tweetbook set

    Looking for relevance in Web2.0rhea

    Media 09 21:11

  • IBM gives birth to 'wire-speed' processor

    Neither server fish nor network fowl

    Servers 09 21:17

  • Feds say dev's 'cookie-stuffer' app fleeced eBay

    'Saucekit' milked referral program

    Security 09 22:05

  • IBM chills sealed data center with outside air

    Ambient air water tank cooling

    Servers 09 22:21

  • Hitachi inks Xsigo pact for server I/O virt

    Be like Dell

    Servers 09 22:54